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Michael Gross: Vibrations of Tremors that Shook Long Ago

Movie Meltdown - Episode 323 

This week we talk with Michael Gross about acting, the dynamic of Family Ties and his years working on the Tremors series of movies.

And as we find the best place to make a mistake, we also discuss... anthropology, sleepovers, eight performances a week, the most complex character of the piece, building a bastion, Shakespeare at that moment... that afternoon... came alive to me, holding onto your moral values, Edmund Gwenn, Tim and Eric, white yak hair, True Detective, a very practical man, Mary Gross, a preteen fan base, Our Father, they seemed to play well with others, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, fighting in World War 2, pretending to be a Doctor, a nice pile of money, Hamlet, always being prepared, Paul Rudd, orange goo, Dustin Hoffman, 11 year-olds declaring love, giant ants, try to follow good material wherever it takes you, Carbon Dating, they bleed through on the screen, St. Elsewhere, asexual appeal, Cool as Ice, making fun of Melvin, regional theater, John Belushi, her most successful marriage, conflict in his life, years of study, Second City, Miracle on 34th Street, Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett all rolled into one and I'm liking it so much here... I may never leave.

"No one was as surprised as I was... after 13 years - that 'Tremors' was coming back."

Tremors 5: Bloodlines will be released, October 6... go watch it!!

For more on Louisville’s International Festival of Film, go to:

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The Strange and Amazing Life of Yaphet Kotto

Movie Meltdown - Episode 322

This week we sit down and talk with the one and only...Yaphet Kotto. He has a fascinating place in history and a interesting role in the heyday of the New York acting scene, celebrity culture and the ever-changing Hollywood industry. Not to mention the overwhelming number of projects he's worked on over the years - it's quite a resume. So with all that to draw from, we attempt to get at least a brief synopsis of... The Strange and Amazing Life of Yaphet Kotto.

And as we address the fine art of being "a strange guy", we also discuss... being a horseman, royal family ties, messing with the history, a ghost would appear, Homicide, a series of events... in a church basement, Ossie Davis, I don't have an agent, Kananga, Martin Breast, I read that I'm doing a television show, Panamanian, Harry Dean Stanton, he went to the rabbi, impersonating Marlon Brando, copying these older guys, the belly of the beast, James Earl Jones, having chemistry, Barry Levinson comes driving up, the strength of women, I'm gonna call the cops, Ridley Scott, there are big people who have their eyes on you, NAACP, getting jobs without having to audition, around New York I started getting this name, The Stage Deli, having me removed from the building, James Dean, I didn't know you knew Paul Newman, white royalty, A Raisin in the Sun, Montgomery Clift, I was mysterious for sure, The Liberation of L.B. Jones, Anthony Quinn, beam me up Scotty, even when his back was turned, James Bond, Marilyn Monroe, technological innovations, On the Waterfront, Christopher Plummer, The Actors Studio, being a rebel, the first time a white man is killed on-screen, The Dick Cavett Show, Lee Strasberg, Rebel without a Cause and the artist... is going to say something about it.

"And no one knew... in my neighborhood or anywhere... that during the night, I was with superstars from Hollywood!"

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Ramblin' Roadtrip

Movie Meltdown - Episode 321

This week we hit the road for a couple of different conventions including our coverage of ScareFest. So join us as we discuss how to fully coordinate your cosplay outfit, random quoting of The Young Ones, recapping of our fun purchases and we may just break into our impromptu performance of The Life and Times of Cobra Commander Jr. Plus we check in with Kelley from Night of the Living Podcast to see what he's been up to lately. 

And as we address the evil conviction of sticking your finger in your eyeball, we also talk about... wearing a hoodie, Turbo Kid, Assassin's Creed, Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, jumping fast zombies disco listening, 100% stereotypes, slutty and adorable, Doug Marcaida, Crimson Peak, Mewes Juice, footwear and eye-wear, Burt Reynolds... and a dog, Two Broke Girls, it's easier to stab people then it is to make knives, Scream Queens, Steve Jobs, The Jersey Devil, Big Bang Theory, scrawny white guys, Wormwood, do ants go to discos?, green alien butt, old crusty batteries, Strike Back, Tom Hiddleston, leather short shorts and a tube top, I'm never really sick of talking, how to crash a motorcycle going 120, teen gossip magazines from the 70's and 80's, squished pennies in bulk, artsy Michael Fassbender, not looking like cosplay characters, Doctor Badass, P. T. Barnum, electronic owl, Kat Dennings and Krampus.

Spoiler Alert: Very minor spoilers for the Scream TV series... ehhh, you'll be fine hearing them. 

Producer's Note: In answer to our wondering on this episode... Fire Sale was a 1977 film, and I suspected it was put out by 20th Century Fox - which it was... so I'm assuming the person in the photo got the shirt free from the studio. 

"It's for the best they have a no weapons policy in there."

For more on ScareFest, go to:

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Attack of Maddie Driscoll!

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 30 

This week we return to VinylFest to not only talk with random patrons of the event, but more importantly, we sit down to talk with an amazing singer and songwriter - Maddie Driscoll. We discuss not only Maddie's early interest in music but also how it crossed over into her love of movies. Plus she discusses some of her favorite soundtracks as she gives us her Killer Five

And as we work through some of the deep-rooted grade school angst that may or may not manifest itself in homicidal ways, we also discuss... bitchin' radio, American Idol, Taylor Swift, CG Barbie, sexy sax, a terrible memory, men threatening each other, odd sounding... #1 on iTunes, Good Boy, detecting sarcasm, beware of beanie babies bearing bad news, dead wrestlers, infected by our passions, Blues Clues, electro and pop infused, Napoleon Dynamite, the Zither, the audio decibel that only dogs can hear, creating a robot dog, a lint covered sucker, a dying medium, my butterfly skirt, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes phase, sleeveless shirts, "Mean" Gene Okerlund, building up your immunity, my butterfly skirt, Mel Gibson, an angsty second grader, cool dubby stuff, if they stepped on my face... I would be ok with that, Air Bud, dirty glances are being exchanged and the infamous Glitterkiller! 

"I think the goal is to make sounds that are so different, that people want to buy them, just because they haven't heard them before."

For more on Maddie, go to: 

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Ninjas and Practical FX

Movie Meltdown - Episode 320

This week we are coming to you "live" from Fandomfest as we talk with director, producer, screenwriter, and special effects creator Robert Kurtzman. Then we sit down and discuss growing up in the industry with actor and martial artist Ernie Reyes, Jr. Plus of course we'll check in with certain members of the Meltdown gang along the way as well. 

And as we witness a Duck Hunt pro, we also mention... Jurassic World, Let Us Prey, The Funhouse Massacre, Scream TV series, Kevin Nash, It Follows, I DVR'd it, fake Doctor Eugene from The Walking Dead, a ghetto police station, a twelve week make-up course, working for Michael Bay, gladitors in Crocs, Charlie Band, taking advantage of digital effects, epic sets, 80's movies with monster effects, rom com tax write-offs, B.D. Wong, the head gag, Trainwreck, gasoline goes bad, playing the frat guys, Quentin Tarantino, Brigitte Nielsen, it ws just the most amazing movie-making experince I ever had, yeah... Indiana Jones is looking for you, Troll, Bad Boys 2, Richard Fleischer, Andy Chang, Fred Dekker, Drew's body, Steven Spielberg, Evil Dead 2, runnin' and gunnin', broken leg appliances, the bodies coming out of the van, going to art school, Pulp Fiction, The Last Dragon, Marvin's head, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Night of the Creeps, he was really the one who was responsible for the starting of my career, The People  Under the Stairs, when your friends are Steve Mcqueen and James Coburn, Berry Gordy, every star has their heyday, uping the body count, Carrie Fisher, choreographing fight scenes, a bouncey castle with spinning blade, From Beyond, Reservoir Dogs, wanting to be like Bruce Lee, it was the time of my life actually, Robert Englund, casting the Ving Rhames body, the guy with the frying pan, living in Italy for six months, Jennifer Aniston in a less then attractive role, is it that hard to put on white make-up, Jim Henson and Golden Harvest, Jeff Goldblum, Misery, a pop-up Kickstarter, having a martial arts school, Amy Schumer, From Dusk til Dawn, that one chick who's name I forgot with the red hair, Cake, Red Sonja and Misty's first interraction wih Doug Jones. 

"I definitely... having grown up in Hollywood, have gone down every pathway you can possibly imagine."

For more on Robert's effects work, go to:

To help Ernie cover his medical bills, go to:

And for more on Fandonfest, go to:

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Attack of Dolores Erickson and the Tijuana Brass!

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 29

This week we are coming to you from VinylFest where on this the 50th anniversary of the hugely successful album Whipped Cream & Other Delights, we sit down and talk with Dolores Erickson. Delores is the woman featured on the cover of the album that eventually became a pop culture phenomena - as well as being one of the most recognizable (and often parodied) photographs in the world. And along the way, we also celebrate the amazing career of Herb Alpert as we build a soundtrack from his abundance of songs featured in movies over the years. Plus this week's co-host Yoko also works in some of her favorite soundtrack picks as well.

And as we try to figure out if it's legal in this state to make love to the camera, we also discuss... Eileen Ford, a class at Warner Brothers, cats sitting on your turntable, being introduced to Elvis Presley, lectures on swearing, I was just standing in my brassiere, choosing one girl from every high school, Stella Stevens, I won a contest, the art director for Capitol Records, brighten up your day with this band, a Bull Terrier, sometimes you've gotta squint on a roller coaster, I love his little quiff and his big chin, a lovable curmudgeon, Jerry Moss, predestined, a little bit of a heartbreak, skiing down a mountain, men like cats sometimes, The Everly Brothers, try not to fall in love when you hear this song, constructing the cotton, Steve Katz, being an art teacher, it seemed like in L.A., everyone had their businesses in their garages... they always made-over their garages... including Herb, I definitely learned rejection, It was just a lovely afternoon, a catamaran in a storm, very avant-garde records, being groomed, quit picking on Bill, he's such a sentimental person and for years... no one knew my name. 

"It's unusual. It's like a little ghost... that follows me around. It's extraordinary really."

For more on VinylFest, go to:

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Meet Joe Black... and Doug Jones

Movie Meltdown - Episode 319

This week we're back huddled up on the floor with Doug Jones for a full discussion about the 1998 film, Meet Joe Black. And while we talk about Doug's alter ego of Pencilhead, we also discuss... Death takes a Holiday, Interview with a Vampire, Marcia Gay Harden, the peanut butter scene, real couples playing on-screen couples, foreboding and threatening, Tank Girl, and it was innocent... and gorgeous, Brad Pitt's abs, Hellboy 1 and 2, we're all dressed up and there's fireworks going on, everything was just lavish and luxurious, veined me up, oh now I take my clothes off, an element of the fantastical, the musical score, let's go to the indoor pool, the coffee date I love having, they let us be a smart audience, doubling for Gary Oldman, that's the way that I want to go one day, 12 Monkeys, they just make this eye contact, childlike and painfully awkward, Anthony Hopkins, relinquish fear, Mystery Men, a movie like this does make us question our mortality, Thelma & Louise, made my tendons pop, Jeffrey Tambor, the early phases of the internet meet Faces of Death and Hannibal... I'm yours! 

Spoiler Alert: Full discussion of Martin Brest's movie Meet Joe Black, so go watch now. You have been warned! 

"If I can leave the Earth with that kind of grace, and that kind of dignity..."

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On the Carpet... with Doug Jones

Movie Meltdown - Episode 318

So are we on the RED carpet with Doug Jones? No, that's not how we roll. Here at Movie Meltdown, we'd much rather set up camp on the floor and just share some stories. So that's what we do... this week we settle in for an intimate and relaxed hang out session with Doug Jones as we discuss some of the amazing projects he's worked on over the years as well as what he's been up to lately. 

And as we figure out the logistics for our group photo/cuddling assemblage, we also mention... Crimson Peak, Ant-Man, Pan's Labyrinth, Slender Man, a good Summer flick, listening to your earpiece, Guillermo del Toro, eat some popcorn, Hocus Pocus, Joan Rivers, Mia Wasikowska, The Ultimate Legacy, The Operator, the Fantastic Four is like The Wicker Man of the super hero movies... the Nick Cage Wicker Man, The Shining, The Strain, Missi Pyle, being a hot zombie, Tom Hiddleston, Z Nation, speaking Spanish, creepy Victorian haunted house movie, did you know that before the movie?, Jessica Chastain, Robert Maillet, Cochise, Glenn Close, fed on a poor naked fellow, the Hallmark Channel, Abe Sapien, it's pronounced labyrinth, Guardians of the Galaxy, being the last man on Earth, a crazy alien-hunter, the Fauno bicycle seat, feel-good inspirational, Charlie Hunnam, reshaping my body, Lee Meriwether, Falling Skies, lessons learned, My Name Is Jerry, a skinny hipless boy, Micheal Douglas, one post-apocalyptic job after another, a red lady ghost, The Silver Surfer, watch flashy action, vamp this up, Brian Dennehy, walking out of the house in a Speedo, a massive lusting for Raquel Welch, The Devil's Backbone, prove himself worthy, putting a muscle suit on, Arrow and Flash, being excited about film watching, drinking with a bendy straw, Paul Rudd, being a butler, Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story, a three picture deal, looking through tear ducts, a glorious house, sounding like a whore and... silicone products.

"We all wear masks..."  "mine are just glued on."

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Forget Me Not

Movie Meltdown - Episode 317

This week we return to the bastion to hang out and watch the 2009 film "Forget Me Not" directed by Tyler Oliver. And while we argue the pros and cons of slutty skirts vs. slutty pants, we also bring up... Sinister, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Insidious, The Last Days on Mars, Bella Thorn is eternal, wearing matching underpants, starring on cereal boxes, I do everything wrong, abandoned hospitals, a fish in your car, he looks like a drunk baby, having a half-brother named Pablo, Harper's Island, demons and what-nots getting in your body, stolen from The Twilight Zone, the Scream TV series, are you a ghost?, the physical or metaphysical tangent, by myself... in the dark... at night, the new 007, sci-fi and art house at the same time, the dreaded moleststach, Jacob's Ladder, all shady things happen in attics, The Chronicles of Riddick, I'm gonna punt that kid across the room, Casino Royale, Liev Schreiber, goin' to the mountains, with the Manson video rejects, Forged in Fire, a box of murder films, bad CG mouth, Sean Connery and the service to the world that is alternate timeline erasing of STDs. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2009 film "Forget Me Not". So go watch the movie before listening... you have been warned! 

"As they start getting picked off one by one... you gotta whole horde of flickering, garbage bag, duct tape monsters coming after you." 

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Sink or Swim

Movie Meltdown - Episode 316

"Sink or Swim" - All in. To fail or succeed entirely by one's own efforts. 

This week we go to Sink or Swim Art Gallery to talk with our friend Ryan who has gone all in... with his artistic endeavors , as he opens a new art gallery filled with terrific artwork and movie references. We discuss Ryan's early interests in both art and film, and just how one leads to the other.  

And while we make up our own story, we also discuss... Gremlins, De Chirico, Inside Out, What We Do in the Shadows, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Sponge Bob from Piccaso, sharing other weird ideas, the boys who fell down the toilet, being an art kid, coconuts and cinnamon toast, Joe Bob Briggs, confident filmmakers, a less macho Jimmy Fallon, when it all adds up to being weird, Beauty Is Embarrassing, sitting in front of the advertising box, Captain USA and Handy, the NPR "thing", silly surreal, Grant Wood, a cult of originality, Siskel and Ebert, there's a solidarity to growing up that level of geek, substituting shapes for no apparent reason, filming the impressionists, Green Acres, Red Flag, like a podcast virus, Looney Tunes landscapes, Alfred Hitchcock, documenting the evolution of a thing, Wayne White, Funny Games, being at the brink of giving up, Exit Through the Gift Shop, I really cannot trust that voice, skateboarding, Shakespeare, Jennifer Prediger, The Anniversary Party, bringing JTT out of retirement, Hell Comes to Frogtown, it's like they are trying to push your buttons, Disney animation,  making it a lifestyle, Ren and Stimpy, the urban Muppet world, Botticelli, the Carter family, The Ballad of the Sad Cafe, Ninja Turtles meets The Monster Squad, a parody of itself, undulating, Thomas Kinkade, Alex Karpovsky, Night of the Creeps, celebrity vs. artist, Jackson Pollock, it's like realizing a group of people you're talking to... are a cult, Aquaman marrying a woman without gills, transcendental poetry and stupid logic, barricaded from progressing, anything with big monsters, robots, dinosaurs... I just completely turn back into a six-year old, you'll like this ... it's bizarre, Fire and Ice, Dogtown and Z Boys, Chasing  Gabor, we want it to be fun... we want to bring fun back into art, Salvador Dali, two different theories of evil... driving around in the same car, While We're Young, for me... it's a lot of disappointment, no matter how fast the rabbit runs... the hounds are going to catch up to him, putting your head in an oven, trainwreck movies, sleep... it's overrated, High School art classes, artisanal toast and discovering the secret of Blankets and Spaghetti.

"I think film is the perfect collaboration of all forms of art."

For more on the gallery and Ryan's art, go to:

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