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Attack of the 2015 Oscar Nominees!

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 33

In this week's Attack of the Killer Soundtrack we discuss the nominees for Best Original Song and Best Original Score for the 2015 Academy Awards. And while we decide which nominated song sounds like an animal carcass covered in gasoline, we also mention... Higgins from Magnum, P.I., a bunch of faceless women then... amoebas, unicorns vomiting rainbows, the Meryl Streep of music, winning a lifetime achievement award, applauding the make-up people, both lush and cool, Lauryn Hill and David Lee Roth, songs featured in documentaries, Tim Roth is doing a Christoph Waltz impersonation, x's on their butt cheeks, Inglourious Basterds, why are you saying this in this voice... are you f-ing for real or what?, this crazy crane shot that goes on forever, his hair was bitten by a shark, that's all music is is a giant math problem, filmed in Cincinnati, the Posse on Broadway and other Sir Mix-a-Lot hits, social justice warriors causing protests in the street over this video, if it helps - I follow his dog on Facebook, he kicks his head and has a bowl of Fruit Loops, this is just bananas, this looks like the kind of dumb thing I'd be into, Emilio Estevez, any cyborg wrist-makers out there?, CocoRosie, that sounds like so much of high school for me, are you insulting me but also I feel good?, a giant vintage sign, continually panning up the hair, I was about two-thirds of the way into this song when I realized there are actually lyrics to this, he said... just don't be seen there, just watch it at home like all the perverts do, there's no more song and dance films that give you great original songs and nobody should ever hear a human being making these noises.

"I'm not looking at this with a tux on ready to give it an award..."

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Pardcast Meltdown... with Jimmy Pardo

Movie Meltdown - Episode 339

This week we sit down with Jimmy Pardo and talk about the basics of podcasting. From the early days when no one knew what it was (unlike now when just MOST people don't know what it is), to the current era when seemingly everyone has their own show. Plus we discuss some of Jimmy's other endeavors like his big scene in Dreamgirls, going on auditions, working on different sitcoms... and even the forgotten past that he shares with our own Lucy. Will his former life come back to haunt him??

And while we all measure our lives against the amazing life of Yaphet Kotto, we also discuss... Matt Belknap, Chicago, Keke Palmer, The Galt House Hotel has 25 floors, Almost There, architecture talk, Edie McClurg, game show nerds, Ted Danson, advertising, Beta tape, directing Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mad Men, BatKid Begins, faking the moon landing, Scott Aukerman, Bill Condon, a live stream going out torturing a clueless actor, the height of narcissism, The Match Game, the comedy boom, Running Your Trap, an independent lingerie company, Kevin James, F is for Fake, Donald Trump, That 70's Show, you guys work every day... you go to a job interview everyday - and you're told 'no'... every day, Dennis Miller, Bart Braverman, live your dream, I'm in make-up for 18 hours, The Finest Hours, don't understand politics, Race to Escape, Alec Baldwin, Anika Rose, Conan O'Brien, shark podcasting, conspiracy theorists, a recipe to make blank, auditioning for commercials, Ty Burrell, Becker, The Revenant, you don't have the rights to this... stop doing it, April Richardson, the lighting people lit for the dance scene, Marcia Wallace and Pardcast-a-thon.

"Typical Hollywood story... I got there at like four in the morning. And I literally have one line."

For more on Jimmy and Never Not Funny, go to:
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Horror Talk with Derek Sheen

Movie Meltdown - Episode 338

This week we talk comedy, road trips and lots and lots of horror with comedian Derek Sheen. And while we figure out just where he took a left turn into a time hole, we also discuss... black and white monster movies, Phantasm, immediate descent into madness, Zacherle, Shock Waves, bag pipes, Scott Mosier, what is the marketability of this movie, Tom Savini, a car is essentially a bathroom without a toilet, Slumber Party Massacre, I just feel like there's something in the film that's going to manifest itself in the room, Zelda Rubinstein, the world was yours, John Carpenter, Maniac, Tales From The Crypt, Don't Look Now, White of the Eye, I've always wanted to be on-stage, you found a bunch of reels of 8mm can and this is what happened, Sleepaway Camp, the biggest horror now is trust, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things, From Beyond, self-aware horror, Chris Hardwick, Friday the 13th, The Devil's Rain, I shouldn't be playing this in my house... something malevolent is in the film - and I don't like it, Demons, having faith in the filmmaker, When a Stranger Calls, Asylum, Mondo Cane, having perfect pitch, understanding isolation, Black Christmas, The Witch, Matthew Fox, Powerball winners, Let's Scare Jessica to Death, he's a giant baby man, people are trying too hard to create content, The Accused, you're given the gift of doubt, Basket Case, it's all about the eyes, horror and suspense are very different, Leatherface on his downtime, what scares people is the unknown, Bone Tomahawk, this sad gorgeous cadenza, it's like a long-form Ramones video, Beyond the Door, crippling stage fright, there was no other distraction... other then the darkness, if you walk into it as a horror movie - it's going to break your brain, Martha Splatterhead, The Sentinel, compartmentalization, Forensic Files, what scares people is what's beyond the veil, Kill List, horror is dread, full of self-loathing, well I have to go to bed now, making chili out of people, an STD metaphor, the Serbian porn industry, it was just more claustrophobic to be watching movies like that knowing that the entire world was asleep, reconciling grief, Brewster's Millions, they confuse murder with horror, Anthony Jeselnik, you can't have a zombie apocalypse, at least I'm not filled with demons, B.o.B's theory, there isn't any alone time, weirdly titillated, birthing torsos, whistling past the graveyard, the closet door slowly opening, when you leave the theater it makes you look at every single person on the street, the Eyes Wide Shut syndrome, filled with asbestos, blood and gravity, when you remove reason completely... that's where horror comes in.

Spoiler Alert: Some end of the movie spoilers for Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp, Session 9... oh and Derek completely destroys the myth of a zombie apocalypse. You have been warned!

"Give me something that permeates the very fabric of my belief system."

For more of Derek's comedy, records and tour dates, go to:

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The Harlem Globetrotters on Meltdown Island

Movie Meltdown - Episode 337

This week we talk with an actual Harlem Globetrotter! As we ask "Bull" Bullard what it's like to become part of the tradition and legacy of an organization that has been such a huge part of our pop culture. Plus we discuss our own memories of growing up with the Globetrotters, all before we settle in for our Sofa Theater discussion on the 1981 movie The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island.

And as we put the finishing touches on the periodic table of movie elements, we also mention... Scatman Crothers, being in a basketball town, The Munsters, Triangle, Dawn Wells, The Equalizer, the colliding of franchises, Wet Hot American Summer, boiling beakers, Barbara Bain, winks to adults, dryer tube arms, Natalie Schafer as a cheerleader, American Ninja Warrior, Supermarket Sweep, Keiko O'Brien, getting a reunion movie for a TV show, Al Lewis, Jim Backus, calling for fouls, chewing up the scenery, Avatar, an knock-off R2-D2, Tina Louise, angling in their playing style, Marques Haynes, growing up tall, Alan Hale, Jr., Crimes and Misdemeanors, Arrested Development, Cassandra Peterson, that's an incredibly elaborate prop just to trick a dumb man into signing a piece of paper, keep the butter off the popcorn, Russell Johnson, the expanded universe, The Brady Bunch, Martin Landau, Space Jam, Whitney and the Robot, Meadowlark Lemon, The Mertzes thrown on an island, Ripley's Odditoriums, Bob Denver, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and... you probably shouldn't think too deeply about Gilligan's Island.

"I'm pretty sure it is... some special level of hell, where they will just never get off that island."

To find out where The Harlem Globetrotters are playing near you, go to:

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The Old Bait and Switch

Movie Meltdown - Episode 336

This week we welcome most of the cast from the Tower of Technobabble as we discuss a specific movie that one of the guys felt baited and switched him. Then we expand to other questionable bait and switch movies and eventually we have to address which ones also fall into being just generally offensive movies. Plus we mention a few upcoming movies, as we decide just which ones we're excited about and which ones we're still leery about.

And as we all realize we're secretly trying to plug the holes in our geek knowledge, we also bring up... Blazing Saddles, gushin' fangirls, Deadpool, a space floppy disk, Knight Rider, the internet is made for releasing, New York was a cesspool of terrorizing lawlessness, Song of the South, get in my space van... here's some candy, going to the drive-in, The Black Hole, that one angry unicorn out there, This isn't a long haul... this is flash in the pan stuff, flashing lights and shag carpeting and Space Allman Brothers posters, like Spider-Man who kills people, did they think they were being progressive?, movies that scarred you as a child, Planet Africa, pouring the foundation for the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, too caught up in the naked action, Star Trek, coupled with watching Sesame Street, hipster-cred going through the roof, this image of Los Angeles that is gone forever, three copies in The Library of Congress, I mean, it's well-shot... it's in focus and everything, it looks like an old A and P that got remodeled, no green alien game, Captain America: Civil War, I was bored silly, he was just disaffected by everything, imagine G.I. Joe only if they had crazy magic crap, just awkward silence and pensive stares, the Hasbro Universe, why was everything beige in the 70's, retroactive censorship and - for God's sake swipe left!

"Future generations will judge us based on this podcast."

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I Hear Dead People

Movie Meltdown - Episode 335

This week we return to one of our more popular running series - People who Died... Died. The arguably living Meltdown Gang get together to discuss many of the great performers that we lost in 2015. It's our own "special" kind of tribute.

And as we realize that the lousy straight to DVD stuff actually keeps the wheels turning in the industry, we also come to terms with... you're my favorite dentist, a George Pal production, hailed as the next My Big Fat Greek Wedding?, you're the person I hate the least, I almost walked out on that movie, David Lynch, The Big Short, a knock-off Gone with the Wind, now that one freaked me out, I'm so thankful for the existence of YouTube, The Outer Limits, the blind sheriff, Jewel Jules Franklin Guy, nipped at Harvey Levin, the mom who makes you want to kill, that man was not above chewing the scenery to pieces, beets are the bastard child of the vegetable world, he's the kind of guy... if he didn't have parents in the industry - would he have made it?, reverse mortgage, did you like Cats?, the kid from the Sandlot... and My So-Called Life, William Girdler, one of my top ten films - of all time, he's so damned likable, the glut of media that's hitting the shelves, who gets his hands bitten off, That 70's Show, all the big blocky clam-shell Disney VHS tapes in my collection are filled with this man, we can't make this like the ending of The Vanishing, it's like an Agatha Christie with a monster, he's the biggest red herring in most of the movie, Frank Booth, shooting on actual film, Condorman, reinvigorating the horror genre, Sean Connery, local no-budget cinema, what was the dog's name?, 2015 really hurt... so I'm hoping 2016 is gonna blossom, I know him best for making me afraid to live in Los Angeles, a young beautiful Montgomery Clift, The Faculty, he got a little bit of time with Elizabeth Taylor, it was so bad I just purged it from my memory, my uncle was in that movie and you're not leaving this room until you write a script!

"When I saw he passed, I was like... awww no - my childhood."

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The Summit Awakens

Movie Meltdown - Episode 334

As our epic Star Wars Summit continues, we settle in with three old-school Star Wars fans - and take this discussion to the next level. Just when you think we've said all that can be said about the Star Wars universe... the summit awakens. 

And as we question the validity of The Church of the Force, we also discuss Temple of Doom, Peter Cushing, Batman guns, Mon Mothma, nebulous powers, the coincidences are more forgiving if the ride is fun, Game of Thrones, adding gravitas, time travel and prophecies, The Black Hole, the Falcon's GPS, physical things, the internet getting their panties in a twist, the light was buggin' him, The Garden Weasel, The Wrath of Khan, the red arm, Ewan McGregor, Harry Potter books, I didn't want to get Phantom Menaced, geographically speaking about the galaxy, Uncle Chewy, Raise the Titanic, terrified of going in the bathtub for years, binge-watching media, breaking into the Naboo castle, we've had years and years to work out theories, did they shoot from the fringe, non-osha standard, they have a play set for everything, Art Carney, octopus monsters, Bill and Ted, the homeless fighting our battles for us, an insane space ship captain that zombie-fies and robo-fies his crew, The Clone Wars, having a religious experience, I Love Lucy, I love capitalism, Gwendoline Christie, Lord of the Rings, the universe expands, Max von Sydow, beefier lightsabers, Snoke, 21 became a bad-ass, Jenny Agutter, Y-Wing engine pod covers, don't go out in public, they didn't have the right screws, impact blast, Space Perry Mason, Godwookie, being conflicted and the cowboy from The Blues Brothers.

Spoiler Alert: Again... there will be major spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens - and all the Star Wars movies for that matter. So just go watch the franchise and you'll be good.

"We all draw these funny little lines that we're not allowed to cross."

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The Star Wars Summit

Movie Meltdown - Episode 333

In the wake of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we felt a summit was necessary. We have brought together the greatest minds of our time, to discuss the most important topic in today's world - obviously... Star Wars. So we gather to mull over not just Episode 7, but also bigger questions that occur in not only the Star Wars universe, but in our world as well.

And as we're bombarded from every possible venue, we also discuss... the legend, Tina Fey, Logan's Run, VHS, character development, living in an AT-AT, droid racism, dialogue, Attack the Block, Daisy Ridley, recreating the action, hating Shia LaBeouf, abducting younglings, it's all J.J. Abrams now, I'm kind of a big deal, the mythology, Dark Empire, a rag tag group of heroes, popcorn was spilled... Coke was spewed, knuckle-draggers online, firearm techniques, mind blown, rabbit guys, it's like an alien's impression of a human, super hero movies, being a good improviser, regimenting badness, a deather star, the curse of gen-xers, Indiana Jones, the cute new puppy, having great sunscreen, The Venture Brothers, being a great gardener, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, Palpatine the politician, racial profiling, Transformers, playing fast and loose with the rules, it's like gun control, the force chooses you, woman in this new Star Wars universe, John Boyega, being on a media/internet black out, having a perfect complexion, ice skating in Russia, dehumanizing, screw the internet, Jedi pizza, it was the wild wild west, massacring a village, a lunge with one hand out, the doctoring of four or five people, Malla, a black X-wing, Space 1999, Keira Knightley, a bunch of bumbling idiots that couldn't see the universe falling apart around them, George Lucas has a problem with revising his past, looks like the bottom of my foot after I've been swimming too long, The First Order, Captain America: Civil War, genuinely being good people, that's why we became hoarders, the Kessel Run, religious zealots, American Graffiti, the 70's were a weird time, the old bait n' switch, sending off proof of purchase, the G.I. Bill, childhood memories, Journal of the Whills, Daniel Craig, before Star Wars... there wasn't this sort of multi-pronged attack on your youth, Val Kilmer, Marvel and Disney, inspired to play clarinet, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Sears and JC Penny catalogs, waking up from your conditioning, this is not cool at all... this is school, a caste system, infected by space bugs and... here we go again.

Spoiler Alert: Obviously there will be spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens - and all the Star Wars movies for that matter. So just have seen the franchise before listening.

"It's all about... you getting wrapped up in the magic... and it's easy for me to remember what it was like, because there was nothing before or after Star Wars. It came out of nowhere... and was this huge cultural phenomenon... and as a five year old... this is the most perfect movie for a 5-year old to see."

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Talking the Room... with Greg Behrendt

Movie Meltdown - Episode 332

This week we welcome our special guest co-host Greg Behrendt. Greg is a comedian, author, screenwriter, actor, musician... he's done so many different things... and we touch on quite a few areas of his life and career. So join us as we settle into our undisclosed room... and the talking begins.

And while we realize we are the only ones with rope and a map, we also discuss... San Francisco, movie trailers, rock and roll, Hunger Games, The BFG, Jessica Jones, a Steven Spielberg suburban dream, boredom leads to creativity, Logan's Run, a different kind of man, David Lynch, Cadbury Egg, girl squads, Daredevil, Gotham, where I found refuge, Moontower, legends in the industry, Captain America: Civil War, Rob Lowe, Paul Feig, Tony Alva, diversity, William Shatner, referencing via YouTube, Sex in the City, change the game, The Nutcracker, Edgar Wright, Netflix, The Stray Cats, nullifying the book, you can be so many things now... and people can take you in whatever parcel they like, David O. Russell, still evolving, The Legend of Tarzan, The Grinder, engaged in technology, Bob Forrest, investing in pens, prostitute my personality for money, Mitch Hedberg, being anointed by Oprah, Joy, Mark Rylance, Spy, making a record, Wes Anderson, Broadchurch, it's a secret box and there's words inside, Ben Stiller, a call to duty, Krysten Ritter, Trainwreck, The Weekend, growing up in a different world, Star Wars, a stand-up obligation, Alex Cox, our moment it together, rediscovering it, Patton Oswalt, social changes vs. romanticized Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence, Three Kings, Christian Bale, The Flash, anyone from The Wire in anything, when you have a yearning for something and you don't know what it is, rugby, defining feminism, scheduling kids, I can't not grow, Australia, the offensive friend zone, Clooney's Batman, there are no gatekeepers, Wiz Khalifa, multiple development deals, Flirting with Disaster, Atlanta and how to beat the electronic trail.

"Eventually your personality wins, you can't uphold artifice for very long... and if you can your a psychopath. Eventually you stumble into the best stage version of you there is."

For more on what Greg's up to, follow him on Twitter at: or visit his website at:
For more onThe Reigning Monarchs, go to:

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Merry Krampus

Movie Meltdown - Episode 331

This week we're coming to you "live" from our Krampus Night festivities where we talk about Krampus... and then we have a group discussion about the movie Krampus... and then more talk... about Krampus. Let's do this!

And while we swat children with birch branches, we also discuss... The Mummy, he's a scrapper, Phallus in Wonderland, zombie baby, from the old country, bratty cousins, It Came from Outer Space, he puts you in a bag, Fred Savage, Trick 'r Treat, grabbing a small child by their cranium, becoming Krampus, disturbing artwork, snow graboids, cool Grandma, nail guns in movies, Cousin Eddie, the fiery pit of hell, interwoven stories, fresh popcorn, a grocery bag around his head, less would have been better, animation, you're not moving too fast today Bernie... what happened?, the redneck thesis behind the movie, Nordic Santa Claus, weird undertones, kids in the school, no mouth opening face, sitting on Deadpool's lap, ladies of the evening, The Ultimate Warrior, like Thurman Merman... without the charm, getting your head stuck between the wall and the toilet, William Shatner, that reminds me of the first time I cried publicly, How to make a Monster, the overall aesthetic, oh wow look at that girl's forehead, dark and creepy, Alex Pardee, how many rounds did that shotgun fire?, ghosts trying to get slutty chicks pregnant, evil DHL, throws the kid by his head, getting stabbed by hookers, zombie elves, a chain rattling down your chimney, I'm gonna lasso Santa Claus, Forbidden Planet, Find your Fate, a horrible horrible family, quit screaming while I get my camera, A Christmas Horror Story, this magic will never happen again, go read a book you people, all of the switches, a lot of freckles, CG gingerbread men, he drags you off to do Krampus-y things and drunken Santa-types in a vintage-style Winnebago.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2015 movie Krampus, as well as minor spoilers for A Christmas Horror Story. You have been warned!

"Now more then ever... we need Krampus."

For more on the gallery and Ryan's art, go to:

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