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We are a movie-themed podcast! Each week we host a new episode filled with an array of interviews with interesting actors, filmmakers and other guests as well as lengthy discussions of specific movies. Plus our own brand of ridiculous humor with conversations about trends in Hollywood and changes in the film industry.

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Oct 22, 2009

Movie Meltdown - Episode 45.1

- Velcome to our creepy Halloween Extravaganza. Join us for an effects-laiden episode of spooky sounds and geeky movie talk, including, but not limited to...

Smacking Gwyneth Paltrow, Where the Wild Things Are, sci-fi pulp mags,The Hills Run Red, being disappointed in the Sky Captain, Black Christmas, Drag Me To Hell, wading in feathers for a week, Matt Helm, the new low of Lindsey Lohan, being attacked by leaves, Ultra Man, the new Jack Ryan, Sinestro, a new Thelma and Louise, Ryan Reynolds wears a dress,  subscribing to Tiger Beat, remaking Red Riding, Anvil: The Story of Anvil, Jackie Earl Haley, Alec Baldwin's bad call, movie cross dressing is over!, marathoning True Blood, Nightwatch confusion, Chris Pine, a super horse?, the lost art of movie rip-offs plus all the HORRORS of watching The Disney Channel (and liking it!!)

This eyeball is kind of squishy inside?