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Movie Meltdown - Episode 298 

This week we continue our now annual "People Who Died" series, as we discuss the actors and performers who passed away in 2014.

And as we discuss which dearly departed celebrity was “so weirdly sexy”, we also discuss… the argument-ender, the huge expansion of practical effects, a strange perverse pissing match, a choose your own adventure pizza commercial, striving to be diverse, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Goofy had dirty pictures of me, Miss America, are you one of the gals or a lady, John Williams, the British Godfather, flip phones, the British Scarface, Dodge, when you get older… you have to do some things for money, I can see him doing Chinatown, The Great Ziegfeld, The Sound of Muzak, Altered States, The Long Good Friday, I remember that vividly because that’s when I stopped being cool, Baby Doll, Jurassic Park, post-World War 2, brain cancer, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, the impossibility of love… but we keep on trying, being a dancer and choreographer, The Swimmer, Out to Sea, The Lost Boys, The Cat’s Meow, I talked to his agent a while back about a role, The Exorcist, British comedy, 7-up, Mr. Freeze, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre gas station concept, Batteries Not Included, strung up on meat hooks, Saturday nights on MTV, sticking needles in me, being involved in film by accident, General Hospital, tales of the colonel, selling aluminum siding door to door, Sam had left her for a younger woman, brain cancer, Roland Joffé, Amadeus, smart comedy, The Wiz, something with iron in it, Dennis Hopper’s grand kids, The Associate, Brighton Rock, I just saw him, those Lorelais are hot and I love a lunatic with a dream!

“I can’t get Gary Coleman out of my head!”

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 297

This week, the trio is back to attempt to focus long enough to discuss our Sofa Theater movie of the week - The Raid: Redemption. But we’re only halfway counting this as a Sofa Theater feature because the tangents return to take us way off course. Luckily we end up in some pretty interesting and funny conversations along the way.

And as we try to figure out how we kill those damned birds, we also spiral off into... adding zombies, he’s a lawyer that does backflips, hostile planets, The Flashpoint Paradox, John Woo, so many orgies, Aqua-Man, #zoeblack, Annabelle, air vent crawling, tell Chris Pratt, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it’s a 3D world people…it’s a 3D world, the eagles, praying mantis is two fingers, Alfred, Prometheus 2, I love that he’s genociding people, Kung Fu Theater, saving Gandalf’s ass, zombie North Koreans, Jesus, magical future first aid spray, the biggest troll on the planet, Chewy’s alimony, F-y’all… I’m Benedict Cumberbatch, so he’s the Randy Quaid of this story, Interstellar, knife fighting, May, having an alien removed from your stomach, everyone left on Earth is uber-depressed, if Jon Snow dies… we riot, Jennifer Connelly, You can never beat the eagles… and why aren’t they just there from the beginning, the brother of the bad guy… is another bad guy, Salacious Crumb, shaving her head, Tony Jaa, Precinct 13, hamster style, Gotham, Exorcism films, getting it from both perspectives, Requiem for a Dream, Donnie Yen, the Millennium Falcon, found footage, Marco Polo, Bellatrix Lestrange, True Detective, Die Hard in Russia, running away from a demon, if being The Flash for justice doesn’t work out…, knees blown out, caves need cleanin’ too,  so much stabbing, all-terrain feet, Oculus, driving a Cadillac into an engineer and then having some barbeque, Misery-ing George RR Martin, Zoloft and reverse guillotine is where it is.

Spoiler Alert: We kind of ruin one of the reveals in “The Raid: Redemption” so go watch it if you want. But otherwise, we don’t go too far into the plot.

 “It’s like John Woo films without guns!” 

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 296

This week, the trio of terror is reunited!! And as we initially get together to watch and discuss a specific movie, we quickly spiral off on more tangents then you can count.

And as the geek conversations massively overlap, at some point we mention… The Lord of the Rings, The Suicide Squad, It’s when they change something, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Batsuit, a goblin walks by twice, every scene was so independent of the next scene that it was impossible…, lens flares, pizza, it was an ok representation of the books, the batvoice, Toshiro Mifune, Whedon undercut Abrams, The Hobbit movies, George Lucas, the shepherd of humanity, Ghost in the Shell, Star Trek, I wish I had a switch I could turn it off, The Matrix, Scarlett Johansson, only one Joker, Ron Perlman, the source material, Fringe, Stark Industries, the cross guard, the Civil Wars arc, reshooting the ending, you will have to clean the floor of the theater, old Samurai films, the Darth Vader weird twist thing, you get offended by everything, his whole body is seething with immortality, Jedi battles, sick X-Ray vision and the Medici family.

“We were underground before it was cool.”

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Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #21 - Attack of Doug Bradley 

This week we welcome a very special guest… actor Doug Bradley.  Now most of you out there probably know Doug from his role as Pinhead in the Hellraiser movies. But in addition to being an accomplished actor of both stage and screen, he is also a big music fan. Not just a fan… as it turns out – he’s quite knowledgeable on the subject.

So we thought, how interesting would it be to sit down with this iconic horror actor and forgo the usual talk about slasher movies and hours spent in the make-up chair and just take a 180 degree turn --- and talk about music?! And that’s just what we did. So join us as Doug not only provides us with his Killer Five songs from movies over the years - but he also shares with us his experiences with music growing up as well as his thoughts on currents bands and artists of the moment. So come join us for an interesting and enlightening discussion about movies and music.

 And as we find out what was one of the dullest albums ever made, we also discuss… who was absolutely the vanguard, truck rock, white radio, weird crazy drug-addled guys, they kept moving the goalposts, writing songs on Silly Putty, Gatlinburg in mid-July, that was a dark dark cold cold horrible horrible day, a large area of my bookshelf, we traveled with them, hopeless pointless soulless tuneless... the lyrics have no value, inventing everything as they went along, Motown, Grantchester Meadows, the high peak of progressive psychedelic rock, bad pop bands, blind boy everybody, who seemed to me like a cartoon band, you can’t deny the impact or the significance, , there’s nothing in there, gospel for atheists, radios installed for listening to the rain, abiding passions out of that, the evils of money, they only existed on cassette tape for the longest time, a six-hour church service, I think he’s a genius… and I never quite enjoy listening to him, Mississippi Delta, they don’t exist out of make-up,  I can’t bear the thought that something’s got past me, albums coming into Liverpool, he just appeared in the studio, he ruined so many good… songs by caterwauling through them, broadcasting has died… and everything is narrowcasting, John Peel, when downloading was a risky affair,  I was very fortunate, I think, to grow up in the greatest ever decade, Staxx, one of the crimes against music as far as I’m concerned, a brilliant guitar player… without question, Andy Kershaw, there will never be a band that will be able to achieve what they did, it’s pap… it’s just bad, modern corporate Nashville big hat, just seemed to come rolling off an never ending treadmill, novelty records, finding new bands and getting excited by them, burning a painting, this song suddenly appeared out of nowhere and I couldn’t  put a label on it and I couldn’t… work out what it was or where it came from, creeping around his house to catch a glimpse of him,  what was great about the charts, Atlantic, shaving his head and his eyebrows and what exactly sounds like an explosion in a pet shop?!

“They wrote the soundtrack of my childhood.”

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Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #20 - Attack of Purple Rain 2

We’re back to round out this year, the 30th (Pearl) anniversary of the movie Purple Rain, by assembling the second half of our massive retrospective on Prince and the iconic soundtrack for the film. 

And since this has been a year-long on-going process, we check in with several previous guests to get their thoughts on the Purple Rain soundtrack. Special guests include: Lisa Loeb, Zak Appleby and Shane Cody from Houndmouth, Simon, Mark and Thomas from The Wans, Sarah Teeple Swain and Jaxon Swain from The Ladybirds as well as many other performers and Prince fans from ARTFM’s 30th anniversary party. Together we share memories of seeing the movie and experiencing Prince over the years. And as usual, along the way, we also build an amazing, personalized soundtrack. 

And somewhere around when our host declares himself the Viceroy of Rock and Roll, we also mention… the dynamic vortex of energy, 1984, an ethereal Hobbit, Diamonds and Pearls, similar but equally different, something like Star Search, the guitar never came down, more then life itself, maybe that lady will hook up with me, cassette tape, Showcase Cinemas, Zappa, Under the Cherry Moon, slightly out of tune bells, you might end up with a baby… or blueberry pancakes, oddly way too sensual, the secret knock, what would you even say his particular genre is? Sexy, grind-pop with lace cuffs, Raspberry Beret, Little Red Corvette, everyone’s got a single tear in their eye, hissy fits, popping the top, that’s how we gett off, weird erotic, getting into the fort, the king of rock pop and soul, Sweden, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, I hope he sees this and he’ll marry me, man panties, writing on the ground, picked up the phone… dropped it on the floor, 1999, He’s got a really good color palette, she always got to the cool stuff a little before me, Hendricks, everything about him feels a little like a cartoon, annals of rock and roll, technologically challenging and a Prince neck tattoo. 

“I recall seeing it in middle school and it really pretty much blew my suburban mind. And I’ve loved Prince ever since.”

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 295

We're back for our 7th annual holiday special, and as always we earn the title "special" as the Meltdown dysfunctional family gathers together to discuss holiday themes and reminisce about years passed. Plus one of the gang revisits a childhood favorite with our holiday Sofa Theater entry, the 1969 short film/made for TV movie J.T.

And while we crank up our magical transistor radio that only plays really awesome shit, we also discuss… ruining the concept of holiday, crying inconsolably, some sort of sandwich-thing, there was no Grace involved, Don’t Look Under the Bed, opportunities for play, Peanuts, rarely agreeing with your brother, Alice in Wonderland, Norman Lear, Pride, a scene I remember in it… that isn’t in it, being a single parent, Tomorrow, going through or into a thing or something, throwing your beer can into the woods, the hot friend from across the hall, looking for your car keys while you are holding them in your hand, I saw it coming, Robert Duvall, Tweet what Christmas means to you, the angles… the set-ups,  I just thought every sort of shot was just beautifully crafted in a way that you don’t think a television  film would be, having a life of your own,  transistorize your brain, they perpetually make me want to take a photo of everything,  the cast’s wardrobe, her life is saved by rock and roll, news that had no effect on anyone and Rocky Top, ponderous and lumbering, Ralpie’s kids are playing with a bow and arrow, what exactly is a croft, little hands are so effective, glimpses reflected in the choices, sharing a sandwich, a talent for editing things so that they happen naturally, actual mountain guys, trying to push the bullet out of the guy’s head, who’s deader, Opie gets a job at the store, Santa is a jerk, Mad Men, I got me some red curtains on credit, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, friggin’ swank mom, the elf choir, Jack Nicholson and a 5-year old experiencing ennui.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for J.T., so go watch it now!

“There are a lot of weird little things like that… that just made it feel more like life then most things you that you saw on TV.”

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Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #19 - Attack of Lisa Loeb

This week we sit down with an artist who sat at #1 on the Billboard charts, went on to sign a major record deal, followed by a Grammy nomination - all of which stemmed from having her song on a movie soundtrack. That's right Lisa Loeb, seemed like the perfect guest to have on Attack of the Killer Soundtrack. So we talk with Lisa about just how her song ended up on the Reality Bites soundtrack and what it was like to have a #1 hit single before she even had a recording contract. And all the massive changes that kicked in so quickly. Plus putting a full album together after having such a successful single, as well as crossing over into acting in film... plus several other endeavors! She’s a busy woman these days, and we are glad to have her join us on this week’s episode. Plus Lisa gives us her Killer Five music picks from soundtracks over the years.

And as we keep our eyes upon the dream and go for it, someone also mentions… Jan De Bont, Gabe Kaplan, New York City, Katniss Everdeen, Brown University, just getting busy, Ethan Hawke, drinking a lot of champagne and driving in limos, being independent, putting yourself into a different character, focusing more on visual, second guessing is a loser sport, One small step for man…, Ben Stiller, walking around with headshots, Elizabeth Mitchell, 80 messages on my machine, getting it out there “for real”, Danny Elfman, one step for… me, 52nd street, when you get inspiration from outside of yourself, it’s a really fun, interesting puzzle to put together, regular music cycles, illustrated books, Stewart Copeland, live theater and the Purple Tape.

“...having music placed in soundtracks... that’s really one of the best ways to get an income from being a musician - and also one of the best ways to get your music heard.“ 

To keep up with Lisa, check in at:

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Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #18 - Attack of Purple Rain

Since this year is the 30th anniversary (traditionally the "pearl anniversary") of Purple Rain, we thought we would do a special episode devoted to the monumental soundtrack. Well, it has become this huge project, and led to this first episode, where we discuss Prince - the man... the myth... the legend. And in the process, build a familiar yet slightly adjusted version of the Purple Rain soundtrack.

And as we drive to the mansion, we also mention… musical archaeology, Animaniacs, having a pool, backmasking, minor key moments, cranking out kids, analogies, lighter app, force-fed you LSD through your ears, stockings falling down legs, we’ve made fifty cents, Radiohead, cover bands, in the hotel lobby, knocking it out in a weekend, The Ballad of Dorothy Parker, dancing to 90’s R & B, hunting down musicians, lizard eyes, Nick Cannon, 1940’s slapstick porn, being litigious, peculiar, Morris Day & The Time, makes great omelets, chemtrais, the boiling kettle is ready, mansions are like tissues, the slave era, The Beatles, like a doll’s eyes, sultry, dig if you will take a left here, If I was your Girlfriend, keep it in the vault, listening to Darling Nikki with your dad, dog notes, dirty horns, a sad apartment, how many people do you know with mansions?, the plunger, making omelettes, getting embalmed, Warner Brothers, she’ll show you no mercy and The Illuminati. 

“…he was hailed as this genius, this little short genius man… who could dance. Yeah, and that appealed to me.” 

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 294

This week we talk with Eric and Charlie, programmers of The Gadabout Film Fest. A touring pop-up cinema that features short films, and this year alone are hitting 75 cities in the US and 15 different countries! Plus we check in with some of our cast on a couple of movies they’ve seen lately.

And while we map out the most logical tour route, we also discuss… Birdman, accessible as possible, I felt like I was completely in the film, a live in-person thing, Amores Perros, the punk scene, it kind of makes sense to mix things up a bit, Cloverfield, Eric Bana, skateboarding,  pre-YouTube, being captivated by film, Rocky, the point is to get it off your cell phone and off the laptop and come see it on the screen, Alejandro Iñárritu, that’s why I love the cinema… is because it can completely transform a film for me, riding a bike in a snowstorm, Edward Norton, honestly goofy, trailers that tell you too much, Emma Stone, The NeverEnding Story, the Clooney story, Biutiful, Ang Lee’s The Hulk, Gone Girl, putting the project on a pedestal, Michael Keaton, DIY, rolling your r’s, and Babble.

Spoiler Alert: Minor spoilers for the over-all tone and focus of Birdman… you have been warned.

“…it’s not always about the equipment, and it’s not always about… decades of skill. It’s just like, having some good ideas and executing them in an interesting way.“

For more on The Gadabout Film Fest, go to:

For more on Eric's music, go to:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 293

Our not-so-annual tradition of getting “the Meltdown dysfunctional family” together for Thanksgiving continues in this episode where we have pizza, play with a puppy and talk about the 2003 film Pieces of April.

And as we decide which of us is the blackest sheep, we also mention… the first pancake, David Lynch, fast food in China, G. Gordon Liddy, M. Merde, Cosmopolis, About a Boy, cyanide in the seeds, Cousin Olivier, the cat jumps out and they all get murdered, the middle child, Sean Hayes, a lumpy backyard, quirky heart-warming, this old man shuffle, Windom Earle, Lurch-like, Singles, dealing with your family, eating lung, washing your underwear in the sink, Lost Highway, Sam Raimi, making a good impression, components of my family just hate one another, eating broken glass, Dan in Real Life, trying to explain gravy, Jesus eating roasted guinea pig, it may leave your stomach… but it never leaves your heart, a black hole of sound, Twin Peaks, it is sort of a forced thing that we do to ourselves, The Blood of the Beast, killing a guy in a bathroom, the Quirky indie thing, eating dog vs. cow, reliving your puppy childhood, Inland Empire, cuteness not withstanding, Holy Motors, this does not fit the tone of the rest of the film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, it’s a noise we’ve never heard he make before, Mulholland Dr. and solving the Bermuda Triangle. 

“Because that’s what the holidays are about is… not killing your family.”

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