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We are a movie-themed podcast! Each episode is filled with a dealer's choice of interviews with interesting actors, filmmakers and other guests as well as lengthy discussions of specific movies. Plus our own brand of ridiculous humor with conversations about trends in Hollywood and changes in the film industry.

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Sep 19, 2022

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack 65

Join us “live” from The Whirling Tiger as we talk with Tim Cappello. He’s an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, a singer, a songwriter and a man who will forever be known as - the sexy sax man from “The Lost Boys”. 

And while we consider pausing the interview to start looking for back issues of Interview Magazine, we also mention… Tina Turner, John Coltrane, Billy Crystal, Captain Beefheart, Charlie Parker, military bands, The New England Conservatory of Music, Michael Chapman, Lennie Tristano, The Raspberries, banned from CBGBs, The Marotta Brothers, Andy Warhol, throwing live bait into the audience, Elton John, clarinet, Saturday Night Live, Eric Carmen, tie-dye, Cameo, I know a guy that can do both, Peter Gabriel, we were doing McDonald's conventions, Joel Schumacher, being a meme, Steely Dan, Lester Young, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Garland Jeffreys, Jon Hamm, head banging to sax, a wall of LPs, Aretha Franklin, you gotta have some wrong in what you are doing, Ornette Coleman, utility players, The Ken Dolls, Adolphe Sax and the ever-present cod-piece. 

“That’s just another night in Santa Cruz.”