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We are a movie-themed podcast! Each episode is filled with a dealer's choice of interviews with interesting actors, filmmakers and other guests as well as lengthy discussions of specific movies. Plus our own brand of ridiculous humor with conversations about trends in Hollywood and changes in the film industry.

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May 14, 2018

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 52

This week we are joined by composer, pianist and old school rock star - Rachel Grimes. Rachel has recently composed the score for Jeremy Frindel's film The Doctor from India, so we eventually discuss that... but not before we delve into her youthful interests, her formative years in the middle of a world-renowned punk rock scene and just how she got involved with the coolest field hockey team ever formed.
And while we confirm that Rachel's is the best part of Will Smith's Hancock, we also mention... Rodan, The City of Lost Children, Jacob Duncan, Lemonade Hayride, The Vogue Theater, every moment can be different, Vincent Guaraldi, Matmos, scenes were overlapping, concurrent streams, very gothy, oh my god... they just made the movie we wish we had made, Jason Noble, Zeppelin, don't go together with this rubber stamp ensemble, Peter Greenaway, viola, two cellos and bass, Nyman-esque, there wasn't the technical ability to put the show on in that room, 900 degrees, Scott Moore, June of '44, The Muppets, we went in two vehicles... a van and a car, Rachel's Halo, 8-tracks, a very urgent Summertime decision, Christian Fredericksen, 37 pieces of music that don't sound anything like each other, it's all about Scott, monomaniacs, Blade Runner, a mixed bag of painful truths, hardcore and straight edge, Fugazi, the grittiness of the plot, I've nearly lost my mind and soul many times over it, Hula Hoop, it's an all-in experience... and that, to me, is the great potential of film, integral to my growing up, Todd Cook, there was a filtration system, the rise of the cultivator of the soundtrack that is not a score, Gwar, a midi performance, the Wheelers were in Return to Oz not The Wiz, hearing live music, their incredibly snarky focused press, thank you Warner Brothers, My Morning Jacket, I've gotta get my Brahms ready, post-punk, the urgency of the moment was more relevant, it make almost a rite of passage, creative power here, every night we're in a cloud of smoke, Samuel L. Jackson, Chopin, instant cinematic quality, do you have a temp score, Philip Glass, start things at the piano, both the music and film industry have been through pretty cataclysmic change... since the 90's, good inspirational stories, it's very mellow, clarinet clusters, it was baffling and it was a great challenge from a young age... to figure that out, well-rounded interests, Edward Grimes, interacting with and supporting what is happening in the film, it really is sort of a journey, truly experimental art noise, they don't want to pay their money to an outside source, serving a support role, the Slamdek Field Hockey Rockers, we had a lot of different musical influences... that were all just sittin' in the same basket, it was a source of contention in the band, it's kind of more just like you're leaping lily pad to lily pad... through a soundtrack, Star Maps and it's all just become sort of a blur... of movies and music.

"I do have distinct memories, of sitting on the bench and watching my dad play... and just being completely flummoxed. How does that work?!"

For more on Rachel's music and to get The Doctor from India soundtrack, go to:
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