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We are a movie-themed podcast! Each episode is filled with a dealer's choice of interviews with interesting actors, filmmakers and other guests as well as lengthy discussions of specific movies. Plus our own brand of ridiculous humor with conversations about trends in Hollywood and changes in the film industry.

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Sep 15, 2015

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 30 

This week we return to VinylFest to not only talk with random patrons of the event, but more importantly, we sit down to talk with an amazing singer and songwriter - Maddie Driscoll. We discuss not only Maddie's early interest in music but also how it crossed over into her love of movies. Plus she discusses some of her favorite soundtracks as she gives us her Killer Five

And as we work through some of the deep-rooted grade school angst that may or may not manifest itself in homicidal ways, we also discuss... bitchin' radio, American Idol, Taylor Swift, CG Barbie, sexy sax, a terrible memory, men threatening each other, odd sounding... #1 on iTunes, Good Boy, detecting sarcasm, beware of beanie babies bearing bad news, dead wrestlers, infected by our passions, Blues Clues, electro and pop infused, Napoleon Dynamite, the Zither, the audio decibel that only dogs can hear, creating a robot dog, a lint covered sucker, a dying medium, my butterfly skirt, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes phase, sleeveless shirts, "Mean" Gene Okerlund, building up your immunity, my butterfly skirt, Mel Gibson, an angsty second grader, cool dubby stuff, if they stepped on my face... I would be ok with that, Air Bud, dirty glances are being exchanged and the infamous Glitterkiller! 

"I think the goal is to make sounds that are so different, that people want to buy them, just because they haven't heard them before."

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