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218: The 5th Annual Oscar Meltdown

Movie Meltdown - Episode 218

Welcome to "The 5th Annual Oscar Meltdown"! And this year we crash Beau's house and invite in a couple of new guests... including Paul. Who may now be our favorite special guest... he will probably be your favorite too!  

Plus while Beau searches for the lost pizza rolls, we also discuss.. trailers, Django Unchained, he's a good bad influence, Todd Solondz, you've got the cutest little digital baby face, singing!!, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Steven Spielberg, eastern European cologne, house porn, Jacque who stole, The Dark Knight Rises, not looking like Guy Pearce, this drink... it's like when you're a child, what you imagine grown-ups are drinking that they're not allowing you to have, Samuel L Jackson, The Emancipator, Tyler Perry, Prometheus, back then... Blockbusters dotted the Earth, the black Wes Anderson?, Stakeland, Awake and Sing, bounty hunter God, Swedish Fish Vodka, I'm almost so amused... I can't care, The Dark Horse, they blow up the levy, Candyland, ground up flesh, it also left me thinking... what a corrupt medium film is, Master of the House, My So-Called Life, Tarantino, this must be what angel's taste like, too much literary content,  making a self-conscious movie, six kinds of crazy and does Punxsutawney Phil watch the weather channel? 

Spoiler Alert - Spoilers for "Django Unchained" and "Perks of Being a Wallflower". 

"Are we supposed to be talkin' about movies or somethin'??"

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