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Attack of the 90's!

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 41

This week we delve into the by-gone era that was - the 90's. And all the weird bands that came with it.

And while we flip though our stack of Young and Modern magazines, we also discuss... a million spiders, Eating Raoul, Lydia Hearst, a cabin in the woods, Warner Brothers throwing money into the machine, don't like staying in the house all the time, Ben Stiller, Switzerland, in your face Gilmores, fighting neo-Nazis, you don't know the band, was on every soundtrack basically, indie movies were just a bad comedy, Joel Schumacher, Salem, Metropolis, I just remember she was crazy and unstable and I thought that was so cool, bad puns, girl rocks, Imogen Poots, the whole album's pretty good, being obsessed with one movie, Jim Carrey, half the songs on there became singles, dorky Brian Warner, Black Moth Cottage, preaching anarchy, sex comedies, you've gotta go back to high school, fighting Heidi Klum, music/CD/video stores closing, Katie Holmes, they only had the one song, Italy, Cecil B. DeMented, Chris Hardwick, an old man with a pudgy little baby face, it sounded cooler in my head, the female bass player phenomena and getting your music from the library.

"...I remember that's probably like the last soundtrack I was really excited about."

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The Rules of the Old School French Game

Movie Meltdown - Episode 373

This episode we discuss The Rules of the Game the 1939 French film directed by Jean Renoir. According to many, including The Criterion Collection, it's considered one of the greatest films ever made. So The Meltdown Gang decides to watch it and see if it lives up to it's hype and reputation.

And while we admit that the awful thing about life is... everyone has their reasons, we also come to new realizations about... Brian De Palma, is this a parody of the genre or is it just that bad, experimental theater, Hack-O-Lantern, pouty, the 80's porn scene, Hi, Mom!, The Forbidden Room, Tolstoy, it feels like you're apologizing for reading, Chuck E. Cheese, mimicking farce, a lot of it is successfully bleak, that was the eleventh herb and spice, Pre-Columbian art, Akira Kurosawa's Ran, Howard Dean meets Charles Laughton, Friends with Benefits, more movies in the VHS world, well it seemed like the floor was very slippery, Dinner at Eight, Robert De Niro, Wake in Fright, a square married guy, maybe... it wasn't popular because it's kind of about what... popular audience are... and that's just not that flattering, it's the closest thing I've ever seen to watching a dream, not romatizing the working people, John Wayne meets Mister Rogers and Liberace, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, she's not into her marriage, he said he could feel the audience hating it... that's my favorite thing, popular audiences aren't really looking for the mirror held up to nature, even for something to be a comedy there has to be a certain fantastic element to it, Idiocracy, it's like... this is the lives of the rich people, oh by the way they're exactly like the lives of the poor people. Oh by the way, they're also just totally empty, mimicking movies that haven't been made yet, I always like to mention my favorite Inuit action picture, that Gomez grin, growing up on one hour serialized dramas, a snapshot of Los Angeles, petulant, I guess I'm just not ready... to dislike all of humanity, the fact that I haven't been murdered in my sleep is a testament to the human spirit and - oh cool a squirrel!

Spoiler Alert: Lots of spoilers contained for The Rules of the Game, so go watch it beforehand for spoiler-free listening.

"I mean I think we're kind of making a mistake if we're trying to connect to any of these characters on an emotional level... because it really is just a bunch of bored people trying to fill their lives with meaningless distractions... like that's sort of all the movie is."

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Where Does He Get Those Demonic Toys?

Movie Meltdown - Episode 372

This week we hang out at the Bastion, eat candy, discuss cereal... and watch the Full Moon feature Demonic Toys.

And while we once again state how much we love crazy-ass Emma Roberts, we also mention... Salem and witches, Rod Serling, rotary phones, spooky clam chowder, dead demon baby, David S. Goyer, Jack-in-the-Box anticipation, you're always being jumped by rogue lettuce, so we just drove by took some stalker pictures and kept going, green in Skittles form, who gets/or wants all your stuff when you dead, for the past couple of years... Boo Berry has gone down in quality and flavor, Lady Gaga, she's either a cheese or a hot chick, the chunky chicken, her Guess britches, it's got a tentacle with a baby rattle on it, watching a huge cat video on a loop, baby Terminator, me and cabbage... that don't happen, hell yeah nachos rule, redneck cannibals who grow drugs out in the woods, wax figures, Late Phases, she was old lady in everything, gas mask tricycle girls, Martika is awesome, I had candy for breakfast the other day, Dollman, grasping at horror straws, Devon Sawa, a squished penny weirdo, too Maria Shriver for me, Freaky Links, Supernatural, if something's gnawing at your face... don't just sit there and let it gnaw at your face, bleeding all over... and not f-ing dying, Susie Exposition, I can't believe I live in a Boo Berry state, making Frak shows boring, Bo Duke profile pic, Roanoke, Bradley Cooper, the carousel's in a building, you're not gonna adult, Beavis and Butthead and the perfect flattened foil.

Spoiler Alert: Lots of spoilers for the 1992 Full Moon feature: "Demonic Toys". So go watch it now for spoiler-free listening... you have been warned.

"It wasn't like... unwatchably bad. It was entertainingly bad. - That's the motto of Full Moon Features."

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Doctor Doctor, Give me the News

Movie Meltdown - Episode 371 

This week we continue our Super Series with the latest Marvel Studios release - Doctor Strange. Plus we discuss how this version of the Doctor's story compares
to the original comics as well as how it fits into the Marvel cinematic universe.

And as we add Luke Cage into the ever expanding series of projects, we also mention... Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Guillermo del Toro, The Flash, Paul Reubens, his big pumkinhead looking self, that Joss Whedon feel, smart strong capable female characters, I just want everything on Netflix, Miss Congeniality, self-serving, Legends of Tomorrow, these villains are just as important as the heroes, Nightmare, M.C. Escher and Salvador Dalí, that good X-Men run, Fin Fang Foom, hyper-espionage, Stanley Kubrick, House of M, Misty Knight, Red Skull's daughter, hunting Strange, pivot toward Thanos, Iron Fist, Paul W.S. Anderson directed Event Horizon, Kevin Feige, Coke vs. Pepsi in the comics world, The Crow sequels and reboot, Rosario Dawson, they don't want to cross contaminate, singular stand-alone female heroes, the poor man's Ghost Rider, Benjamin Bratt, you don't really have to know it... you just have to believe that's the way it works, network television cop shows, Supergirl and a rampaging unicorn.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for Doctor Strange, so see the movie before you listen.

"...if they would have kept that... whole vibe, the whole movie. People would have just clocked out halfway through... and been like screw this."

Special thanks to Gallery K, for more info go to:

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World Champion Geeks

Movie Meltdown - Episode 370

This week we return to our hangout session during this year's WonderFest. There we recap Ben and Dave's attempt to qualify for The Guinness World Records during the festival two years before. And in honor of that anniversary we do what comes naturally - geek out about Star Wars.

And as we retcon our own childhood, we also mention... your orange snake looks stupid, every time you pulled one out - you were surprised, just bury your feelings, the 20 timers club, send the ambassador to Idaho, we went for the shiny brass ring, help in logs, pro-Emperor/anti-Yoda, living in a shack, the yellow lightsaber, that third rail is right there, but the siren song of fame sung to us, Scotland, ghosts talking to me in the bathroom, Scott Baio, Mad Max, 36 hours and some odd minutes, that is a lot of plates spinning, it was three zombies going "Yea", it was a very polite apocalypse, he's the sad sad broken old man, we weren't on the website anymore, Braveheart, rebooting your R2, little children nerd rage, a pillow case full of action figures, we were in this podcasting game... and we couldn't handle the stress... so we tried for gimmick, some sort of Warwick inside it, I'm a Doctor Who fan... I can retcon like nobody's business, Space Geico, Harry Potter, put on your Nikes and die, that's a load-bearing Falcon wall, bounty hunter brochures, the stranger taken to the extreme, Death Star layout and placement, a debate about what is a webcast, ripping off Diff'rent Strokes, corn planet, from two to four in the morning, they were our pit crew, damn commies, Midi-chlorians, he lived in fear of the lobster boats floating over his head, we were the drifters of the podcast world, down in the comments... nothing but hate, wife pit crew, I learned that the internet is full of very crappy people, rolling around in a stupor of insanity and finding a diagram for life.

"We realized that actually getting the world record was the easy part... all the bureaucracy... all the minutia..."

A huge thank you to WonderFest for letting us be part of the fun! Plan your trip next year, go to:

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Rocky with Justin Golak

Movie Meltdown - Episode 369

This week we are joined by our special guest co-host comedian Justin Golak, as we discuss one of his favorite movies - Rocky. We look at not just the movie itself, but also it's impact on pop culture - and just how much we actually remember based on how much Rocky has seeped into the public consciousness. Plus we also look at how this first installment fits into the long-running series that will continue over the next 40 years.

And as we discuss Stallone-adjacent characters, we also mention... comedy or baseball, cable the way it used to be, arm wrestling is the thing, reading comprehension, Ghostbusters 2, organized crime, garblyness, it's very different going back and rewatching it now... having not seen it in years, how do you fight you, creating a rig for the scene, the sub-genre of boxing movies, Survivor, escaping Cleveland, music video culture, Cobra, drinking raw eggs, on VHS taped from TV, I want to be better, Thunderlips, being weird and awkward, Over the Top, three pages of dialogue in ten seconds of body language, spattered with training, running with your girlfriend up the stairs, at every turn... he makes a different choice, Copland, going heel, it's essentially an origin story... but you didn't know that if you didn't know there's be sequels, novelizations, outsourcing the property, Apollo Creed, being literal, Irwin Winkler, forceps, Ruskies, office sign dialogue, Batman Begins, this is like a thing everyone will do forever now, losing the right way, getting your hands bloody, that's a real person and all art is drug-fueled from the beginning of time.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for Rocky... and the entire franchise. You have been warned. 

"I'm a huge fan... it's the only thing I geek out about... it's like my Star Wars."

For Justin's links, tour dates, etc., go to:
Special thanks to Gallery K, for more info go to:

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Attack of the Spooky Soundtracks!

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 40

This October we decided to have a horror-themed listening party as we settle in with our pumpkin lattes and bust out some fun, spooky tunes from movie soundtracks!

And while we decide which bands we know specifically from soundtracks, we also discuss... trying to bottle his own lightning, tied flannels, fan fervor, modern Edgar Allen Poe stuff, does he have any limbs left at this point, a little bit crazy, werewolves, gourde pie, Ready Player One, Dairy Queen, Becky from Full House, Wes Craven, Hanna-Barbera, look at all those dead kids waving at me, I saw that movie three times in the theater, Rodney Dangerfield, scoring the debate, seeing bands live back in the day, angsty-relationshipy, the flavor of Halloween, Jesse Eisenberg, had to have a twist, puffer vest, an R-rated Scooby-Doo, Jiffy-Pop, Back to the Future, they took bimbo to the Nth level, reboot hate, Laff-A-Lympics, are you even acting... or are you just like this all the time?, a 90's sound, more focus on the writing, it just doesn't fit the movie that needs to be made, Coming to America, Lifeforce, a prerequisite in Hollywood, another after-effect of Scream, dude was layered, James Gunn, there's nothing that kids love more then other dead children, access to limited things, playing instruments, spitting the coffee, pop some popcorn in our new microwave, creepy uke, Parker Posey, Dr. Seuss, you don't understand the concept of art, comedy horror and is it about the movie... or is it about selling CDs?

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for all of the Scream movies... deal with it.

"Oh man, I wore that out. That's one of those CDs I played to the point it wouldn't play anymore. Like the disc just skipped so much, that I was like... I had to buy the soundtrack a second time."

Special thanks to Gallery K, for more info go to:

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Attack of the Southern Culture on the Skids!

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 39

This week we are joined by our special guest co-host Rick Miller - singer/songwriter/guitarist for Southern Culture on the Skids. We talk to Rick about his music and movie influences, all while building our own soundtrack from SCOTS movie-related songs.

And while we realize just how much all our pop culture references seep in, we also discuss... surfing, hot rods, dirt track racing, Mexican horror films very badly dubbed, swinging Swedish stewardesses, Smiley Lewis, punk rock, Val Lewton, drive-in movies, dirty magazines, Ken Cinema, Herschell Gordon Lewis, The Mummy's Hand, Aretha Franklin, Atragon, WRAL, double features, I Married a Monster from Outer Space, he's a bit of a hipster, older people doing folk songs, The Brainiac, too cold to be wearing bikinis, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dave Edmunds, Bucket of Blood, El Santo, if you're having fun... people will like it, AM/FM, I couldn't open my locker, Mike Judge, from North Carolina to Southern California, B movies, art, Commander Cody, film noir, coffee shops, Dawn of the Dead, Isle of the Dead, his skin color would change, and the cheese factor... it's just like good, Curse of the Cat People, Fats Domino, do the poster first, Tower Records, Ray Charles, avant-garde, hamburger taped to the end of a mannequin arm, a matinee, Sunshine of Your Love, Universal horror, sliced his head like baloney, The War of the Gargantuas, Eddie Cochran, horror that makes you laugh, The Dave Clark Five, Buck Owens, Roger Corman, a super 8 camera, nachos - you gotta have some cheese, David O. Russell, Booker T., the Moon Glow Drive-in and a transistor radio.

"I think people have lost their sense of humor sometimes... and they just don't get it. And I don't mean just being politically correct, I just mean... how to have some fun."

For more on Southern Culture on the Skids, including links to their new album, The Electric Pinecones, go to:

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Scaring up some Cujo Talk

Movie Meltdown - Episode 368

This week we are coming to you "live" from ScareFest as we meet up with our friend Amber to talk about our Sofa Theater feature - Lewis Teague's Cujo. Plus we recap our fun times at the fest as we interract with Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard, John Kassir, Kelly Jo Minter and a classic story about Dee Wallace.

And while we work on our sitcom about a wolf and a fox, we also mention... the monster under the bed, infidelity, being excited to kill people, a beverage run, shoulder pads, Scooby Snacks, safety glass, Funco mini mystery pop things, Kevin Nash, SLC Punk, two different shades of gold, knee nubs, wardrobe provided by CW, The NeverEnding Story, suspense, character-building, one surly bitch, animal attack movies, you're gonna get lockjaw kid, sitting on the floor, escaping from Nascar drivers, Cabin Fever, a CG dog, Traci Lords, he just touches her belly with his glowing finger, Critters 2, writing profanity, that head is not made for childbirth, multiple high fives, Wondermutt is fine... he's fine, Mick Garris, waterfall of hair, choose your own Magnum, P.I. and The A-Team, some people need to be punched, picking a direction in filmmaking, the ending of The Mist, Jaguar vs. Pinto, Rose McIver, a box of soundtracks, popping out at you horror, he'll probably lay on my butt, Team Michael Steele, Jaws, mom is still alive, fanned hair, the extremely inappropriate blind box, Sharp Cereal?, favorite Scream lines, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, cleaning out the CW table, Lita Ford, do not try to force your clowness on me, building Castle Rock, coulda' been a contender, punching a clown, screaming kids, Alyssa Milano, a demon-possessed dog, breathing room, the supernatural element, buying more books, parents weren't very strict, Space Buddies, very personable, a tiny Elvira, movies influencing other movies, cutting all your hair off, Sleepwalkers, a Lab in a Saint Bernard suit and Zoinks!

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Cujo... so go watch it before you listen. You have been warned!

"Beethoven gets rabies."

For more info on ScareFest, go to:

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Withnail, Dean Cameron and I

Movie Meltdown - Episode 367

This week we return to our segment The Caffeinated Movie Geek as actor Dean Cameron sits in to discuss life, conventions and the film Withnail and I. Plus we bring up the reunion of Summer School's Chainsaw and Dave!

And while we debunk the romanticized mythology of King Curtis, we also mention... Dickens, this is really Uncle Monty, watching Dan play Minecraft, the chaos, King Lear, Doctor Who, Xander Berkeley, Ric Olié, I'll never play The Dane, Zeffirelli's auditions, Del Preston, the guy I've never heard of is cleaning up, there's some genuine love that gets put out there, the end of the 60's, a tone piece, performances in a vacuum, being Ted Neeley and breaking the rules, because of you guys - I make masks, Hell or High Water, Tweeting with Dustin Hoffman, the career you should have had, a perennial for actors, Rick Baker's assistants, building-up celebrities to tear them down, Jimi Hendrix, grows a head in his shoulder, turn of the century paupers, in it's own time and place, badly lit, liquor in the shotgun, the death rumor, touching people's lives, Spice World, Doubt, classic grim British feel, ABC movie of the week, no discernible jokes, association with drug use, quotes and a question mark, too much like life, How to Get Ahead in Advertising, I wouldn't want a woman who would go out with me and Masters of Sex.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 1987 film Withnail and I, so go watch it before you listen.

"Everybody completely commits to it... it's just a grim tale."

For more on , Dean's life and career, go to:

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