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Top Villains

Movie Meltdown - Episode 383 

This week, in response to a recent online list, the gang gets together to come up with their own top ten list of best and/or underrated villains.

And as we contemplate that maybe making a snuff film is the way to go, we also mention... the Dick Tracy museum, gets drunk on blood, stares the boy down, Robocop, in the middle of the bloodbath, AFI, it was incredibly dark for it's time, gross wheezing jokes, David Lynch, smashes a bottle, a cool... calm... snake-like villain, he's always rich with really odd people, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, another villainess with inscrutable motives, The Last House on the Left, the birth of the alt-right, Nil by Mouth, his gumline, well... it won't bring back our kids, pathos, quotable, talk about unhinged, they wanted to show the deterioration, Villain vs. Monster, incredibly manipulative... they almost make the movie hard to watch, I guess I'm going to dive into David Cronenberg, She fights it, and she fights it, and she fights it - and eventually she surrenders to her darker nature, This Boy’s Life, The Cowboy, going back to Nazis, being followed by a boogeyman, they had to shoot the film in sequence, Jaws, Forbidden Planet, a police procedural, just sort of laughs a lot at the foibles of everybody else, playing Nazis, essentially Aleister Crowley with a bit of a conscience, Funny Games, I don't think you could still hold down a job as a cop, Killer Joe, it's a dark Hollywood death, within the opening premise... let's just hurt somebody, which drove the director mad, The Thing, he played off the normal world against the abnormal world, and you weren't really sure... who are the good guys here, they turn into angry spirits, raising the baby, and he put her on the fire, Dirty Harry, Kaneto Shindo, a domestic villain, very often compared to Vincent Price, nobody got along on this film, Saturn 3, it's a very sort of Shakespearean villain, amphetamines prescribed by the studio doc, The Green Mile, are you kidding me?!, they didn't get along, Alien, Psychomania and they really give you so many reasons to sympathize with this character.

Spoiler Alert: Potential spoilers for ALL of the movies we discuss, so proceed into this episode with caution. You have been warned!!

"What's terrifying about him is just how calm and collected he is amidst all of this."

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Bert Kreischer and the Fletch Way of Life

Movie Meltdown - Episode 382

This week we welcome our special guest co-host comedian Bert Kreischer. Join us as we talk about getting into comedy, becoming part of the podcast world, being the inspiration for the movie Van Wilder and the Rolling Stone interview that started it all. Then we change gears to this week's Sofa Theater feature... Fletch. Where we discuss whether this Chevy Chase comedy holds up today... and just how it has influenced Bert's life overall.

And as we repeatedly put on ridiculous disguises throughout the show, we also mention... Snoop's podcast, Dane Cook vs. Ryan Reynolds, doing drugs at fourteen, Milo Yiannopoulos, singing and acting, Laughable, Godfrey, I would definitely say I made my career on podcasting, Bill Burr, I wanna say in a weird way it helped form who I am today, comedy is not about the set you have... it's about the set you're working on, Charlie Murphy, Ethan and Hila Klein, When I got into comedy I felt like... so outside of it, because everyone seemed to know every comic working, Tom Papa, dead or rehab or sober, Hannibal Buress, the movie... in a way defined my life, two of them thought it was me prank calling them, Joe Rogan, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Dave Chappelle, that's the art form is making strangers laugh, Ari Shaffir, we're making comedy for everyone... not just for people with hipster ideals, Jay Mohr, send me in for wacky neighbor number three, Doug Benson, it's a journey not a race, Sam Harris, And they seemed to have influences, I had no influence coming into comedy, I got into comedy because I like laughing, Neal Brennan, very few podcasts are authentic, A League of their Own, being a campaigner, what is this soul-less thing sitting there reading the teleprompter, Marc Maron, outroverted but introspective, Erik Hedegaard, My Favorite Murder and an interesting game of... let's try to guess where Chevy Chase's career went south.

Spoiler Alert: I'm not sure we really spoil Fletch, but just in case you should go watch it anyway. I mean, why wouldn't you want to watch it (again)?

"We only really had that one week together... but it changed my life totally."

For more on Bert, go to:

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Attack of the 2016 Oscar Nominees!

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 42

This week we play and discuss all of the nominees for both original song and original score for the 89th Annual Academy Awards. So join us in knocking out all of your musical Oscar homework in one shot!

And as we embrace the a nice dreamy quality, we also discuss... melancholy, deep-fried pig tails, Eminem, I won't do it, cello and bass, it's like a robot making a sad song, key changes, The Tooth Fairy, weirdness around, Arrival, the thought of it actually winning just made me laugh, never neglects instruments, it's like he used the right instrumentation... he just didn't go the distance, imitating Kevin Hart, Lincoln, radio version, stepping up to meet the level of the project, the Academy Awards is not really a pinpoint of the best of the year... it's just what the Academy decides to nominate. It is it's own weird little game, digital picture vs. Polaroid, Rhodes piano, Bruce Springsteen, no real movements, Be Cool, it melts in and out of tones, they are smart, everything about what went on that day is weird and doesn't make sense... so here's a score that matches, rolling the windows down... blasting the radio, you don't even think about what they are singing in context to the movie, , standing on it's own, I didn't know this was a song from a movie, you can't be as cool as The Rock... that's all there is to it, Under the Skin, your world has just been shaken and taking piano lessons for 14 years.

"I feel like this song was created specifically to be performed on the Oscar telecast."

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Death Race: Sickly Dog

Movie Meltdown - Episode 381 (For our Patreon supporters.)  

This week we gather at the Bastion to peer into the grim future that is: Death Race 2050.

And as we play a rousing round of guess the celebrity's age, we also mention... Crazyhead, I impressed a small child, Chad Radwell, Sherlock, a nuclear blast, Resident Evil out of order, Eddie Steeples, a Tuesday at Malcolm's house, Nothing in the Dark, The Selection, still no flying cars, quarter-assed, corn ninjas, Black Mirror, Lewis Reeves, Home Alone-ish, having nothing to say, the Bechdel test, molotov cocktails, Emma Roberts, Watson got hot, they might have been State Fair quality, oh my god... I am cool to a nine year old, bonus points for Yancy Butler?, the mask is itchy, I should be buried with it, Malcolm McDowell's Farm of Miniature Ponies, having an existential crisis, non-safety compliant, flashy gun, DIY Photoshop, Billie Lourd, when she's off her meds... she can see the demons, you're just throwing out a hot topic... and then leaving it sit there, did they find a gymnast's outfit and a clown outfit and... sewed the bottom to the top, Twilight Zone, F the Leviathans, J.G. Wentworth, gracing the cover of Men's Fitness, the sucky parts of special ops training, the Linda Hamilton school of pull-ups, afraid of dying, Debi Mazar, alcohol... Robitussin... and prescription drugs, adding to words and it was a chicken... making turkey sounds.

Spoiler Alert: Awww, who are we kidding?! You can't spoil Death Race 2050... they already did that for us.

"This movie was awful... I'm not even gonna sugar-coat it..."

For more info on this and ALL the future episodes of Movie Meltdown, go to:

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The Witch is Back

Movie Meltdown - Episode 380

This week we discuss the 2016 film Blair Witch directed by Adam Wingard. Is it a true sequel? Is it a reboot? And just how does it compare to the original project? And what changes have happened in both the real world and on the horror scene since the first Blair Witch film left it's mark?

And while we hear a stick break in the distance, we also bring up... Trevante Rhodes, Dog Eat Dog, Naomi Watts, Shin Godzilla, Skull Island, voo doo doll, LaLa Land, true POV, high end sci fi, jump scares, Jack Black, Creep, the underground railroad, retelling those stories, The Force Awakens, Rings, you got that many castles to pay off your gonna make a lot of wizard movies along the way, Moonlight, Willem Dafoe selling candy and getting a massage, King Kong, screw it... monsters, hitting all the points, time missing, Ryan is old news, Paul Schrader, Peter forgot how to edit, cowboy Adrien Brody, hell dimension, a bunch of gangsters doing gangster shit, running away from monsters, Book of Shadows, new technology, what was that one where he was a wizard, revolutionizing the system, every fifteen minutes Nicolas Cage makes a new movie, I need the believably of it to be afraid, the young demographic, what just happened, Christopher Matthew Cook, Sunnydale, having GPS, an epic Hollywood movie and still being stuck in a corner.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2016 film Blair Witch. (And possibly for The Blair Witch Project as well.) So go watch at least the most recent movie before listening... you have been warned!

"...found footage is not inherently... limiting. In that, it's not inherently going to be like... a Blair Witch or a Paranormal Activity."

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People Die Every Day

Movie Meltdown - Episode 379

This week we return to our annual segment People Who Died... Died, as we discuss just some of the performers we lost in 2016.

And as we are smacked in the face with our own mortality, we also mention... Alec Guinness in drag, in Warsaw when the blitzkrieg occurred, Mitch Miller, Brazil, Good Burger, Scrooge McDuck, The Phil Silvers Show, South Park, fireside chats, Volgograd, in a Santa Claus suit, using anamorphic, what is this land... why are we paying so much, Dick Tracy, buys a horse and cart, unscrupulous... yes, buckets of blood... in vivid color, spend three years in prison, living for nostalgia, The Time Machine, everyone feels like everything personally affects them now, a pioneer in his own right, Sam Peckinpah, it's like we were in a trench in World War I together, perpetual media cover of every horrendous event, dying for 40 years, every time I go to the flea market... I feel like a Coen Brothers casting agent, Paul Bartel, him dying is just... all part of the show, a society of arrested development, Indiana Jones, Johnny Depp, a musical comedy version of Grapes of Wrath, Julian Glover, he was married continually since he was 21, this movie about the devil's daughter, I feel like our generation lives for nostalgia... more then any other one, has two-time Academy Award winner Shelley Winters, you're playing chicken with yourself, creatives who experience a lot of success, Zero Mostel, I was trying to save her with my meme, Bob Kane, United Artists who ultimately ended up buckling because of the enormity of the failure, Mel Brooks, sleeping next to your camera, line group friends and the ethics of CGI performances. 

"Once I delved into his past a little bit, I was like 'What a fascinating life this guy had!'"

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I Saw What You Did... and I Don't Know What the Hell I'm Watching

Movie Meltdown - Episode 378

This week we hang out at the Bastion and watch William Castle's I Saw What You Did. Plus we recap some recent movies, reminisce about ridiculous things we did as kids and enjoy some gifted DIY Fiddle Faddle.

And while we realize how hard it is being mysterious and sexy, we also discuss... Joan Crawford, Scream Queens, Penn and Teller, L.A. Confidential, Warriors of the Rainbow, Gary the dog, evening attire, glass made out of sugar, Tuesday Weld, that Dean Cain show, that's going to lead to mildew and mold, sad and historical, the burying drive, ratted out to Krampus, semi-bee-hivey, she's the craziest little bitch who's ever bitched, Billie Lourd, the house that created fog, the hand of a serial killer, Fear Street, this lady was going commando, mom yelling at the screen, and I think part of that was due to the underwear, the way kids operated back in the day, back when we were ninjas, key parties, old school bootylicious, having a peanut butter sandwich, are you a demon?, it was the most cheerful murdering music, old-timey train-wrecks, American Horror Story, the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, you don't blame Gypsy for this, back when kids used to make bombs, I thought we all decided as a country... we all hate fruit cake, an exhaust system on a hot rod, sneaking around on other people's property, 60's swingers, Warriors of Virtue, that's why I got the Airsoft... so I can't kill anybody, he's a creepy guardian angel, poor Bill... Bill never saw it coming, I will choke you... through this land-line, rock salt, hiding in a culvert and a ghost barn door.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for the 1965 movie "I Saw What You Did". You have been warned!

"I said that repeatedly throughout the entire movie... what the hell am I watching?"

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Brian Jay Jones and the Temple of Lucas

Movie Meltdown - Episode 377

This week we are joined by our special guest co-host - author Brian Jay Jones. Brian is a New York Times bestselling biographer who's written Washington Irving: An American Original, Jim Henson: The Biography and most recently George Lucas: A Life. So join us as we discuss the process of researching his subjects as well as a good, old fashioned geek-out session where we talk about George's early days, creating Star Wars and Lucas' impact on the film world as well as the legacy he leaves behind.

And as we address the finer points of having your heart ripped out, we also mention... Saturday morning cartoons, a brain in a jar, the Special Editions, Red Tails, Kirk Thatcher, Raiders of the Lost Ark, American Graffiti, Michael Eisner, Powaqqatsi, fungible until that last moment, John Milius, Body Heat, being totally dead, used car salesman, advancing the cause of the filmmaker, getting Prince to play at your wedding, the voice of the executive producer, it's really like Camelot for them, Mishima, we still care what Lucas thinks of the new movies now, I'm not a clown puppet guy, Lucas is always at his best when he's berating Coppola, the fans are still... even at that time... more then willing to meet him more then halfway, Crystal Skull, that is Lucas' guts on the screen, senate staffers were like 'oh my God there's a new Star Wars film..., Twice Upon a Time, both the blessing and the curse of Star Wars, for Lucas in particular... is we all feel like we own it, running a comic book store, filming hanging out of a harness on the car, deep drill research projects, Irvin Kershner, the best years of SNL, that really pissed him off... really hurt his feelings, using Star Wars a leverage, and then he still has to go back and keep meddling and meddling and meddling..., the physical part of directing really took it's toll on him, Lapti Nek, Temple of Doom, talking with Frank Oz, let's examine all those clauses, Richard Marquand, Poltergeist, who knew how important Young Indiana Jones and... Radioland Murders were... to the Star Wars trilogy, mostly dead, the sleazy art of the deal, working with Henson, Sandman and bringing down the dream of Zoetrope.

"...that's the moment that Skywalker Ranch is sort of born in his head."

For more on Brian and all of his books, go to:

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Rogue One: A Life Day Celebration

Movie Meltdown - Episode 376 (For our Patreon supporters.)  

This week is a multitude of things. First off... it's our anniversary. So as we celebrate crossing over into our 9th year of Movie Meltdown... we also return to our semi-annual tradition of getting together to celebrate - Life Day. And coincidentally, it also happens to mark the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. So what better time to kick-off our new, exclusive Patreon episodes then by gathering the gang together to eat Wookie cookies and discuss the latest Star Wars release. It sounds like a pretty great way to spend this holiday season.

And as we realize we all want to live in a Ralph McQuarrie castle, we also mention... Tarkin, stealing the Hammerhead ships, creepy skin, as an insurgency, sliced and diced, General Dodonna, everything has to be displayed in a two-dimensional space, Wookie hairballs, it was baked in, the final act, two-fifths of me is here, a suicide mission, hot Vader action, super secret super weapon, moof-milker, setting the bar too high, hearing a scream in a movie theater, who was the bad guy?, the old butler, Frank's arm, the Alderaan mining explosions, the times they see him... it's run, the horrors committed by the military, It took a lot of people to put Luke into that X-wing, no title card for one very important planet, being mildly evil, it was nice to see Biggs, writing the score, Event Horizon... starring Darth Vader, beholden to 70's technology, the CG question, Doctor Aphra, jumping between scenes, space OSHA, Hogwarts, the U-wing starfighter, telling all the tangential stories, not aging well, Mustafar, it sounds like you're trying not to get a copyright infringement right now, who doesn't have robot arms, Red Leader and Gold Leader, architecture of the base, Orlando Bloom, a Jedi Scientologist, finding Chopper, Peter Cushing, a Force truther, Taken 2 and... I think that might be my favorite new theory.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. So go watch the movie before listening. You have been warned.

...we're just caught in the middle of this. We didn't cause it. We're not here to fix it. We're just going to be caught in it. And I like that idea of, they're just spectators to... the powder keg that just went off."

For more info on this and ALL the future episodes of Movie Meltdown, go to:

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Hal the Barbarian

Movie Meltdown - Episode 375

This week we welcome back one of our favorite special guest co-hosts - Hal Sparks. We discuss everything from the basics of coordinating a busy and multifaceted career to spending years working with the Disney company, to one of his favorite movies... this week's Sofa Theater feature: Conan the Barbarian. From the Robert E. Howard pulp beginnings to the black and white Marvel comics to Arnold Schwarzenegger's interpretation in the film world... we discuss a multitude of themes and aspects of Conan.

And as we realize we are effectively just beloved, we also mention... James Earl Jones, The Princess Bride, Talk Soup, First Blood, it takes a couple of whacks, a modern studio system, Braveheart, directing the show, it's always been about the hustle, wolf pelts, manipulation of the gods, such a firewall between the organizations, homogenized network television, going down through the red light district knocking on doors, a great Wayne Newton-style villain, Andy Lau, Bill Burr, the biggest bottlenecks in creativity, making a snake arrow, the three jobs at one involved in stand-up, there's always a wild west aspect whenever industry goes through a transition period, the worst book that's ever happened to film, Cape Fear, Miller's Crossing, I think we're changing how we deal with ageing, the first Disney show to blind someone, cut someone's arm off, crush their leg... and kill someone, the industry is finally catching up to people's actual tastes, let a villain be a villain, doing Deniro, it's like living on a tightrope, I don't do a single job that's one thing, Every Which You Can, The Running Man, he's the Adam Sandler of action movies, Jim Jones and the Manson family... meets Cyrus from The Warriors, I find it a motivational... I find it very invigorating, it's always somebody's fault, viking hair, nano-computers combing your hair, it was a much more visceral reading experience, a masculine romance, Rocky Balboa, Kylo Ren, playing hash, a very Scandinavian way of doing it, the blood was in black ink, The Crow, Kurt Russell, disappearing into music, I felt so manipulated by the network, Chris Evans, muscle men and scantily clad women, The Expendables, we actually sliced a woman in half, shred metal and jazz, Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth, Dudley Moore, why some actors are considered difficult, Excalibur, Mr. T, I now go in with an assumption that whatever it is is doomed, no notes from the network, an 80's stand-up comic in sneakers and a sport coat and an iron age bank heist.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for John Milius' Conan the Barbarian. So go watch the movie before you listen.

"I think the producers said, 'If we didn't have Arnold Schwarzenegger to play Conan... we'd have to build one.' "

To keep up with Hal and all of his projects, follow @HalSparks on Twitter or go to:

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