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Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #24 - Attack of Wes Anderson 2

This week we are joined by two different guest co-hosts - Jonathon A. Mitchell from Nellie Pearl and Shadwick Wilde from Quiet Hollers. Both bands were featured at this year's Wes Fest celebration, so we address the choices for what songs they would cover from one of Wes Anderson's films. Plus we discuss Wes as a director and the subgenre and fanbase he's created over the years. All the while building a soundtrack recorded live by Nellie Pearl and Quiet Hollers, plus a few other songs along the way. 

And as we question the punk band touring drinking mischief kind of life, we also mention... the male/female dynamic, crowded in the van, Shelton Williams?, gelled into this Wes Anderson thing, my sister was like hip for a year or so in high school or something, The Royal Tenenbaums, cutting your wrists, Bottle Rocket, those guys don't have to practice, growing as an artist, drummer and bass player jokes, hospitals and McDonalds, bad Hank, aesthetically pleasing, Buck Owens and the Buckaroos, I tried to say I'm sorry, The Grand Budapest Hotel, born with a keytarist in your hand, Zoosk, don't go buy anything... make it all yourself, Elliot Smith, the mustache street wars of 2006, having new songs in your arsenal, Agatha, always some obscure midwestern town, Appalatin, dropped out of high school to do that, a, do you wanna play in this weird depressing Americana band with me, Oscar and the Picket Line, duel citischship, stepping out of that rich white people perspective zone, sit here stoney-eyed, the only band with drums, if you need a new one just order a pizza, speaking with an fake Australian accent, have a little diabetes, getting girls to come see your band, the drool comes out of both sides and fast power-chord kind of silly stuff. 

"How come no one's helping that man!" 

Wes Fest is a benefit to support the Fair Event Vendors Alliance. For more info:

For more on Nellie Pearl

For more on Quiet Hollers

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 305

This week we hang out with actress Catherine Mary Stewart as we discuss her impressive career (The Last Starfighter, Night of the Comet, Mischief, Weekend at Bernie's) and her early days getting into the entertainment industry. And Catherine also sits in with us to discuss this week's Sofa Theater feature: Midnight Cowboy

And as we address the inner workings of the crazy Hollywood vortex, we also bring up... Cannon Films, a showing at Lincoln Center, kids in a candy store, extended exposition, a convention pup, it is a weird movie and you can interpret it in a multitude of ways, 500 pictures of the characters, just trying to fit into American culture, the kids keep coming back, Menahem Golan, appreciating the artistic side of the business, the experimental creative genre of film, entitlement, being an empty nester, photo animation, Twitter followers, a really bad hustler, a long involuntary cab ride, Facebook problems, the studio system, coming up in the system today, a new genre of movies happened, I'm ready for my close-up, come away from it creeped out in a way, wandering the streets of New York, Electric Boogaloo: The Wild Untold Story of Cannon Films, what's your StarMeter, that was a little sleazy, you never stop learning about the business, they thought it was going to be massive, getting into directing, Canada, in order to make it in this business... you have to sleep with people, action adventure political intrigue with a really really cool futuristic vehicle, it's not so glamourous as it was, a pocket for everything, they loved making movies, the most challenging thing I can imagine doing, it's all about you and the genius of The Apple.

Spoiler Alert: We discuss "Midnight Cowboy" at length, so watch it beforehand.

"I wasn't like, all my life going... 'I have to be a movie star... I'll do whatever it takes.' It wasn't that at all."

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 304

This week, after a quick hang out and injury session with Kate, we then sit down with Pat Healy to discuss acting and working in the entertainment industry for the last twenty years. Pat has been building an amazing career over the years, appearing in Magnolia, Ghost World, Rescue Dawn as well as an impressive amount of television appearances. But in the last decade, he's moved into the leading man role in a terrific string of smaller films like The Great World Of Sound, Compliance, The Innkeepers and Cheap Thrills. We examine what's it's like to be a working actor in Hollywood as well as how to delve into some of the super dark subject matter he has in recent films. 

Then, Pat joins us for this week's Sofa Theater feature: John Frankenheimer's film Seconds. A nightmarish science fiction story about changing your identity and starting your life over... if you can? 

And as some of us barely survive the dreaded Pelvis Attack, we also discuss... Bloodsucking Bastards, A Clockwork Orange, getting cadavered, getting pelvised, a movie freak with my three brothers, a Faustian bargain, in the middle of the corn fields, dancing around to records, the hallway of doom, chopping Chris Evan's head off, stomping, wine, building a career, spilling coffee on yourself, making lateral moves, Rock Hudson, leading roles in smaller films,  a flaming ashtray, Sum 41, Captain America, Steppenwolf Theatre, playing the wolfman, I Walk the Line, Julianne Moore, reborns, melted through the toilet, that's the tragedy I think of most people... is they never really get to know each other... and as a result, they are never really in great contact or relationships with other people, being able to sit down and have a conversation with Jason Robards for just a few minutes, Tom Green waving at you, Marian Seldes, Twilight Zone, the John Hughes machine, Shaun of the Dead, winning two Academy Awards, being kept in a glass case, walking around with an oxygen tank, a weird dude snapping in my bathroom, Paul Thomas Anderson, real freedom, Craig Zobel, getting a call from a dead friend, not eating gluten, feels like a nightmare, being special, It feels that it's worked out the way it's supposed to, Simon Pegg, a throbbing hip, just pulling faces, saying words wrong, run through the gamut of what my life experience has been, John Randolph, The Gypsy Moths, there's only so much time... and you could really waste it, the truth about who you are, Mark Duplass, eating applesauce, Paul Newman, learning how to reel yourself back in, my cat kept getting in the way and making dinosaur noises. 

Spoiler Alert: We go in detail on John Frankenheimer's "Seconds". So go watch it beforehand.

"It's one of the great gifts, that I get to do as an actor, is I get to go and peer into the abyss."

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 303

This week we welcome actor and musician Ted Neeley, to discuss how he first got involved in the music scene, as well as what led him to his iconic role in Jesus Christ Superstar

And as we figure out just who gets to audition for the role of weird-looking guys who could be scum bags, we also discuss... annoying people at the mall, The Devil's Carnival, the vivid digital print, a Dolph Lundgren workout video, we were singing before we could actually speak, tanks, Django Unchained, stepping into the sandals, going on the road for the Summer, Hair, pretending to be those people, the fear of presentation, Haight-Ashbury, Israel, parallel lives as children, magnificent dancers, relating visually to the human side,  yin-yang of the same person, Carl Anderson, musician's union, an open call, purple tank tops, bombing the borders, Saw... with music, The Teddy Neeley Five, finding their spirituality, hit the dirt, taken to London, took off for the West, being blasphemous, Jesus in a sweater by the fireplace, Vietnam, the brown album, there were were two-thousand years later, Tommy, he leapt from his seat and ran down the aisle and onto the stage, the President of Capitol Records, Tom O'Horgan, research the background, Quentin Tarantino, an ugly old school bus, being exiled from Italy, picked each member for what they could do, those weird guys from Texas who weren't playing surfer music, if anyone has any questions... talk to Ted, private parties in Beverly Hills backyards, we worked our way from town to town, funky people, Norman Jewison, we didn't have theater in my hometown, I had a vision and an aura of respect. 

"The thing that's great, about what I get to do for a living... is it's based upon what we're doing right now. Communication... just interesting communication."

 For more on the tour of Jesus Christ Superstar, Ted's music and more, go to:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 302

This episode we round out our snide Oscar coverage as well as finish handing out our own awards - The Foilers! And while we reveal the only person who's been on Monday Night Raw and the Oscars in the same six month period, we also discuss… Scarlett Johansson, Brigitte Nielsen, We Still Kill the Old Way, a geek that's done good and gone to the major leagues, Into the Woods, Patricia Arquette, The Babadook, don't take your mom to the Oscars, The Raid 2, the worst bangs ever, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Cobra, Kate Winslet naked, John Wick, reading comic books will get you nowhere... in comic book movies, James Gunn, X-Men: Days of Futures Past, Not Kerry Washington, Agent Carter, keep coming back to Godzilla, J Lo, mud yard fight, Agents of Shield, Reese Witherspoon, the escape from jail, Karen Gillan, tall hair and shoulder pads, Snowpiercer, did I put my keys in the earthquake, putting gemstones on boobs, wrapping with Patty, Juggernaut, what emotion makes a face look like that, everybody's girl, are aliens monsters, Chewbacca, where does the six train come from, Captain America and that dude with the long curly fingernails. 

"She's got all the qualities that anyone wants... but nothing that stands out."

Note from our Producer: Again I say, THIS episode is NOT a good starter episode. It’s way more chaotic and generally insane then even we USUALLY are. So if you are not already familiar with the Meltdown gang, and the way Oscar Meltdown operates, this might not me the right episode to start with. In fact e-mail me at: and I’ll hand pick a good starter episode for you. BUT for you veteran’s out there… who are ready to delve into the Oscar madness that sets in, I bring you the continuing Foilers…

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 301

We’re back!! And this week we return with a vengeance as we award our own amazing film trophies "The Foilers"!! Plus lots of other random talking of smack about the Oscars.

And as celebrities try to talk about important shit amidst dresses and fanfare, we also ramble on about… Oscar Skrillex, it’s already been jazz, vegan-friendly, we came over here to get away from them, sidecar gap, Adam Levine… no one cares, Edge of Tomorrow, Alan Rickman, Suicide Squad, Jesus in the white suit, the less Lucas the better, I’m trying to get my throat slit while being inside someone, Reality Bites, 473 kills, 12 years of Quija, Mario Party antics, Neil Patrick Harris and George Takei and Betty White, a pile of solder scrapes and aluminum foil and nails and tacks and that messy drawer you have in the kitchen, what are you doing punk, Jurassic World, tonal change, that is a large large cavity, Spam, Steven Spielberg, topping off your fluids, Ass Ball, Khan!!, Ethan Hawke, what is up with all the English people, you’re always going to be the guy that everyone ends up hating, pig utero things, we threw their tea into the harbor and they stole all our acting roles, Chris Pratt, Oculus, I hated it… but it has potential, f… those pixies, hot dogs, the last boss fight in Mega Man, a regular everyday lizard, what’s up with all the English people, Scarlett Johansson, Bacon, The Two Towers, Ham, in my geeky opinion, Lil’ smokies and Keanu Reeves.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for Gone Girl, Under the Skin and probably several other films. You have been warned!

Note from our Producer: Once again, as I’ve said in years past, THIS episode in particular is NOT a good starter episode. It’s way more chaotic and generally insane then even we USUALLY are. So if you are not already familiar with the Meltdown gang, and the way Oscar Meltdown operates, this might not me the right episode to start with. In fact e-mail me at: and I’ll hand pick a good starter episode for you. BUT for you veteran’s out there… who are ready to delve into the Oscar madness that sets in… I bring you THIS Foiler episode…

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 300

This episode we hit the road to see John Waters... and talk about random things along the way. And as we tear into our Gruesome Greeting Cards, we also mention... innocuous into subversive, Broad City is a new episode of A Haunting, a mixture of Bono Steven Seagal and MacGyver, luring you into a false sense of security, New Orleans, Flashpoint Paradox, The Internet's Own Boy, fighting a blizzard, the twisty mop, a 1998 Dodge Intrepid, my arm touched his arm, the universe just collapsing on itself, Jordan Catalano buying alfalfa sprouts, in my mind it was like John Waters living through me, subgenre genre fest, a monotonous life, David O. Russell yelling at you, what kind of Adam Ant videos were you watching, with the heating blanket cord around my neck, Sarah Snook, being cooler then Jared Leto, you can’t force being funny, getting tired-excited, it’s not easy bein’ a single mom J Law, academically competitive, the real inventor of the internet, scratch and stink, goofy smarts, cool geeks, the rollie pollie jewlery organizer, in the post-modern era, Predestination and only remembering the good parts of life. 

For more on what “Days of the Dead” has coming up, go to:

 “I don’t know, does everybody do this? Sometimes my conscience has John Waters voice.”

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Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #23 - Attack of the Oscar Nominees 2

This episode we're back to round out the rest of this year's musical Oscar nominees. And along the way we have some pretty interesting movie/music discussions. And as we learn who the Meryl Streep of the best song category is, we also mention... the biggest can of worms ever, squeezing it for show biz juice, Alicia Keys syndrome, Free Bird, wildly exploitative, my attention span in the age of the internet has shot down dramatically, that category was really full this year, the honor of being nominated, Laura Dern, I'm always looking for the palace shaped like a penis, depressingly professional, this is why you don't watch Oprah, I might be making that up, The Aristocats, Rock Steady, Reese Withersppon vs. Julia Stiles, Man in the Moon, none of the disciples are wearing shirts, The Beatles Anthology treatment, Phillip Glass except for normal people, intellectual hip hop that white people like, Sleeping Bag, late John Lennon, I have to spend 85-minutes here looking at the television, Total Eclipse of the Heart, she looks like Anne Hathaway at the beginning of The Princess Diaries, exploiting something serious just to further people's careers, explaining to your where the depth is... because you might miss it, Oprah hates it when Gayle sings along to it, a show about dental hygienists who are best friends, singing your own muzak, I took a picture of him eating soup once, the back end of Abbey Road and the rest get thrown into a pit full of fire and wolves and gorillas with robot heads. 

Spoiler Alert: Mild "Newsroom" spoiler... you have been warned. 

"Yeah... what are you going to do? Make an imaginary guy change his favorite song, on the day of his non-existent wedding?"

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Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #22 - Attack of the Oscar Nominees

This episode, we listen to some of the musical Oscar nominees... and discuss. In the way, only “Movie Meltdown” can do.

And as we learn what roller coaster enthusiasts call SBNO, we also discuss… that Miniature toy quality, eyes with legs and they just walk around, Interstellar, the Keira Knightley/Anne Hathaway debate, I hate it when I do something and I don’t get credit for it, European melancholy, you just really like ukuleles, War Horse, The Imitation Game, everything else is very Oscar-y, Adam Levine, #fuckthoseguys, Fitzcarraldo, I would freak out… but for very different reasons, Turn off the Dark, stop airbrushing me, Shawn Patterson, why don’t they give Oscars to video games, Jaws, Memento meets Pi, are the lyrics the same, is that why they call it casting, Bend It like Beckham, Nabokov says…, The Social Network, that’s what I’m here for, he’s all about that neck, a gorilla with a robot head, Gary Yershon, Al Pacino has the final say, her neck scares me, Anne Hathaway, English rules the world, makes me want to buy a phone, Gregg Alexander and Danielle Brisebois, the ambience of a blanket fort is like no other, a Playskool xylophone, getting high and crazy, The Cardigans, crazy Tony Scott, Alexandre Desplat , it’s so obvious what they’re trying to do and it’s manipulative, Frente!, I’m already uncomfortable with this conversation, is she the one who fights wolves or robots or somethin’…. and they made like nine of them, that’s what I’m here for… I’m here to validate people’s hatred of film and dancers with things that attach to them.

“You go deep… I like it.”

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 299

This week, we make good on the threat to hang out and watch trailers. So join us as we discuss the trailers for… Fantastic Four, Ted 2, Mad Max: Fury Road, Jupiter Ascending and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

And as we climb on trailer comet: V2s1w4b, we also mention… the English letter-boxed edition of the show in steelbook, Angela Bassett, grumpy Marvel comics, murdering stunt doubles, J.T. Petty, I had to read these huge essays, The Wire, Christopher Pratt, The Cars that Ate Paris, people are walking out, the Matrix trilogy, dragons… space ships… jet shoes, grown-ass Hugh Jackman, bikini-shaped Hulk-buster, 90 pages people that’s all you get, they have to try to ruin it, the controversy at the Cannes Film Festival, the science, art, and impact of digital cinematography, it’d be sick if Godzilla was in this movie, Black Panther, the first season of Family Guy, He just looks creepy to me , the double javelins, the rave scene in the second movie, Mila Kunis, ‘cause she blows vampires, Quicksilver, the problem was plot, Shia LaBeouf, you completely failed to portray your story… if that’s what that was supposed to be saying, Death Race 2000, the inspiration for what so much of sci fi is today, 90% action… 10% story… and that 10% is not gonna matter, going frame by frame through trailers, the overall story… is so smart… and so many people are not gonna get it… I’m shocked we’re making these movies, it definitely leaves you wanting more, second-rate Marvel, those first Ong-Bak movies, the Wachowski siblings, it justifies the power, can you say black, #MaxBabe, I got my flyin’ shoes, Ben Affleck’s Paycheck, the cosplay of the next decade, Tai Chi porn, so stylized, Mel Gibson, X-Men casting, Photoshop in real life, the inflation of the autopilot, John Wick and Elizabeth Olsen.

“I just feel like, someone stole a video game script and made a movie instead.”

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