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Christine Elise: Night Hunter

Movie Meltdown - Episode 366

This week we welcome the return appearance of our special guest co-host Christine Elise as we discuss our Sofa Theater feature... Charles Laughton's The Night of the Hunter. Beautifully shot with memorable performances, the film is subtle and progressive in some ways... while being straight-forward and almost heavy-handed in others. And along the way we find a commentary on the lives of a certain part of society that maybe we hadn't noticed in past viewings.

And while we discuss small animals and sexual repression, we also mention... being on 90210, Larry David's wife, Robert Mitchum, helicopter shots, totally thinking about canning peaches, being assigned homework, shameful conventions, hanging out at Spoons, running like a wild animal, social media today vs. the internet of old, Olan Mills, back-lit frogs, orphaned kids, masterminds who live in an abandoned slaughterhouse, The Waltons, if you wanted to find out if someone hated you, beating children, what is that 5000 people thing about?, plied and pressured, Moses floating down the river, some rabbits, teflon strength in what seems to be the weakest thing, raw potatoes, reinventing yourself, damned gypsies, Watership Down, breedin' n' cannin', I don't have an enormous filter, steampunk drones, moving from town to town, a rat, your tailor's favorite customer, the switchblade, the overbearing neighbor lady, Shelley Winters, provocative conversation, a big turtle, a cardboard cutout, Lillian Gish, Child's Play 2, just not grateful enough, a weird lisp, Hellevator, being abducted, a fox, slacker kids and fan feedback.

"Obviously It evolves... so I've seen it a couple of times. And I was a lot younger the first... I was probably in high school the first time I saw it. And... I've seen it once or twice in the interim... and I feel like it's different every time."

For more on Christine's book Bathing & the Single Girl, go to:
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Chattering about The Mist... with Nicholas Vince

Movie Meltdown - Episode 365

This week we welcome our special guest co-host Nicholas Vince (The Chatterer in Hellraiser 1 & 2 as well as Kinski in Nightbreed) to discuss this week's Sofa Theater feature: The Mist. Directed by Frank Darabont and based on the novella by Stephen King, this 2007 film was released with seemingly little hype and promotion but still seemed to leave a staggering impact on it's viewers over the years. Listen as we discuss the acting, shooting style, casting choices, practical and CG effects and last but certainly not least - the memorable and controversial ending.

And while we try to decide just what the siren means to us, we also mention... Andre Braugher, the story of Yugoslavia, Greg Nicotero, leaders and experts, Toby Jones, Drew Struzan, people cannot stand uncertainty, The Blob, eases it's way in, Marcia Gay Harden, The Dark Tower, an abrogation of responsibility, let's put every one in a hot box, we do not like uncertainty, prejudice, air raids in the second world war, Buddhism, writing comic books, Jeffrey DeMunn, a contained story, I don't negate, by any sense... the struggles that us little ant-like human beings on this very small blue planet... in the very small, little uninteresting arm of the galaxy..., Laurie Holden, that's not what you really need to be afraid of, The Walking Dead, they are to blame, bullying and taking it to the worst possible conclusion, Thomas Jane, Night of the Living Dead, we live in crazy balance, yes... I wrote that story, who's going to step up, angered by it, beautifully shot, breaking off into little groups, make me an instrument of thy will, Dead Can Dance, Marcia Gay Harden, it is overwhelming, it's an overwhelming movie, finding the scapegoat, Nathan Gamble, we are a broad church, directing theater and Melissa McBride.

" is just a terribly difficult watch... I find it absolutely stunning."

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Doug Bradley and the End of The Innocents

Movie Meltdown - Episode 364

This week we are coming to you "live" from Days of the Dead: Louisville, where we are joined once again by our special guest co-host Doug Bradley, as we discuss this week's Sofa Theater feature - The Innocents. This 1961 Gothic horror film stars Deborah Kerr, Martin Stephens, Megs Jenkins and happens to be one of Doug's favorite films. Join us as we discern just how much influence writer Truman Capote had on the movie as well as trying to decide... are these murderous children or are there actual ghosts in the house or is it all just the visions of a madwoman? Listen and come to your own conclusion.

And as we divvy up the vegan cupcakes, we also mention... rewatching Stranger Things, H. P. Lovecraft, tea adverts, innocence destroys innocence, Megs Jenkins, The Turn of the Screw, sexual repression, deep focus, the great foil throughout, an X certificate, one step away from dying, I just throw some candy towards them, Georges Auric, that creepy song, turning down movie roles, a southern Gothic, Ron Perlman and Sir Christopher Plummer, a very dubious uncertain moral tone, a red herring, Martin Stephens, weird and disconnected, psycho sexual fantasy, Freddie Francis, a synthesized electronic sound, Martin Scorsese, a real tear, everything needs a little more placenta, the roses, I won't be your friend, how Freudian do you want to get?, the Redgrave clan, it's a vicious cycle of beauty and love, Mary-Kate and Ashley and the fate of Rupert.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers (and lots of speculation) for Jack Clayton's The Innocents, so go watch it before you listen. You have been warned!

"I was all about ghosts... when I was a kid."

For more on Days of the Dead and their upcoming dates, go to:
Doug doesn't want to be your friend, but you can see his posts on his Facebook fan page:

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The Many Facets of Brad Dourif

Movie Meltdown - Episode 363

This week we return to our coverage of FandomfestSo not only do we continue with some fun conversations from the convention, but more importantly - we are thrilled to get a chance to sit down and talk with Brad Dourif. He's a fascinating and intense actor who's worked with some of the greatest names in the business. Listen as we discuss his experiences working on different projects over the years as well as his response to specific films and his approach toward acting.

And while one of us dodges their crazy, potential stalker, we also discuss... Star Trek Beyond, Marshall Mason, Miloš Forman, spanks are really good, Sorceress and She-Ra, I could see the butterflies, ruining Misfits, Karl Urban, Sandy Meisner, Dominic Cooper, Repertory Theatre, extra terrestrials don't wear flip-flops, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Preacher, Green Room, Jack Nicholson, When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?, Conchata Ferrell, Eraserhead, walk briskly, in the saddle and sirloin section, it was the most dramatic way that I ever understood a movie, Irvin Kershner, the meat handbook, Blue Velvet, Exorcist 3, Werner Herzog, dead creepy meat guys, John Huston, folding space, Child's Play, all men feel that terror... when you look at a woman who looks beautiful to you... that could be your life! And it's terrifying. It's really terrifying, it was like being given a four hour tour of your own living room, Wise Blood, David Lynch, oblivion terrified him, William Peter Blatty, we are utter and complete mysteries to one another, In Cold Blood, George C. Scott, he did a magnificent job of shepherding us into a different medium, I had let him overdirect me, Peter Jackson, horror requires a monster, Jack Nance and judging carcasses.

Spoiler Alert: Basic spoilers for the classic Twilight Zone episode "Night Call". Ehh, you've probably seen it by now anyway, but... you have been warned.

"...we were at a point where cinema was changing. And he kind of got a boost from that, and he went on to make other films..."

For more on Fandomfest, go to:

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Meanwhile, at Wizard World...

Movie Meltdown - Episode 362

This week we load up the Meltdown Machine and christen it for it's first show road trip - as we head to Chicago! There we visit Wizard World and meet Rose McIver of iZombie, Ben Edlund creator of The Tick and we interview actress Cerina Vincent from Cabin Fever, Not Another Teen Movie, It Waits as well as Disney's Stuck in the Middle. Plus we recap some of our favorite costumes and moments from the trip.

And while we rundown some of our preferred fonts, we also discuss... a busted in bathroom door, Toad the Assassin, riding 4-wheelers, squishy Chucks, Daddy's Lil Monster, the girl in the Sally outfit, killer kids, that wet nerd smell, costume? Or that's their life?, not one - but two pickels, grew up a desert kid, the STD that is consumption, Tatyana Ali, Mrs. Mia Wallace, posing with Jareth, Miss Teen USA, Preacher, Sean Patrick Flanery and his lack of buttons, Goku, Slashers, half-assed costumes, guys dressed as Misty, giant foam cowboy hats, gratuitous sex, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Winter Soldier, Michael J. Fox, that's gotta be Anime, eyebrows on fleek, Fear Street, American accents, the drama Scream, Karl Urban is the poor man's Karl Urban, Penny Dreadful, Fall Into Darkness, Norman Reedus covered in black goo, doesn't everybody in New Zealand have sheep?, Christopher Pike and a hot dog wearing a loincloth.

"...I thought that people that were on TV and in movies lived on a different planet... and I didn't even know how one would create a career in this business. But it happens."

For Wizard World dates in your area, go to:

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The Curse of Frankenstein

Movie Meltdown - Episode 361

This week we continue our coverage of Fandomfest as we hang out with artist and friend of the show Epyon5, to  discuss this week's Sofa Theater feature: The Curse of Frankenstein. Listen as we settle in and examine the 1957 classic that essentially kicked-off the Hammer Horror empire.

And as we pick out our favorite creepy old dude from the wall of old creepy dudes, we also mention... Stranger Things, piling your costume in the lobby, Penny Dreadful, Don't Hug me I'm Scared, in Technicolor, a chili bowl haircut, the red woman, surfing the crimson wave, Star Wars, the Frankenpuppy, it gets chilly, Hook and The Highlander, killing Leonard Bernstein, with too much salt, kids being genuine, Dream On, cultural impact,Van Helsing, a million theories, Universal horror, in blood red, running and jumping like - The Cat, buying a pair of eyes, selling cereal, sets and props, the most famous scientist on the planet, they might have killed a dude, child programming, little too much sex, Rocky Horror Picture Show and wearing your bedroom slippers in space.
Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the Hammer movie The Curse of Frankenstein. You have been warned!

"'Cause it wasn't really about Frankenstein killing people, and 'oh my god he's loose'. As much as it was... 'would you stop making Frankenstein!!!'"

For more on epyon5, Google "epyon5" or you can follow him on Instagram at:
And for more on Fandomfest, go to:

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The Highs and Lows of Suicide Squad

Movie Meltdown - Episode 360 

This week the dynamic duo returns to their long-running series on superhero movies with an EPIC discussion of the new release Suicide Squad. As well as the recent trailers for upcoming superhero films and how all of this works (or doesn't) into the bigger universe being built by these movies.

And while we come to terms with the fact that Gotham just sucks as a city, we also mention... Dr. Strange, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Batman: Assault on Arkham, Geoff Johns, Hannibal, clemency?, an origins movie, Léon: The Professional, Captain America, David Ayer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, James Gunn, one big orgy of geekiness, the reasons for the soundtrack, to make magic not look stupid, don't rhyme... stop rhyming, everybody's parents die, Inglourious Basterds, how to cut a trailer, Captain Kirk, time gem, Kingdom Come, Zack Snyder, The Fifth Element, periodic highs, Disney villains, Michael Bay, getting the band back together, a trailer in the movie... for the next movie, DC philosophy, it's all in the script, Luc Besson, artillery hitting her shield, aimed at millennials, you got like a dozen batpeople running around, Guardians of the Galaxy and my run-in with Jared Leto.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Suicide Squad - so go watch the movie before listening. You have been warned!

"It seems like every movie, they just do what works - in that movie. And no one is considering the bigger picture."

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Anthony Michael Hall

Movie Meltdown - Episode 359

This week we are coming to you "live" from Fandomfest where we sit down and talk with Anthony Michael Hall. We find out how he got into the business and what led him to iconic roles in National Lampoon's Vacation, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Edward Scissorhands and so many more! Plus we discuss some other interesting activities from the weekend, like meeting the original Godzilla and Ultraman, eating cheap sushi and trying to fix a broken R2 unit.

And while we get adjusted like a giant action figure, we also mention... Saturday Night Live, War Machine, Musso & Frank's, Harold Ramis, the new Western, Abu Dhabi, Ben Affleck, Jack Nicholson and Harry Dean Stanton, properly approved by Ultra-Man, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, King Lear, the late great Steve Allen, rock n' roll theater, I'm gonna keep doing this... 'til I'm an old man, and I'm gonna show people what I can do, Six Pack, what Netflix has done, Lynn Stalmaster, grocery store sushi, deconstructing stereotypes, they represent 25% of the box office in this last decade, Brad Pitt, a bootlegger, Bruce Dern, Community, before video village, Lorne Michaels feeds off of it, a bitchin' suit, Kate McKinnon, Tim Burton, Diane Lane, a farm system for comics and three brothers on Gunsmoke.

" was a dumb, concise choice of a teenager who felt self-concise and felt thrust upon the world."

And for more on Fandomfest, go to:

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The Interruptions Become Part of the Art

Movie Meltdown - Episode 358

This week we are coming to you "live" from the Flyover Film Festival where we talk with actor Nick Offerman and director Laura Dunn about the choices that helped guide them through their careers as well as creating and promoting the documentary - The Seer: A Portrait of Wendell Berry.

Not only will we hear about Laura's approach to documentary film-making, but we'll also hear how she came to work with an amazing team including Nick as a co-producer and executive producers Terrance Malick and Robert Redford. As well as collaborating with cinematographer Lee Daniel (Boyhood, Dazed and Confused, Before Sunrise, Slacker).

And while we discover that film-making (and life) may just be the the art of endurance, we also discuss... raising a family, Chicago, The Unsettling of America, art and wood and trees, Christian Bale, he's spitting at me... staring daggers at me... and I manage to keep my feet, Axe Cop, I like to interview people, a narcissistic culture, hey... you know what - orange and purple come here, Good Clean Fun,Yale, edit it like a piece of music, those perfect little green lawns, my gut would never let me, acrimonious, I'll come dig trenches, the state of Austin, building scenery, the question of truth, you had this plan... it never works out that way, I don't sleep much, a piece of the conversation, nature is a character itself, I'm chasing the ideas, bringing her her slippers and pipe at the end of the day, a more groovy version of the way Mike Leigh makes films, he disregards screens, we talked about fishing... and Pittsburgh, social justice issues, film as a mirror, Tugg, there's no accounting for taste, it's own blue collar attitude, one douche flexing and staring at you, Leo Burmester, Knight of Cups, a labor strike broke out, the Rodney King tapes, I'm trying to make you see what I see, the natural world, I care about something... and I want to make a film that makes you care about something, hammered away,Will and Grace, Jesse Eisenberg, The Unforeseen, they call it the Death Star, making yourself vulnerable as the interviewer, weird in a wonderful way, I was a good sword fighter, a very slowly rolling snowball, I did two back flips and said yes please, Michael Keaton, I feel a lot of things before I think them, more messy expensive and takes longer, and maybe the coolest woman... ever.

"...I'm much messier... I really like getting lost and letting the material get me completely turned around and find my way out. I feel like it's the most honest way to be a documentary filmmaker."

For more on the documentary "The Seer", go to:
For more on the Flyover Film Festival, go to:

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Attack of Forecastle 2016!

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 38

This week we are coming to you "live" from the Forecastle music festival as we welcome Justin (a.k.a. Angryblue) and Rachael to sit-in and help play some music, as well as discussing movies and their experiences at the fest over the weekend.

And while someone seems to think everything is bad-ass, we also discuss... Big Gigantic posters, Richard Moll, Quentin Tarantino, she's a beast, a really great two hour movie in a three hour package, you're trapped, behind a table, behind a fence, going solo from a two-person band, I was excited before I heard them, self-indulgent, I like having an actual physical memento of my creepiness, living in a van, licensing The Rolling Stones, stick it in his machine, you have poor social skills, Reservoir Dogs, too many cats, you cheated the whole system there... they are going to revoke your festival card, getting married, making your atonement with the universe, being in the sun, Jason Edmondson, Martin Scorsese, The Hateful Eight, when the guitar kicks in it's bad-ass, directors who use music to accent the entire film, deadly flowers, collecting Pokemon in the park, get Griz in there and separating the art from the artist.

" kind of changed all of my music taste... and I think it's kind of encouraged everything that I listen to now."

A big thank you to Forecastle for letting us be part of the event. For more on the festival, go to:
To see Justin's awesome artwork, go to:
To send comments about Rachael (and check out Logan's artwork), go to:
For more on Bully, go to:

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