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The Interruptions Become Part of the Art

Movie Meltdown - Episode 358

This week we are coming to you "live" from the Flyover Film Festival where we talk with actor Nick Offerman and director Laura Dunn about the choices that helped guide them through their careers as well as creating and promoting the documentary - The Seer: A Portrait of Wendell Berry.

Not only will we hear about Laura's approach to documentary film-making, but we'll also hear how she came to work with an amazing team including Nick as a co-producer and executive producers Terrance Malick and Robert Redford. As well as collaborating with cinematographer Lee Daniel (Boyhood, Dazed and Confused, Before Sunrise, Slacker).

And while we discover that film-making (and life) may just be the the art of endurance, we also discuss... raising a family, Chicago, The Unsettling of America, art and wood and trees, Christian Bale, he's spitting at me... staring daggers at me... and I manage to keep my feet, Axe Cop, I like to interview people, a narcissistic culture, hey... you know what - orange and purple come here, Good Clean Fun,Yale, edit it like a piece of music, those perfect little green lawns, my gut would never let me, acrimonious, I'll come dig trenches, the state of Austin, building scenery, the question of truth, you had this plan... it never works out that way, I don't sleep much, a piece of the conversation, nature is a character itself, I'm chasing the ideas, bringing her her slippers and pipe at the end of the day, a more groovy version of the way Mike Leigh makes films, he disregards screens, we talked about fishing... and Pittsburgh, social justice issues, film as a mirror, Tugg, there's no accounting for taste, it's own blue collar attitude, one douche flexing and staring at you, Leo Burmester, Knight of Cups, a labor strike broke out, the Rodney King tapes, I'm trying to make you see what I see, the natural world, I care about something... and I want to make a film that makes you care about something, hammered away,Will and Grace, Jesse Eisenberg, The Unforeseen, they call it the Death Star, making yourself vulnerable as the interviewer, weird in a wonderful way, I was a good sword fighter, a very slowly rolling snowball, I did two back flips and said yes please, Michael Keaton, I feel a lot of things before I think them, more messy expensive and takes longer, and maybe the coolest woman... ever.

"...I'm much messier... I really like getting lost and letting the material get me completely turned around and find my way out. I feel like it's the most honest way to be a documentary filmmaker."

For more on the documentary "The Seer", go to:
For more on the Flyover Film Festival, go to:

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Attack of Forecastle 2016!

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 38

This week we are coming to you "live" from the Forecastle music festival as we welcome Justin (a.k.a. Angryblue) and Rachael to sit-in and help play some music, as well as discussing movies and their experiences at the fest over the weekend.

And while someone seems to think everything is bad-ass, we also discuss... Big Gigantic posters, Richard Moll, Quentin Tarantino, she's a beast, a really great two hour movie in a three hour package, you're trapped, behind a table, behind a fence, going solo from a two-person band, I was excited before I heard them, self-indulgent, I like having an actual physical memento of my creepiness, living in a van, licensing The Rolling Stones, stick it in his machine, you have poor social skills, Reservoir Dogs, too many cats, you cheated the whole system there... they are going to revoke your festival card, getting married, making your atonement with the universe, being in the sun, Jason Edmondson, Martin Scorsese, The Hateful Eight, when the guitar kicks in it's bad-ass, directors who use music to accent the entire film, deadly flowers, collecting Pokemon in the park, get Griz in there and separating the art from the artist.

" kind of changed all of my music taste... and I think it's kind of encouraged everything that I listen to now."

A big thank you to Forecastle for letting us be part of the event. For more on the festival, go to:
To see Justin's awesome artwork, go to:
To send comments about Rachael (and check out Logan's artwork), go to:
For more on Bully, go to:

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Two Bryans talking about a Henry

Movie Meltdown - Episode 357

This week Bryan is joined by... well Bryan. Bryan Johnson that is. You may know him as a comic book writer, or a podcaster, or a character on Comic Book Men or maybe just as Steve-Dave. But this week we sit down to talk with Bryan about the strange way he got involved in movies, how he ended up writing and directing his own movie Vulgar, his interest in cryptids and the paranormal and eventually we round things out with his pick for this week's Sofa Theater feature - Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Plus we hear Bryan's take on real world serial killers as well as his interactions with Michael Rooker over the years as well.

And as we both realize we're "special" in our own way, we also mention... people would clam, Jeff Anderson, Session 9, John McNaughton, Brown's Requiem, being a contractor, the best reason to take Criminal Justice classes ever, playing silent foosball, Blue Velvet, still having a code, being a PA, Creepypasta, the room of steel, adding video technology to the mix, Guitar Institute of Technology, you kids stay off the train trestle, ritualistic, RST Video and Quick Stop, Waverly Hills, the end of anonymity, you guys are going to get walkie-talkies, the Jersey Devil, suicide... first day, Devil's Tower, Jeffrey Dahmer, In Search of..., Don't Go in the House, killing people back in the good ole days, escaped psychiatric patient, The Blair Witch Project, the 70's were a time of wonderment and then, as you get older, and you realize this is all bullshit, do you wanna be a getaway driver?, this is too much of a culture shock for some clam boy coming out of Highlands, Slenderman, the ankle bracelet program, doomed from the beginning, when crack hit real big, Dennis Rader, fallen into things, Tom Towles, necrophilia, the Zodiac killer and those creepy staged photos.

"This is our modern day version of a monster. Who doesn't really know right or wrong. And like, does horrible things and just...continues on with their day."

Listen to Bryan on Tell 'em Stave-Dave:

Watch Bryan on Comic Book Men:

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Kirk Thatcher's Amazing Stories

Movie Meltdown - Episode 356

This week we return to our coverage of WonderFest for a terrific interview with Kirk Thatcher. He's done so many impressive things in his career that we can't even begin to cover everything. But we certainly address a lot of interesting points in his life - whether it's almost playing the rancor monster in Return of the Jedi, or working on music videos with a very young David Fincher. From being personal assistant to Leonard Nimoy to being the punk rocker who gets shut down by Spock in Star Trek IV. Kirk has lived a fascinating life, and we get to share in some of those amazing stories.

And while we try to determine precisely how many megatons, we also mention... the squid from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the Klingon dog, a Chevy engine and a Sarlacc tentacle, Rick Springfield, The VVitch, dating J. Paul Getty, Dick Smith and Rick Baker, every creature guy knows Methocel, Paradox, Chekov's earbug, Milla Jovovich, movies have become the circus again, itty bitty freakshow goats, reading college level in 3rd and 4th grade, feathering a dolly, ehhh it's watchable, go buy a gallon of latex, strangling Christopher Lloyd with a worm, the first woman screen writer in the writer's guild, a twelve to fifteen pound monitor strapped to your chest, Star Trek and Eddie Murphy?, Goats are pretty creepy. I mean, that's their thing man. That's why they hang out with Satan and whatnot, how are there any demons left, where are the rich girls who like nerds, Rob Bottin is a big lab rat, I kind of felt bad, because I'd get crushes on girls, but I was like - oh well, I've got monsters and movies, Forry Ackerman, but the good thing about all of this is... it's inspired people to be creative, Zoe Bell, you're not supposed to pour half-cured plaster down a sink, no ball on a stick, why do you need the king of hell's mom to show up, Jon Favreau, being interested in your sister... and it's not your fault, it's no #horror, Supernatural and proven creative entities.

"...I spent my weekends... you know, when other people were dating and having fun, going to the beach - I was making models and monsters. But that's what I wanted to do."

To see more of Kirk's work, check out his vimeo page:

Thanks to WonderFest for letting us be part of the show! Plan your trip next year, go to: 

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The Night the Comet took out Philadelphia

Movie Meltdown - Episode 355

This week we welcome two guest co-hosts, as the stars of Night of the Comet reunite to put together this special episode. Join us as we sit down with Kelli Maroney and Catherine Mary Stewart and discuss not only their classic movie, but also what it's been like to be adopted sisters all these years. Then we settle in for this week's Sofa Theater feature, the 1940 George Cukor film The Philadelphia Story.

So come on all you teenage comet zombies, and listen as we mention... a dog with a fez, a time of great affluence and fun, Howard Hughes, scaled down riches, I still believe in the glamour of the business, a lyrical very beautiful take on a sci fi experience, grabbed her by the face, Rage for Fame: The Ascent of Clare Boothe Luce, so much class in our business, that failure niche, those eyelashes cracked me up, it was devastating that I couldn't - like, nobody cared, nobody cared that my life had changed forever, at least have an expression on your face, the greatest thing in the world is watching privileged people enjoy their privileged lives, Spencer Tracy, we're not even the same species, acting is an outlet, box office poison, Jane Fonda, that's what life's about is making connections, there are just some costumes that are impractical for large crowds, or if your outfit requires a wheel barrel and... that's impossible - give me an uzi.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 1940 movie The Philadelphia Story. So go watch it ahead of time for spoiler-free listening!

"...when you went to a movie... you went to escape. You went... for an hour or two, to escape into the lives of these glamorous - almost unrealistic people."

Thank you to Indy PopCon for letting be part of the show! For more info, go to:

Look for Kelli on Twitter at: and on Facebook at:

Look for Catherine on Twitter at: and on Facebook:

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On Holiday with Jackie Kashian

Movie Meltdown - Episode 354

This week we welcome our special guest co-host Jackie Kashian to talk about comedy, her podcast The Dork Forest as well as this week's movie Holiday. This 1938 film directed by George Cukor may seem like just another classic era, romantic comedy. But as Jackie reveals, if you look a little deeper - you discover a commentary about money, freedom, politics, the family dynamic and accumulating wealth. As well as some great writing and unconventional performances.

And while we touch on all the dorkisms from genre books to larping, we also discuss... start-up magoo, the American dream, The Heat, the flower of British manhood, Chinatown, Dennis Quaid, Shelob, I'm pretty sure this is not going to fill the hole in my heart, Midnight Run, Frank Capra, I was unfamiliar with your vaudeville training, Gail Carriger, Jake Gyllenhaal vs. Ryan Gosling, the jackass cousin couple, Paul Feig, role-playing zombies, You Can't Take It With You, The Devil Wears Prada, enormously radical, Flashman, Fear Street, Pillow Talk, when the British were in Afghanistan in 1848, Melissa McCarthy, Grace Kelly, He Got Game, D.A.R. = Dogs of the American Revolution, Loretta Young, very specific Garbage Pail Kids stickers, bass clarinet, James Garner, Joseph A. Altsheler, Rock Hudson vs. Cary Grant, boys books, what if a comic was President?, Flight... it's called Flight, Blue Crush, she seems like nothing but cool, doing heroin, young adult novel, Tom Brown's School Days, if you're going to start a comedy club... stop it with the names, the kind of dork that I've been and decoding the B-message.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the movie Holiday. So go watch it before listening... you have been warned!

"...and I know all this, because I have a podcast. Where people tell me too much about everything. And so, I have a little bit of information - I don't know enough about anything to be an expert on it. But I'm enthusiastic... which'll do. That'll do!"

For more on Jackie and The Dork Forest, go to:

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William Malone

Movie Meltdown - Episode 353

This week we are coming to you "live" from WonderFest where we sit down with director William Malone to discuss his movies Scared to Death, Parasomnia, House on Haunted Hill as well as the notorious Creature! Plus his work on Tales from the Crypt, Freddy's Nightmares and Masters of Horror. And we hear out about growing up as a monster kid, making masks and finding a way to use all that to get into filmmaking. We also talk about his obsession with Robby the Robot, creating the original Michael Myers mask and working on the H. R. Giger project that never happened.

And as we both decide the world is much better off without Klaus Kinski, we also mention... Hemlock Grove, Famous Monsters, Nautilus, Pickman's Model, the Pee Wee Herman bike, an eight ball going up his shirt coming out the neck hole, the sad life of David Spade, Dominique Swain, rebooting It, Vincent Price, give me clay, making foam rubber mask, Dick Smith, moulage, phone books, Bud Westmore, it was a week of hell, William Castle, getting toxic from all the chemicals, the director is kind of the low man on the totem pole, Warner Brothers' movie... done by Warner Brothers. They told us we couldn't afford to shoot on their lot, he's got a van somewhere with candy in the back, Don Rosa, Marie Laurin, horror hosts, you can't be tazed and be attractive, David Warner, Ron Perlman, Jeffrey Combs, phonin' home with E.T., Necromancer, UCLA, Spielberg's company is after me, new Adam Sandler movies, Pennywise, Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D, Terry Castle, Bill SkarsgÄrd, dude you are sassy wherever you are going, I broke the first rule of filmmaking and being ripped off by James Cameron.

"I had heard that Klaus was - insane... so I wrote this insane... German commander."

Thanks to WonderFest for letting us be part of the show! Plan your trip next year, go to:

Check out the moviemeltdown Instagram account:

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Deconstructing Universes

Movie Meltdown - Episode 352

This week we are coming to you "live" from WonderFest as we are joined by our adopted cast member Eric Chu (conceptual designer for SyFy's retooling of Battlestar Galactica), to discuss the different approaches to building a sci fi universe. From Battlestar to Star Trek to Star Wars... just what are the differences in each of the universes? And how do the creators and the fans connect and interact with their own unique world? Plus a bonus segment on how to be a good geek father and we round things out with a wrap-up that involves Star Trek, Gilmore Girls, Beauty and the Beast and Laverne & Shirley. It kind of has to be heard to be believed.

And as we order off the dim sum cart, we also discuss... loving ghosts, robots and monsters, The Manchurian Candidate, metal ribbed vases, the guy in the Daggit suit, Shields and Yarnell, Asteroids, "experienced" women, like Charlie McCarthy or Jim Henson, it engages their imagination, if you make it too perfect for them... they don't need to do anything, shlemiel, schlemazel, hasenpfeffer incorporated, Boxey's stunt double, Sci-Fi Channel vs. Syfy, it's amazing we ever got out of the 20th century alive, you're best friend is the cool sports guy, The Little Mermaid horror story, my younger snot-nosed cousin, it engages their imagination and they can fill in that gap, but if you make it too perfect for them... they don't need to do anything, we don't want it to look like the old show, man's never going to have this utopia, Gerry Anderson, Milwaukee, it's more real and edgy and there's neck ties, that's like an SAT question, he's basically Elmer J. Fudd Millionaire, Sarah Connor hooks up with the guy from Sons of Anarchy, he's chasin' the Shirley dragon, Grover, Universal Monsters, they were really drinking the Gene Roddenberry Kool-Aid, geek parenting 101, that's why I stopped listening to Coldplay, real dolls, Team America 2, it looks like every other CGI show on TV, it's the pre-apocalyptic future and I've gotta draw a whole bunch of dill pickles now.

"...but it worked. 'Cause I think it made it more accessible to people that weren't normally into sci fi."

A huge thank you to WonderFest for letting us be part of the fun! Plan your trip next year, go to:

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X-Men: The Promise

Movie Meltdown - Episode 351

This week we sit down to discuss our thoughts about the new movie X-Men: Apocalypse. How it ranks in this current trilogy, how it compares to the old trilogy, and just what this means for future X-Men movies.

And as we're panning for movie gold, we also discuss... Kid Flash and Jesse Quick, Bryan Singer, Tom Hiddleston, the bellhop from Four Rooms, the origin of all religion, posing, Supergirl, Jennifer Lawrence, I had checked out, Spider-Man, let's think long term, the morning light, flat scenes, Olivia Munn, fancy bow and arrow shots, X-Men: Days of Future Past - The Rogue Cut, the first one, Nicholas Hoult, bird wings, comics are being ballsy, The Pell Grant of acting, James McAvoy, even more destructive is the little red head in the dorm upstairs, Michael Fassbender, Dark Phoenix, people might financially care, my favorite 90's clique of X-Men, CG effects, Rose Byrne, instead of one... you had a dozen, they just stand on that mountain for like forty-five minutes, extra dopey, Tye Sheridan, hinting at Black Flash, the adults table and the kids table, Sophie Turner, Age of Ultron, action scene choreography and Oscar Isaac.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for X-Men: Apocalypse, so go see the movie before you listen.

"It's a whole new world compared to that first X-Men movie."

Special thanks to Gallery K, for more info go to:

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California Games with Kyle Kinane and Joyelle Johnson

Movie Meltdown - Episode 350

This week we are joined by comedians Kyle Kinane and Joyelle Johnson to discuss movies, comedy and growing up with California envy.

And while we realize that we just argue with the internet, we also discuss... freak show television, every idea has been done, Stripes, Big Trouble in Little China, Gone with the Wind, Rad, Lucas, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Signs, George Lucas, his beautiful black wife and his billions of dollars, ghosts and goblins... I love it, knocking snow off the rocker panel, VVitch, not a real fan of anything, True Crime, Easy Rider, California Games, the most lackadaisical slave owner, like a toddler, The Sixth Sense, ... also arms and legs, all the John Hughes movies, 1880's southern dickhead, through the tornado states, nubs on their face, customer service by the beach, all observational comedy has been done, Luke Skywalker... baby, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Summer School, I'm fascinated with the capabilities of human beings... whether positive or negative, Raising Arizona, dumb aliens, burnt out beach trash, you can just eat lunch outside at school, the Back to the Future Burger King, being sardonic, 60 Days In, Annabelle, BMX Bandits, give me one alcoholic doctor, Mother's Day... the biggest mistake of my life, revenge fantasies, Super Mario Bros., too drunk to sit on an airplane, what is Trader Joe's, My Science Project, My 600-lb Life, driving into grey walls in the distance and what's the best booze for gout?

"I want to be able to my job as a comedian... and tell the jokes. I don't just want to be the host of some collection of drunks. Which is, you know... still what happens."

For more on Kyle Kinane, go to:
For more on Joyelle Johnson, go to:

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