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Movie Meltdown - Episode 314

This week, among our other geek activities, we also recap our road trip where we met Jack Noseworthy and sat down for an interview with the lovely and talented Samantha Mathis. Whom our host my or may not have had a huge crush on back in the day. In fact, it might still be going on. 

And while we delve into the most expensive movie ever made in 1991, we also discuss... did Joss Whedon steal his ideas, sitting on an apple box, the most star-studded cast, Project Almanac, Lala Sloatman, Bella Thorne, Wilmington, a masterful grasp of the English language, John Woo, Fear Street, I'm chocked full of literacy, is Dura a name?, The Thing Called Love, Scooby Doo, Brooklyn or Manhattan, John Leguizamo, the press tour to Japan, Peter Bogdanovich, running in a ravine in sand, it's so bloody... and there's an arm, "T Bone" Burnett, playing cat and mouse with me, and you live by the Sorkin word, I'd never seen anyone use so many cameras, a commercial for Lollapalooza, super star-struck and intimidated, a hundred feet of squibs, Nessie, time travel 101, Chef, with him... goes away so much history about cinema, Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Kahn, Blue Velvet, I'm sitting on set with Meathead, all right so who's got their underwear on and who doesn't?, playing with the boys and the toys, we are NOT making Achy Breaky Heart!, very precise, animal bits, Ancient Aliens, Bob Hoskins, Corey Haim, The American President, Idle Hands, one of them made a sound, April Fool's Day, cotton balls, this is a public service announcement, Max Headroom, giving Hitler a wedgie, piggy-back rides, Supernatural, Allan Moyle, Dennis Hopper, doing an art project with Craig Sheffer, Dead at 21, a challenging career, Broken Arrow, taking down time and space for a useful relationship, music licensing, disabled water fountains, Princess Daisy's in a castle, jamming on a street corner and Pump up the Volume.

Spoiler Alert: we discuss the book "The Little White Trip: A Night In the Pines" so major spoilers for that book, and sort of for "Cabin in the Woods". Also Bryan reveals the Samantha-related spoiler for season 1 of  "Under the Dome". You have been warned.  

"I build from the outside in." 

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 313

This week we hang out at Gallery K after Adam Burke's comedy set and engage in a hardcore session of... Late Night Movie Talk. We kick things off with a little introduction to Adam, but very quickly we welcome in Carl and Dan from Gallery K, as we roll into an old-fashioned, round table, movie geek discussion. 

It becomes a wide-ranging conversation that covers topics like... stand-up comedy, regional accents, George Lucas, David Letterman, animal cruelty in classic films, Kevin Smith, Michael Parks, Noah Baumbach, too much backstory, Bill Murray, nine college grads writing your material, Stanley Kubrick, saving your money for cockfighting, Tom Hanks, serials, tooth gap, antler rack museum, John Mayer, Justin Long, Lawrence of Arabia, the field Museum, late night monologues, Clerks, Greek archetypes, Steve Buscemi, podcasting movies, Dazed and Confused, The Miracle Worker, the psychedelic scene, verbal ticks, craft services on Apocalypse Now, Secret of the Incas, the war room, The 39 Steps, Inception, stand-up films, Brian De Palma, Paths of Glory, if you wanna fall down this rabbit hole - don't, focusing on objects, Let's build the rails before we go off them, The Old Man and the Sea, King of Comedy, Martin Scorsese, Samuel L. Jackson, David O. Selznick, Kansas City Confidential, The Killing, Irvin Kershner, Room 237, the Coen Brothers, Rebecca, blowing a coral reef, Bob Hope, Tusk, movie crawls, a blushing ghost, Steven Spielberg, Notorious, Mad Max: Fury Road, entranced by YouTube, George Carlin, L.A. Rules, the declassified cockpit, George C. Scott, The Lady Vanishes, using the ratios, She-Ra: Princess of Power, making movie references, harpooning sharks through the face, Richard Linklater, it feels more real then the real thing, Alfred Hitchcock, All-Star Superman, stand-up is rough because it's... kind of easy to trick yourself into thinking you know how to do it, then there'll always be a situation reminding you... that you don't, Red State, Jennifer Tilly's stunt double, Wes Anderson, Jeff Anderson, space stewardess, Tomorrowland, cataloging fish, Johnny Carson, Spike, Mike, Slackers and Dykes, a dead zoo, Punchline, Madonna, Alan Rickman, dropping the F-stop, the seal of greatness, Johnny Depp, Dogma, Woody Allen, Spencer Tracy, Ken Burns, Chicago, the hot deep cut of Kubrick and debutantes. 

"...the way that movie ends, I feel like you can... feel American movies change."

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 312

This week, we recap this year's Harry Dean Stanton Fest as well as sit down with director and cinema legend - Monte Hellman.

And while we contemplate Harry Dean's philosophy on nothingness, we also discuss... going to Dan Tana's, John Huston, HarryTown, Roger Corman, when the machine goes to sleep, the universe collapses upon itself, get healthy, Ski Troop Attack, Jack Nicholson, Calvin Coolidge, The Beast from Haunted Cave, a day filming within an hour drive, Michael Blowen, Bearded Collie, first and only Union movie, Jack Hill, Francis Ford Coppola, two days on the leftover set, the key to the city, I stayed at his house, off-off-off-off Broadway, Waiting for Godot, The Terror, take that as a sign, Last Woman on Earth, we are nothing, I'll still do it out of jail, five Texas Rangers, adding extra scenes, Saturday matinee, bedbugs for 92 dollars a night, she just hopped up on his lap, True Romance, the mythos, One-Eyed Jacks, casting, Warren Oates, Dennis Wilson, storyboards, Road to Nowhere, Ponda Baba, someone I literally stalked, the Tarzan yell, gambling, Paul Verhoeven, Summer stock company, Stagecoach, James Taylor, Silent Night, Deadly Night 3, The Virginian, Millie Perkins, the car movie, mononucleosis, Reservoir Dogs, Love or Die, the Star Wars bar, My Darling Clementine, while you're making one, you might as well make two, RoboCop, C.C Brown's Hot Fudge Sundae and sponsor our trip to Monte's house!

"I never... felt that I had any chance of breaking into the movies."

The velvet paintings of Monte and Harry Dean were commissioned by the Velveteria. For more info, go to: 

For more info on Harry Dean Stanton Fest, go to:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 311

This week we continue our coverage of WonderFest as we sit down and "collect stories" from Jamie Anderson and Eric Chu, as well as reminisce with Lost in Space's Marta Kristen

Jamie is the son of Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, Space 1999, Supercar, Fireball XL5, just to name a few of his projects. So we talk with Jamie about what it was like growing up with a father that was so well known in certain circles. And not only how he got into the industry, but equally as interesting... just what his "collecting" job was before he made the move. So we talk with him and (our reluctant adopted cast member) Eric about the new project they have teamed up to work on. 

And of course most people know Marta Kristen from TV's Lost in Space, but we sit down to discuss her early interest in performing as well as the films she made both before and after her famous television role. 

And while we try to bring that respectability back, to something, we also discuss... Mad Max: Fury Road, beach movies, Walking with Dinosaurs, you suck, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Selleck, it all becomes another world, O Brother, Where Art Thou, miniature sets and explosions, proof of concept, The Imitation Game, philosophy of education, Ageless, The Road Warrior, if anybody needs services, Jim Henson, walked off the plane like Charlie Chaplin, always a surfer, wanting to work in the industry, Lolita, loneliness,  real world physics being a constraint... leads to ingenuity, Doctor Who, Team America, Norway, Terminal Island, geek dads, alien sculpting and painting, a different kind of fanbase, putting explosives on you, Gemini Affair, stupid puppet walks, I've always done what I wanted to do, is it true blondes have more fun?, singing and dancing, Space Precinct, the George Lucas of Hong Kong, Miki Dora, The Bad Seed, being a mermaid and special interactions with horses.

"Grown-ups would... turning into a massive child like a gibbering wreck, because they'd met their hero."

Once again a big thanks to everyone at WonderFest! For more info:

For more on Eric and Jamie's project:

And to keep up with Marta:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 310

This week we kick-off our coverage of WonderFest... and we do it with none other then one of the most sought after men in the industry - Greg Nicotero. We discuss films that fascinated and scarred him as a child and the odd coincidences that led to his amazing career in special effects and horrific make-up. 

And while we yammer on about random movies, we also discuss... bloody fingertips, Harper's Island, Horrors of the Wax Museum, the Swamps of Sadness, Ben Gardner's head, The Crazies, Honeymoon, I'm gonna die next to a ukulele-shaped pool, I Still Know what you did Last Summer, Rome, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, saving kids from a fire with a sharpened machete, Top Gear, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Linda's headless body with a chainsaw, Frank Darabont, genius status, maze-like woods, C.J. Thomason, buttoning your shirt as you are almost getting killed, when they find Chrissie's remains on the beach, I actually have a pick-up line for George Romero, gelatin eyeballs, Quentin Tarantino, any opportunity to get behind the camera is a good opportunity, Crimson Peak, a road trip to a concert festival maybe, jorts have never been so hot, Jack Black, tricking my brain, Joe Alves, Monroeville, we bought hundreds of gallons of ultra-slime, Dick Smith, pee wee head, a tragic marine-time accident thumb, zip-tied into the tanning booth, the Summer of the Shark, fighting with Martin Scorsese, they sent me to Arizona, Evil Dead 2, a cabin out in the middle of nowhere, Housebound, shoe dipping, Dawn of the Dead, crossroads in my career, Bruce Campbell breaking plates over his head for three days straight, Vampire Diaries, the movie just needed to stop, Irwin Allen, one of the first VCRs, Creepshow 2, it just scared the f**king sh*t out of me.. so perfectly, sharpening machetes, Chiller Theater, getting blood poisoning, you're a make-up guy what do you know, In Fear, Richard Hammond, my childhood was timing when we got to a commercial so I could change the tapes while we were recording stuff, Tom Savini, potential aliens involved, this kid's got moxie, needle felting and  honey... that is not where you put a barbecue fork... let me tell you that right now.

"...the in-between is the weirdest Rubic's Cube of Hollywood... that you'll ever imagine."

A big thanks to WonderFest! For more info, go to:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 309

This week we return to the bastion to hang out and randomly pick a movie to watch... which turns out to be Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead. And while we find out just what it takes to be hermetically sealed, we also discuss... watching way too much Forensic Files, siphoning gas, tomahawk fighting, Freaks and Geeks, Cribs, sassy underpants, cut to her cervix, Karen Gillan, David Letterman, magically getting your arm ripped off, Lux Interior, another one to the head, tank issues, an unequivocal sex invite, ParanoiaCast, Jean-Claude Van Damme dancing, killing kids, super-zombie-Nazi-strength, Idle Hands, rabbit ears, stop it Lita... I don't want to see that, being Scottish, painfully unfunny, underbite, scrolling through streaming movies, Evil Dead, smacking the newspaper, Dr. Smith, Leif Garrett, Jim Carrey, Galaxy Quest, innards spooling out, bringing people back from the dead, Squidbillies, AC/DC, Shaun Cassidy, a weird-humany person, creating your own show-world, getting traction, Nazi leprechauns, tin cans... leaves... and garbage, Martin Starr, a librarian ponytail, swamp gator crocodiles dino gators, David Tennant, previously on, sidekick zombie, conventions about necrophilia, Top Gear, hanging your teen posters, Mystic Seer, getting the easy pass in horror movies, projectile vomit, something actually caught me off-guard... for once in a movie, fancy TV, Lita Ford, the most amazing hair I've ever seen, I have two kittens, all the powers of the undead, trying to break into tanks, Party Down, wacky zombie doctor, I like a good gratuitous head-bash as much as the next person, Metal Mania, millions and billions, Kickboxer, sex in the outhouse, wearing tight jeans, MeTV, Scorpions, forgetting how to run, Star Wars geek cop-out and ka-f*cking-boom. 

Spoiler Alert: Plenty of spoilers are discussed for "Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead", so watch the movie before listening. You have been warned! 

" me that's what makes it satisfying... a movie actually surprised me. And did something I did not see coming." 

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Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 26

This week we sit down with the genre-defying band - The Dead Deads. We learn a little about the members themselves, mostly based on their love of movies and music. And of course along the way, we build an interesting and well-rounded soundtrack. 

And while one member of band pins down the ultimate, phenomenal pussy soundtrack, we also discuss... Instagram pizza pictures, TARS, continuing to be dicks to the poor, Miley Cyrus, experiencing horror vicariously, Rotoscope, indie boners, Ann Getty, I don't do anything cool really, this is super unpleasant, I had snot everywhere... it was such a good movie, literally animate everything we're singing, hanging out on a cruise ship, Disney movies, a Metal/Rock/Punk/Dance Party, Snowpiercer, dropping off a cup of sugar, trust the sci fi fan, a see-through mesh black thing, a key moment for musicians and film lovers alike, being punctual, it's an add your own curse song, having good teeth, favorite robot, Quentin Tarantino, the biggest nerd, what's happening now?, get in yo bunk, unless an alien pops out or we're in outer space I don't really care, some possession movie, super worried about Walter White, I could party on that soundtrack until I die, the greenest person in the room, a vision quest of horror movies, being assigned a dead name, predestined to be a dick, Slayer Rules, a four hour fight about Disney soundtracks, trust the parameters of social media, Mad Libs song, my hard drive is full, Elvis mouth vs. Billy mouth, post-apocalyptic Schindler's List, leopard pants, quite the entertaining little chimp, the dude in the red thong, I don't do anything cool really, a well-organized genre explosion in Drop D, Interstellar, Taylor Hawkins, BW3 trivia... and a luckdragon. 

"...but that song came on and I was just like 'What the hell is this?! Must obtain track!'" 

For more on The Deads Deads, go to:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 308

This week we assemble at least a portion of The Meltdown Gang to put together our own "Marvel Super Special"! We kick things off with a little discussion of the new Daredevil series, followed by our extended take on this week's Out on the Town feature - Avengers: Age of Ultron

Plus as one of us has a run-in with a Mr. Fisk, we also discuss... C2E2, House of M, he's Starscream, Tom Hardy, dramatic pacing, Man of Steel, Loki, please cobble this, Vincent D'Onofrio, Doctor Doom, the elevator comment, Mayberry, doing his thing at the artist's table, Elizabeth Olsen, Rick Grimes, the scale is so big, Steven Seagal, Maker's Mark, old John Woo, being a geek God, nuke the city, Joss Whedon, playing off humanity, Andy Serkis, a biological bullet, all of it matters, dialogue, Black Widow, track your people, the money shot, evil Government realism, kind of like Lannisters, the party, Guardians of the Galaxy, you're blind and you're sewing, Jason Momoa, Latveria, a what if comic, Don Cheadle, you couldn't do the shoes, a Canadian douchebag, Superman 3/2, Will Smith, Rob Thomas, Hell's Kitchen, it's not Easter... they're just eggs, PTSD, so CG, Vision, iZombie, Hawkeye, Xander, lifting Mjölnir, I don't want that in my comic book, Planet Hulk, I have my own idea of what they should do - and they should just do it, Civil War, strong female characters, Civil Wars, being attracted to death, he will die in glory, The Dread Pirate Roberts, teamwork, Secret Wars, a foundation of good-lookin' shit, Groot didn't wear Crocs, making an awkward geek noise, the mad scientist speech, Veronica Mars, isolating yourself from the world, mouth movement and... The City! 

Spoiler Alert: While we control ourselves as best as we can for Daredevil, it's full spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron (but hopefully you will have seen it by the time you are listening to this episode). Plus a random 28 Weeks Later spoiler sneaks in there as well. You have been warned. 

"Good, I'm allowed to be a super nerd for these two hours." 

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 307

This week Bryan and Lucy team up once again with Michael from the You Eight It podcast to tackle a relatively forgotten film from Michael Rooker's past. Long before he found a much wider audience with projects like The Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy, Mr. Rooker was probably thrilled to get cast as the lead in a modern day film noir called Brown's Requiem. Especially since it was based on a James Ellroy novel and co-starred people like Selma Blair, Will Sasso, Brad Dourif, Harold Gould, Kevin Corrigan, Valerie Perrine, Tobin Bell and Brion James. But despite the well-known author and impressive cast... it seems like this movie was lost to the ages. So the three of us sit down to recap the film and try to figure out just why this movie wasn't a big hit.

And while we learn about the mysterious origins of Higgins Memorial Coliseum, we also bring up... The Age of Adaline, if in fact I had maintained consciousness, Mass Effect Trilogy, having a lollipop, Goldust, While We're Young, being a child fire-bomber, Mississippi Burning, Jennifer Jason Leigh, a young girl theme, JFK, dying unceremoniously, beating the under-aged horse, he's on in an off way, Big Hero 6, owned it on VHS, for huffing purposes, from Michael Rooker to Warren Oates, a drinking-related mishap, 1996 era professional wrestling, feelin' 85, Tango & Cash, emotional resonance, golf ball smuggling, Noah Baumbach personal baggage, it makes the whole thing a lot grosser... in a way I can appreciate, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, his young ingénue, terrible experiences make you go back to the bottle, Mexican wrestlers, bitterness and resentment, hiring a random guy to dig a hole, L.A. Confidential, a movie that time forgot, what's going on with the Fat Dog?, Cliffhanger, Ben Stiller, one of my old nemeses, not relating to different peer groups, Mallrats, wrestling panda bears, and suffering from Simpson's Syndrome.  

Spoiler Alert: We reveal full spoilers for Brown's Requiem. This is a hard to find title these days, so go seek it out and watch it beforehand for spoiler-free listening. You have been warned. 

"Parts of the movie feel like dragging sand through molasses." 

For more on Michael's podcast (including several episodes featuring members of the Movie Meltdown cast), go to:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 306

This week, we welcome special guest actress/writer/director Gren Wells to join us and discuss her years working in the industry as well as the making of The Road Within - an independent film about three teens with mental development problems that go on a road trip. With an impressive cast that features Robert Sheehan, Dev Patel, Zoë Kravitz, Robert Patrick and Kyra Sedgwick. 

And while we realize that we're all weirdos, we also discuss... R-rated language, a bit more accepting of being different, premiering at the L.A. Film Festival, combating the misinformation, wide shots, parenting is the key, I like going and eating popcorn as much as the next person, Runoff, adapting a screenplay, opening a door correctly, Jackson Kramer, three takes per set-up, injecting humor, color helping to tell the story, Alexa vs. Red, winning best film at the Rome Film festival, self distribution, beating Harvey Weinstein to the punch, sell th script to a studio... and you'll make some money, you shouldn't have it in your back pocket, streaming indie films, Tourette's, OCD, anorexia, Terms of Endearment, Sundance, called in every favor, no free shit parties, The Breakfast Club, working on the characters, Mike Nichols, Yosemite, the archaic MPAA, is it ever just so hard to be the smartest person in the room, Sweden, Ireland, Cleveland, Vermont, New York, West Palm Beach, Sarasota, word of mouth is so powerful, changing stuff just to change stuff, fighting the Lifetime movie stigma, Wizard of Oz, wanting to have sex with Robert Sheehan, the financiers would tell me to go fuck myself, The Stanford Prison Experiment, the best medicine tastes like candy, I saw a trailer online for a German film, it will be triggering, for no pay, watching it in a vacuum, 35mm vs. digital, No one said going to the movies should be easy... it should challenge you, bringing a bit more reality, Coprolalia, James L. Brooks, I love my movie and I know that it can change people's lives, anything is possible, seeing something all the way though, already hyper in a resting state, unproduced rom-coms bought my house, laugh and cry... sometimes at the same moment, doing it for a living, you're giving the audience a chance to breathe, by way of New York and Robert Fucking Patrick and the blue cheese.  

"I have joked that we're going to win the award for most use of the word cunt. Ever. On film.

For more on The Road Within, go to:

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