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Movie Meltdown - Episode 280

This week we’re joined by special guest co-host Hal Sparks. You may know Hal as a stand-up comic, an actor, a musician… he is a man of many talents. But this episode he sits down with us to reminisce about growing up in a small town, and his struggle to make it all the way to Los Angeles. And personal conviction it takes to work in the entertainment industry. Plus we discuss some of the movies that inprisired and entertained him over the years

And along the way, we also discuss... the nearest hospital without chickens in it, George Carlin, Sigourney Weaver in Alien, Joe vs. the Volcano, Heavy Metal, all we tried to do was be a little too free… and the hammer came down, Spiderman 2, in Mandarin, Antichrist, the hardest role for an actor to play…, Peter MacNicol, fixing mandolins, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, I’m trying to help you people… and no one is listening to me, Michael Palin, Brighton Beach Memoirs, dentistry hasn’t changed that much, Blade Runner, MacArthur: hyper puritanical dickhead?, Cabin in the Woods, I’m focusing on being a performer… and my performance comes in several different shapes, Bobcat Goldthwait, Fritz the Cat, Captain America, Flashpoint, Let the Right One In, just you and a microphone, Mindwalk, Scooby Doo, Japanese rules against pornography, Sam Raimi, The Nutty Professor, Jiminy Glick, the greatest bullshit story ever told, Mitch Hedberg, Zapped!, Steve Martin, The LEGO Movie, The Avengers, having a tin center, Bob Dylan, on-stage persona, the first mixed-race couple on a network show, a two-story set, why we come up with jokes, Fletch,old LPs, how far can you skate… on just what you were given, Richard Pryor, The Shining, Running Scared, Groundlings, Bill Cosby, banjo took over his life, Spinal Tap, art is about imparting either emotion or understanding, Billy Crystal, Beverly Hills Cop, Growing up in Peaks Mill, Star Wars, John Lennon, China vs. the US, Doug Stanhope, Second City, failure has a clock… an abstract based on a puritanical work ethic that’s from Philippians… and I have no interest in that… behaviorally or intellectually or philosophically at all.

“It’s just supposed to make you mad at your life, so you f-ing do something!”

For more on all of Hal’s work, go to:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 279

This week we’ll be revisiting our most recent trip to WonderFest. But this won’t be just any old episode, no this will be a special crossover session with the guys from "Tower of Technobabble". As we join them for a simultaneous podcast effort – and right in the middle of their "Guinness Book of World Record" attempt to break the record for longest uninterrupted webcast. Join us for our extra ridiculous conversations as they haven’t slept for 20 hours at the point of this episode. All the drama! All the sleep deprivation! Plus a sack full of toys!!

And as we count our points of articulation, we also discuss… dancing droids, karate smock, Grabbers, a molten dwarf, Pirates of the Aleutian Sea, Kitty Pryde, a good monster flick, J.T. Petty, the Death Star droid, a pejorative, Smaug, I gave him toys, longboats, the Death Star droid, Coupling, Madison: Home of the Rocket Boat, It’s a magic sack… get in our van full of candy and let’s go, trigger memories, it’s the Imperial man keeping the walrus man down, Britt Eklund, Why were you rubbing your droid so much?, Everclear, the power droid, Blood Mania, The Burrowers, Fringe, pissing off celebrities, let’s bust out some Greedo, that’s like walking your dog - all at once, clicky sounds, C3PO, a wizard did it who was dead all the time, Don McLean, snowtrooper, reach into the sack, at the very end… where she’s giving out prizes, Chewbecca, Bespin fatigues, The Hobbit, Tiger got a taste for human flesh, Hootie and the Blowfish, The Wicker Man, FX-7 and pissing off Flock of Seagulls. 

Spoiler Alert: Random spoilers for "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and "Game of Thrones". You have been warned! 

“As I’ve said… this maybe the activity that cures me of all future activities.” 

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 278

This week we come to you "live" from the "Days of the Dead" convention in Indianapolis. As usual, we stake our claim right in the middle of the action, and not only reminisce about our celebrity run-ins of the day, but also talk to other passers-by and get the general consensus of horror fans. 

And as we plead with older celebrities - to stop falling down, we also mention… lose the bandana, the Frankennipple incident, P.J. Soles, I don’t sweat… I glisten, Polly Holliday, Assassin's Creed: The Misty Cut, toddle pants, David Naughton, From Paris with Love, the sequins fairy, Streets of Fire, I don’t think he can make human expressions, Hitler’s new kitten plan, Ashley Laurence , Tito Puente's gonna be dead, and you're gonna say – Oh I've been listening to him for years, The Devil Rides Out, curly mustaches or mohawks, Hey… come join in with our talking of smacks, poking Gary Busey with a stick, stupid gravity, Nancy Allen, Romantics Anonymous, coming soon… Stairs, Nightbreed, Sabrina, pulpy horror, baby crips, Grandpa getting a drink, John Heard, Zombies: Deadtime Stories, Doc of the Dead, you can see the trail of sequins from here to his table, Corey Feldman and his angle, House of Frankenstein, 3D naked chicks and Tara Reid. 

Spoiler Alert: Major spoiler for "Eddie and the Cruisers 2". Someone spills the beans on whether Eddie lives or not. You have been warned. 

 “Why would you put your e-mail address on there? I wouldn’t want these people e-mailing me… I’ve seen these people. I AM ONE OF THESE PEOPLE!” 

For more on the "Days of the Dead" shows, go to:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 277

This week we sit down with one of the most interesting guests we’ve ever had… Joe Alves. He’s an artist, production designer, art director, second unit director, sculptor, director… you name it, if it’s related to bringing a movie to life – Joe’s probably done it. He’s best know for his work on the “Jaws” series of films, but over the years he’s worked on some of the biggest movies in Hollywood, including Forbidden Planet, Torn Curtain, Mutiny on the Bounty, Sleeping Beauty, My Fair Lady, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Starman, The Sugarland Express, Escape from New York and so many others! Joe is a fascinating man with a phenomenal work history… and work ethic.

And as we discuss shooting scenes of the shark in Joe’s pool, we also mention… working at Disney, Josh Meador, working with Hitchcock, An American in Paris, rotoscoping, John Cassavetes, sculpting the shark, I got nominated for the NAACP Image Award, I’ve got these young people that I want you to meet, John Carpenter, Portugal, the Id, junior set designer, the left to right shark, Harry Dean Stanton, Hayward California, Mad Men, Moby Dick, Lea Thompson… so cute… so charming, Ken Russell, French impressionist paintings, rendering each frame, Mr. Newman has to eat his asparagus with gloves, 300 storyboards, stealing Antonio Gatti’s architecture, you’re late for the training program, I say… the shark worked or you wouldn’t have been scared, Korean veterans, more shark… more shark… more shark, what wasn’t easy was dealing with the producer, the gas station was supposed to collapse,  Louis Gossett Jr., we were at the top of the Twin Towers, edgier Alice in Wonderland,  the shark made all these funny noises, Debra Hill, production design, Steven Spielberg, racing formula one cars, Fire Down Below, that guy got nominated for an Academy Award… and he’s putting posters up, drafting, two thousand pounds of weight to pull the barrel down, shooting in 3D, Steven Seagal showed up late… didn’t have his lines and Eisenhower invading Normandy. 

“The idea that the shark never worked… it was all nonsense!”

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 276

This week we are coming to you "live" from The Connection Theater with none other then The Goddess herself… Miss Judy Tenuta. We discuss growing up in her large family, and just what led her down the road of comedy. Plus all the unusual situations that arose as she moved to Los Angeles, and the campy (and sometimes forgotten) movies she ended up making over the years. All that, plus the wonders of “The Bagel of Love”! 

And as we discuss the pressures of being the Aphrodite of the accordion, we also mention… Lindsay Morgan Lohan, air conditioning, Danny Aiello, Churchill Downs, homemade potato chips, it may annoy you but it will not harm you, Desperation Boulevard, Jay Leno, Robby Benson, a delicate flower, the key to civilization, Comedy Central, Colonel Sanders, Godzilla, I plan on going to prison, being a minister of your own religion, Anna Nicole Smith, the Jennifer Lawrence house, Michael Lerner, you gotta get your jockeys ready, there’s an app for that, Forever 21, going to AA meeting to make deals, a seven foot tall hat, Captain America, Weird Al Yankovic, driving Miss Judy, Princess of panty shields,  lots of red bull, who did not keep their promise, three bites seventy times a day, The Three Stooges, pizza and cake, could there be more blockbusters in her pants?, Adam Ant, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, the Maroon Raccoon, Empress of Elvis impersonators, getting out of the limo, embracing the social media, X-Men, tweens, eating a whole chicken, The Pickel Barrel, Saint obnoxious in bondage school and church, ordained minister, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, Child labor laws, Doctor Phil, I gotta have my chips, Hilary Duff and what’s up with Oprah?!

“Goddess is the new orange.”

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 275

Coming to you "live" from the 25th annual WonderFest! This week we welcome special guest co-host, film and TV designer Eric Chu, to sit in with us for our discussion about Gareth Edwards’ version of "Godzilla". Plus we hang around for a bonus segment where we address all the other problems in Hollywood.

And as we enjoy the simple pleasures of a balloon, we also mention… Gerry Anderson, Monsters, The Enterprise, Space 1999, Wrestling match, Peter Sellers, the kiss of death, Samuel L. Jackson, my mom was an X-Men extra, Superman 2, a traveling exhibition, Slither, being a tease, telling an origin story, hoping for the end of the world, the Star Trek reboot, Operation: Larvae, Edgar Wright, Jamie Anderson, the money shot, 120 minute short story, Battlestar Galactica, the action figure robot and the monster in the other, The X-Men: First Class, Kabuki, Mystery Team, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Chu-thulhu, the microwave disc on the back of a car, Batman Begins, Jeff Foxworthy, Top of the Food Chain, legitimizing our geek passions, The Frantics, TOHO, Jaws: The Revenge, Raymond Burr, King Kong, Pacific Rim, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, that’s the only puppet I play with…, Richard Lester, Turn Off the Dark, actors in half make-up smoking cigarettes, Matthew Broderick, destroying the hive, false advertising, the tail slam, Mechagodzilla, James Gunn, Godzilla noir, The Avengers: World Police, ripped continuity, Marvel should double down, and playing ping pong with giant crab monsters.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2014 “Godzilla” and a random spoiler for “X-Men: The Last Stand” as well. You have been warned. 

 “You wanna get into the fight… with Gareth Edwards.” 

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 274

This week features coverage from the 25th annual WonderFest! Featuring not only our usual shenanigans but also our interview with modelmaker and sculptor Carol Bauman! She’s worked for years as a creature creator and modeler with companies like Lucasfilm’s “Industrial Light & Magic” as well as “Kerner Optical” and “Kernerworks”. Plus we visit with horror host Doctor Gangrene and discuss movies both old and new. And we unveil the new Movie Meltdown T-Shirt and announce our new themed live event!

And as we talk about the beauty of old school mechanics, we also mention… the biggest coolest T-Rex ever, The Fly 2, Hugh Jackman is so totally ’98, every Vincent Price film, Nashville, River Boat, the fourth of July party at Skywalker Ranch, crowd sourcing, bleeding military dummies, Burt Reynolds, you can get married any weekend, trapped in weird little British towns, a guy in a monkey suit running around killing people, George Romero, The Pope Lick Monster, Starship Troopers, Galaxy Quest, Pirates of the Caribbean, Veronica Mars, editing with two VCRs, Who Framed Roger Rabbit trading cards, the next great paleontologist, Big Bob, working at the canal, Karl Urban… I’m talkin’ to you, being obsessed with Wake Wood, RoboCop 2, produced by committee, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Witchfinder General, six trays of cookies, building The Black Pearl, Darren McGavin, readjusting people’s accents, chupatacos, an eight foot spider, David Cronenberg, The Movie Geek Art Show, Hammer Film reboot, the Indiana Jones of my generation, Michael Fassbender, Arachnophobia, a mosquito from Jurassic Park and not wearing bike helmets.

Spoiler AlertRandom spoilers from “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “X-Men: The Last Stand”… you have been warned.

"I only like you when you pretend you're somebody else."

For more information about WonderFest, go to:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 273

Recorded "live" out on the street amongst parking cars, passers-by and the occasional cat or opossum, we ignore all that (for the most part) and just talk movies.

And as the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew team-up rages on, we also discuss… Black Caesar, Emma Stone, The Man with the X-Ray Eyes, Ant-Man, being passionate,Scarlett Johansson, Hell up in Harlem, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Gina Carano, a what-if story, Stan Lee cameos, Three Days of the Condor, Lucy, Superman, Tusk, Scuba diving attack, Donald Glover, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Green Arrow, flag-waver of artistic inspiration, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Parallax View, Wonder Woman, the Westminster dog show, The Nutty Professor, Paul Walker, Under the Skin, Marvel vs. DC, The Flash, H.R. Giger, the Colts vs. the Bears, Fred Williamson, tying his hands and Jodorowsky's Dune.

Spoiler Alert: The big spoiler for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is casually revealed. You have been warned!!

“I just love it when people are passionate about stuff. ‘Cause so much of this world is so boring and prefab. And set-up to consume and forget. It’s neat when people are excited… about anything.”

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Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #13 - Attack of John Doe!

This week we are back to build another interesting and eclectic movie soundtrack. And as we work in referneces to a certain current blockbuster we also feature this week's installment of "The Killer Five" provided by none other then punk rock icon - JOHN DOE! So settle in as we assemble an amazing mixture of music that ranges from the heyday of the L.A. punk scene... to 80's action staples... to breakthrough indie films... to spaghetti westerns and giant monster movies. It's gonna be a hell of a ride. 

"Holy shit! I had no idea that he was capable of kind of orchestration!"

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 272

This week we hang out and watch Odd Thomas... and bake cookies... and talk trash about random movies and celebrities.  And have a lot of fun. 

And while we Google bats and girl’s vaginas, we also discuss... laser battle fights, being abandoned in a laundry mat, fake Feldman, the ugliest wallpaper ever, Dreamcatcher, Joe Lynch, Emma Stone, hot-wiring cars, eating clay, old lazer guns, scanning the whole movie, bad wigs, Sahara, won’t make a decision, Shawn of the Dead, Ryan Kwanten, The Mummy movies, young Clint Eastwood, crazy space birds, A Fantastic Fear of Everything, training montage, Van Helsing, Beaches, no springs, Sonic phaser, Do Not Disturb, X-Men, Knights of Badassdom, Brendan Fraser, people I’m gonna end up shooting, Corey, and he got him a chick that used to be hot twenty years ago, Fletch, today only – special sale, that one guy that I like that was in that one movie, PFLAG, The Rise of Cobra, Tom Waits, tighty whiteys that aren’t tight or white, Eric Estrada, Andrew Garfield, Watchers, and sitting in a dishwasher. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Odd Thomas. Plus a semi-main spoiler for X-Men 3: The Last Stand and we allude to the big spoiler in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. You have been warned! 

“What do you do? You fist that m*therf*cker!”

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