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Movie Meltdown - Episode 285

This week we do some more loitering around a convention, but along the way we also talk with Kristina Klebe about a couple of her latest movies. Plus we invite Kristina to co-host our Sofa Theater discussion, as we talk about Kai Wai Wong's film "In the Mood for Love".

Plus as we clarify, that noise was just a chair moving, we also mention... frames to die for, William Sadler, a pig wearing lederhosen, cinematography, Chop Top goes to Arby's, shooting on-location, John Candy, sad but beautiful, Michael Berryman, a toughie, cornfields, the thermos, M.Night Shyamalan and AMEX, the sign of couplehood, Bill Moseley, The Wolfman's House of Pancakes, Richard Lynch, being in Indiana, every scene should be moving you forward, Count Floyd, James Remar, David Hess, an f-ed up chick, buying the handbags, Richard Scarry, Joe Flaherty, celebrity elevator stories, a relationship surrogate, running a half-marathon... for fun, the walk to the noodle stand, it makes me feel longing, Depeche Mode and sexy and sensual noodles.

Spoiler Alert: Many spoilers are revealed for "In the Mood for Love", so watch it beforehand for spoiler-free listening. You have been warned! 

"The things you take away from a relationship maybe more important then the relationship itself."

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This week features "live" coverage of VinylFest featuring our interview with Steve Katz, founding member of Blood, Sweat and Tears, The Blues Project, American Flyer and The Even Dozen Jug Band. Not only an impressive musician and songwriter, Steve has also worked as a producer (producing three of Lou Reed's albums!) as well as working on the industry side of the business as East Coast Director of A&R and Vice President of Mercury Records. And along the way, we not only build our own eclectic soundtrack... but we also feature Steve's "Killer Five" of some of his favorite movie songs as well! 

And as we decide if we need to share our rock star/family/soap opera debate with the listeners, we also discuss... The Great Folk Scare, lots of similes, the new Zach Braff movie, I’ve seen you dressed as Adam Ant, so many levels of awful, singing in my underwear, Calypso, we hate the weird concessions of this movie, The Boomtown Rats, Hootenanny, Berkeley, cut out his vocal cords and sit them on a stool, writing a book, archiving flyers, owning a record store, Kate Hudson, being a sociopath, cassette tapes, The Tonight Show, The Electric Flag, the underground music archive, musical chairs at the theater, true love works in funny ways, Stefan Grossman, that man was clearly masturbating, casting yourself as a lead in a film, the first album with drums in stereo, technology  and recording, Day-O, I was obviously about to be murdered, who was doing a lot of speed?, little RCA 45 machine, Dogs in Space, the bluegrass contingent, 140 band members, seeing it at the dollar theater, void of actual emotional impact, Ry Cooder, quasi-jazz arrangments, better equalization, Carter Burwell, Louisville is like a pizza, cassingles, The Kingston Trio, Elektra and I’m not a creeper lady! 

"I was supposed to do a paper on Yates and the Byzantium poems... I was having too good a time. It was a question of like, 'Here are the 60's - right in front of me. Do I do this or do Yates and the Byzantium poems?' So I said to Hell with Yates... I'm gonna be a musician."

For more on Steve Katz, go to:

For more on VinylFest, go to:

For more on poster artist Jeff Gaither, go to:

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Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #15 - Attack of The Wans

This we we’re back "live" from Forecastle 2014 as we bring you our continuing coverage including our segment with “The Wans”.

And as we bask in the sun of the grassy knoll, we also discuss… reverberating through the ambionic fluid, who’s that lady, The Kinks, Physical Graffiti, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Beatles, Van Morrison, Richard Pryor, areas to throw Frisbees and take naps, sounding like Jack White, Zombies, Average White Band, The White Album, Antz, Guy Ritchie, a huge Hunter S. Thompson, Jackie Chan's First Strike, having a reward system, What About Bob?, Gene Wilder, scampering up a tree, with a VHS player, Finding Nemo, picking up litter, writing together, Neil Diamond, riding around in an awesome van, gin and tonic, The Specials, Homeward Bound, Dirty Dancing, The Grand Budapest Hotel, having a giant director’s chair, and questions you don’t want to ask about Milo and Otis.

“I really wanted to figure out who that lady was…”

“The Wans” new album comes out Sept. 9th, preorder yours now! -

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 284

This week we are coming to you "live" from Fandomfest 2014 where we talk to actor George Wendt about his movie roles over the years. Plus we let our crew ramble on about the celebrities they saw that weekend... and their favorite specific body parts. Warning: This portion maybe inappropriate for children... or anyone who still has a little decency left in them.

And as we gather around the haunted table, we also mention… Into the Woods, a 17-Carat Diamond Ring, raccoon butler, the tale of the angry watermelon, the aww shucks all-American boy, Mr. Falcon, The Hobbit, James Garner, Keith David David Keith, Chet got legit, there’s like one screw holding this thing up… and it’s bent, fist-bumping LeVar Burton, Michael Ritchie,  out of 2714 shows, Benedict Cumberbatch, A Man Called Sledge, Amber Heard, Karl Urban’s bellybutton, Iron Man armor, chest merkin, Robert De Niro, a crooked mullet, Bryan Adams, Groot, I’d give Beth a piggyback ride, John Stamos, banana clip visors, improv vs. acting, being disemboweled by the big bad wolf, I’d tap that dwarf, fist bumping for Ebola, now I’m not saying I wanna put my mouth on it or anything, sleepy sexy, Christopher Walken, shirtless Reading Rainbow, a little weasely wolf, Sarah Wayne Callies, there’s obviously been hair removal done at some point, I was starting to feel like I was a little hot back then, Stuart Gordon, The Wheeler Dealers, I love me some Loki, celebrity ass update, Golden Palace, multitasking monkeys, did he make it explode, Second City, the John Cleese of drama, I just saw a bi-plane go by, Michael Fassbender, here just run into my fist with your face, a little soapy… a little weepy, Hour of the Gun, The Walking Dead, hoochie mom jeans, very pregnant and seemingly naked Mariah Carey, King of the Ants, taking photos with celebrities, mistral LaForge, unicorn butt plug, Re-Animator: The Musical, My Bodyguard, satirizing the Organic Theater Company, Dushku’s glorious hair, it wouldn’t be the first time you let a woodland creature live in your house, Buzzy's on TBS, he drives like he’s playing a video game, got damn no dog-havin’ heifer, you don’t have to go very far if you’re looking for trouble, CM PUNK,  Somewhere in Time, yeah I been doing this on five continents… for forty-three years, so the guy from Nickel Creek is marrying Advil  Lebean?, Norman Reedus’s bellybutton, Charlie Prince and by the way… there are no koalas in New Zealand. 

“It started to dawn on me… well I guess I’m an actor. You know, maybe I should… start… watching movies and seeing what people do, and how they act.” 

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 283

This week we welcome special guest co-host Greg Sestero, better known to many people as Mark from The Room. We discuss his early days getting into acting and how he met Tommy Wiseau and came to be involved in the making of his infamous film. Plus we hear about Greg documenting all these stories in his book - The Disaster Artist, about the making of The Room. Plus we gladly welcome Greg to sit-in for our Sofa Theater discussion on an arguably "bad" movie from a young Brad Pitt entitled - Johnny Suede.

And as we discuss wild dogs running in the streets, we also mention… Ricky Nelson, Home Alone, Solarbabies, Drive, Ed Wood, Double Indemnity, instruments that grant wishes, Power Rangers, John Hughes, Bucharest, Romania, A streetcar Named Desire, Under the Skin, Javier Bardem, Breaking Bad, psychedelic lightning, Jami Gertz, very personal, Uncharted, The American Dream… Tommy’s journey…  and this unlikely friendship,  Spring Breakers, Richard Linklater, Guardians of the Galaxy, Stanley Kubrick, it’s the type of movie that laughs at itself, but then it takes itself seriously, an acting class in San Francisco, Boyhood, two robot women, Only God Forgives, Russian and French, a writer from Entertainment Weekly, Grizzly Adams, Miami Connection, Patton Oswalt, shooting films in the library,it was sort of like a sick fantasy… to have a packed house watch this movie, Sunset Boulevard, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Saga, the worst girlfriend you could ever ask for, 5 Second Films, I’ve learned my lesson… you never know what project you do that an audience is gonna respond to, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, kids begging on the streets, being a musicologist, So I just kind of… got on the roller coaster… and just accepted where it was going to go, Living in Oblivion, Ten degrees below zero, Cool World, a vanity project gone horribly wrong, Howard the Duck, The Killing, depressing and realistic, leave your stupid comments in your pocket, Andrew W.K., Volumes of Blood, James Franco, Billy Wilder, he kind of made the movie work, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Retro Puppet Master, obliterate every scene he was in and a VHS copy of Mazes and Monsters.

Spoiler Alert: Minor spoilers for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Room and Johnny Suede

“I always felt like, the story behind it was even more amazing. More baffling.”

For more on Greg and “The Disaster Artist” go to:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 282

More coverage from our own "Cryptid Carnival" including our interview with Ron Schildknecht, the director of "The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster". But before that, we let Sterling loose with a microphone to harass carnival patrons. Along the way he gets involved in some amazing conversations that involve weighty topics like religion, drugs, fairies, aliens, and of course Cryptozoology. Then he and Bryan sit down to get a caricature "action shot" of them podcasting. Plus we hang out with the usual Meltdown Gang as we enjoy some live music and discuss this week's movie "The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster" along with our usual craziness. 

And as we make plans to start The First Church of Moth Man, we also mention...  Soviets during the Cold War, the railroad's attorney, all original groovy tunes, missing lost wilderness, so God is a bigfoot on acid, every frame is money, so every frame is precious, cryptids are God, aliens in the fifties, an experiment gone wrong, podmooch, 16mm film, nipple monster, who doesn't imagine a day where they could just run down their hometown street... with a shovel in hand, and just beat the crap out of every face they run into, Richard Gere, religion is an addiction, what zombies represent in pop culture, three-cornered hats, yo mama sells popcorn on the street corner, I love a man in a frog mask, assumptions about the universe, individualism is a time bomb, when I was doing musicals in the Summer like all the cool kids, rear screen projection, the kitchen table, I've heard lots of stories of the sheepman over the years, darkness being spread by the Government and the media and major corporations, day for night cinematography, scrambling up dark hilltops and a really tall hairy guy to piggyback people. 

"...Cryptids are a problem?! Come on!! There you have it folks. America... uninterested, bored, and tragically uninformed." 

Special thanks to Nancy's Bagel Grounds: as well as caricatures by Kelly: with live music by The Formalities: and belly dancing by Ruric-Amari Dance: and an extra special thanks to Ron Schildknecht director of "The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster":

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 281

This week, we are coming to you "live" from our own weird festival the Cryptid Carnival! Featuring a cryptid-themed, art show, live music, a dancing yeti, a homeless frogman, little furry creatures, artists, movie talk, belly dancers and so much more!! 

And as playful banter leads to amazing stories, we also discuss... devil tomato creatures, ballerinas or witches, a world class Grandma, Slint member run-ins, crack in a tub, Ethan Embry, cryptid architecture?, Razonblade Suitcase, Laura Vandervoort, Fantastic Mr. Fox, green apple ice cream, Incedent On and Off a Mountain Road, old fashioned lemonaid, a potential Adult Swim show, Action Grandma!, Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, not getting your nap in, The Raid 2, Lost Girl, eating your wolf skin, Bill Murray doing his thing, being in cahoots together, Don Coscarelli, Werther's Originals, the yeti watching the band, Angus Scrimm, I spilled it all over myself, a Loch Ness monster tattoo, Spiderland, Newbie, the eccentric shut-in, bringing doom to small town bridges, P.J. Harvey, I like apes, strange symbolic attachments, interesting garbage, nonsense subtitles, Hemlock Grove, Yeti vs. Bigfoot, what is Princess Jasmine doing down here?, Woody Allen, dipthong, you can't answer a question about a questionable creature with a question, a devil puppet costume, Witches of East End, Bitten, yeti on the moon, Wes Anderson, How to Train your Dragon 2, extreme puppeteering camp, The Beasts of Bladenboro, Misfits, Livid, having bronchitis, Under the Skin, blue-haired moo moo, Steve Albini, you came on your pogo penis stick, waves a banana in my face, Umberto Eco, Repo Man, vampire ballerinas, Hex, build for inclement weather, 666 Park Avenue, Michael Fassbender, bullshit coma, free ice cream, Moth Man, Steven King and please don't get any lipstick on the mic sir.

"Wow... I need to check out this town that's filled with such crazy and interesting people."

Special thanks to Nancy's Bagel Grounds:  

Sweatermeat:  and Ruric-Amari Dance: 

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Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #14 - Attack of Houndmouth

This episode we are coming to you "live" from Forecastle fest 2014. And as we build our own group effort soundtrack, we also visit special guest Angryblue who designed this year’s Forecastle poster. Plus an extra special guest appearance by artist - Miss Happy Pink. 

Then we sit down with this week’s special guest co-hosts - Zak Appleby and Shane Cody from Houndmouth. We discuss how the band came together as well as their musical influences and how they spill over into movies. Plus we get some input from their manager Chris on how he helped them break into the music scene. 

And as we assess the aesthetics of our guest’s nipples, we also bring up… The Rolling Stones, The Band, skull dungeon, rude hosting experiences, Louisville vs. New Albany, loving sugar, being addicted to podcasts, luck and practice, leaky sausage patties, Seinfeld, Boomtown, speed skating in Florida, playing poker, doing all the moves, playing in the Ed Sullivan Theater, riding across America, a sad stomach, Parliament, dress warm, The War on Drugs, Sharknado, the sincerity of weird and awkward, stalking Salma Hayek, I’ll put mops on my feet, proverbial balls, dancing with cheesecake, bandana and piano… you can’t go wrong, South by Southwest, The Venture Brothers, Delta Spirits, lumpy nipples, Duets, there’s not enough boogie skating these days… that’s the problem, being on Letterman, The Sugar Hill Gang, where the wolverine attack happened, Lonesome Dove, four wheels and as fast as you can go…, being on Conan, Tara Reid, having multiple kids, being indecisive, the life of a speed skater and I’m castle freak… what’s up?

“It’s funny how songs are related to scenes in movies… It’s like, well that’s the perfect f-ing song right there. There’s nothing else I wanna hear… at this point in time.” 

For more on Forecastle, go to: - For more on Houndmouth, go to:

For more on Angryblue, go to:  - For more on Miss Happy Pink, go to:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 280

This week we’re joined by special guest co-host Hal Sparks. You may know Hal as a stand-up comic, an actor, a musician… he is a man of many talents. But this episode he sits down with us to reminisce about growing up in a small town, and his struggle to make it all the way to Los Angeles. And the personal conviction it takes to work in the entertainment industry. Plus we discuss some of the movies that inspired and entertained him over the years

And along the way, we also discuss... the nearest hospital without chickens in it, George Carlin, Sigourney Weaver in Alien, Joe vs. the Volcano, Heavy Metal, all we tried to do was be a little too free… and the hammer came down, Spiderman 2, in Mandarin, Antichrist, the hardest role for an actor to play…, Peter MacNicol, fixing mandolins, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, I’m trying to help you people… and no one is listening to me, Michael Palin, Brighton Beach Memoirs, dentistry hasn’t changed that much, Blade Runner, MacArthur: hyper puritanical dickhead?, Cabin in the Woods, I’m focusing on being a performer… and my performance comes in several different shapes, Bobcat Goldthwait, Fritz the Cat, Captain America, Flashpoint, Let the Right One In, just you and a microphone, Mindwalk, Scooby Doo, Japanese rules against pornography, Sam Raimi, The Nutty Professor, Jiminy Glick, the greatest bullshit story ever told, Mitch Hedberg, Zapped!, Steve Martin, The LEGO Movie, The Avengers, having a tin center, Bob Dylan, on-stage persona, the first mixed-race couple on a network show, a two-story set, why we come up with jokes, Fletch,old LPs, how far can you skate… on just what you were given, Richard Pryor, The Shining, Running Scared, Groundlings, Bill Cosby, banjo took over his life, Spinal Tap, art is about imparting either emotion or understanding, Billy Crystal, Beverly Hills Cop, Growing up in Peaks Mill, Star Wars, John Lennon, China vs. the US, Doug Stanhope, Second City, failure has a clock… an abstract based on a puritanical work ethic that’s from Philippians… and I have no interest in that… behaviorally or intellectually or philosophically at all.

“It’s just supposed to make you mad at your life, so you f-ing do something!”

For more on all of Hal’s work, go to:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 279

This week we’ll be revisiting our most recent trip to WonderFest. But this won’t be just any old episode, no this will be a special crossover session with the guys from "Tower of Technobabble". As we join them for a simultaneous podcast effort – and right in the middle of their "Guinness Book of World Record" attempt to break the record for longest uninterrupted webcast. Join us for our extra ridiculous conversations as they haven’t slept for 20 hours at the point of this episode. All the drama! All the sleep deprivation! Plus a sack full of toys!!

And as we count our points of articulation, we also discuss… dancing droids, karate smock, Grabbers, a molten dwarf, Pirates of the Aleutian Sea, Kitty Pryde, a good monster flick, J.T. Petty, the Death Star droid, a pejorative, Smaug, I gave him toys, longboats, the Death Star droid, Coupling, Madison: Home of the Rocket Boat, It’s a magic sack… get in our van full of candy and let’s go, trigger memories, it’s the Imperial man keeping the walrus man down, Britt Eklund, Why were you rubbing your droid so much?, Everclear, the power droid, Blood Mania, The Burrowers, Fringe, pissing off celebrities, let’s bust out some Greedo, that’s like walking your dog - all at once, clicky sounds, C3PO, a wizard did it who was dead all the time, Don McLean, snowtrooper, reach into the sack, at the very end… where she’s giving out prizes, Chewbecca, Bespin fatigues, The Hobbit, Tiger got a taste for human flesh, Hootie and the Blowfish, The Wicker Man, FX-7 and pissing off Flock of Seagulls. 

Spoiler Alert: Random spoilers for "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and "Game of Thrones". You have been warned! 

“As I’ve said… this maybe the activity that cures me of all future activities.” 

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