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We are a movie-themed podcast! Each episode is filled with a dealer's choice of interviews with interesting actors, filmmakers and other guests as well as lengthy discussions of specific movies. Plus our own brand of ridiculous humor with conversations about trends in Hollywood and changes in the film industry.

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May 20, 2017

Movie Meltdown - Episode 395

This week the Meltdown Gang decides to go see Guy Ritchie's new movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Was that a good decision? Well... let's talk about it.

And while we search the listings for more German opera at the movies, we also bring up... the problems with network television shows, I'd be happy to get the fruit salad, Fargo, talk about towers, things are now... vehicles for the items that are attached to it, stab the eyes of the editor, A Knight's Tale, it's fantasy... and then grit, Prometheus was Excalibur set in space, out of the people you know... who would you cast as Jaws, you... who are a caricature of a nerd, growing up on the streetz, and it was all Reservoir Dogs, it's like they made a twenty hour movie, if they had bothered to explain that, those aren't turkey legs, watching idiots talk into a microphone, disjointed, Gods of Egypt, face down in the mud, cannibalism is fine as long as it's deep-fried, a demographic hole, I don't even know what I watched, Footloose, I don't think I've brushed my hair in a week, was it political or was it accident, Dirty Dancing, three-day event horse stuff, the story was way bigger then any of the characters, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, somebody get Guy Ritchie on the phone, empty theaters, there's hope... and abandonment, Radio Reader, the complete Moses story... with some Harry Potter thrown in, oh it's like they made Skyrim into a movie, Game of Thrones, a mythical critter and I don't know why he's screaming.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword". So go see it in the theater before you listen. Or if you wait a couple of weeks, it will probably be on Netflix.

"Ladies and gentlemen... you don't realize the service that we're doing for you by not providing video."