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Rocky Horror Changed my Life

Movie Meltdown - Episode 329

This week we welcome back epyon5 to discuss The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not only do we talk about the film itself, but also personal memories of our experiences as well as the impact the movie had on society and the lives of it's devoted fanbase.

And as we remember that when you're a teenager EVERYTHING is the end of the world, we also mention... The Vogue, Richard O'Brien: time traveler, Hammer horror, hangin' out with people in their underbritches... and yelling obscenities, it had one screen, Sci Fi, being theatrical, being progressive, Tim Curry, Star Wars, a presentation in English class, a virgin spelling bee, The Ziegfeld Theater, subtle nuances, at 3 o'clock in the morning they will not serve you mashed potatoes, schlocky horror, Pi, getting turned into a shoe store, GG Allin, a scathing review, 4711, Jim Steinman, Barry Bostwick, comic book effects, Funko Pop!, The Full Monty, Oakley Court, it makes my heart hurt, Jim Sharman, the amazing Kool-Aid machine, Legend, George Clooney, working your way up the space ladder, George Lucas, Spike and Mike, a totally dorky guy, everyone wants to be Batman, MST3K, the Godfather of transvestite aliens, 50's saxophone playing rock 'n roll, Patricia Quinn, faking an orgasm, the simpler they are the more memorable they are, Dark City, I'm pretty... ok, breaking down barriers, Richard Nixon, dressed as a set piece, Meat Loaf, Starlog, the intricate plot, Bad for Good, Susan Sarandon and are all Tatianas crazy?

Spoiler Alert: Obviously, spoilers for The Rocky Horror Picture Show on this episode. So for any virgins still left out there, go (to a theater and) see it NOW... for spoiler-free listening.

"All these horrible things your parents tell you not to do, this one night a week - it's ok to do it... and you can be, whatever you want to be!"

For more on epyon5, Google "epyon5" or you can follow him on Instagram at:
For more on the documentary of devoted fans, go to:

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epyon5... Shout it from the Rooftop

Movie Meltdown - Episode 328

This week we are coming to you "live" from Wizard World: Louisville, where we recap our fun activities, a few celebrity sightings and discuss several movies we've seen lately. Plus we sit down with artist epyon5, who has explored artistic styles from the Renaissance old masters to stencils and pop culture imagery. So we discuss what led him down the twisted path of painting and how movies and pop culture have always crept into his work.

And as we realize that we fall completely outside the Venn Diagram of "normal", we also discuss... Bruce Campbell, John Barrowman, Swamp Thing, rebooting the variety show, it's like an earthquake at a junkyard, Marc Singer, Dean from Supernatural, laying out a good fight scene, Final Girl, blind boxes, goggles, Sugar Gliders, an epic battle scene between barbarians and gargoyles, best Ash contest, squished pennies, Transformers, that's no way to make a living, Loki, Marvel super heroes in bad made-for-TV-movie, I live in the basement, stunt butt, Jeepers Creepers, doing goth wrong, the man is against you, what comics were then versus now, Alien, climbing on the train car, for mature readers only, the other Quicksilver, chicken ring sandwiches, cute chicks in bondage gear, these are our people, The Crossroads Theater, the TV that has the two knobs, iconography and sainthood, iZombie, R.L. Stine, the complete entertainment package, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Caravaggio, Godzilla, that one chick from Archer, Adam West, Highway 151 runs through the states of Iowa and Wisconsin, she was pretty adorable, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Emma Roberts, why Star Wars has such universal kid appeal, Chiaroscuro, Julianna Margulies, taking a third grade poll, Michael Bay, Lost in Space, flamed-out goth, pop art, The Exorcist and where do you buy your shoes?

"...but then upon graduating, and entering the real world... I got slapped in the face with life."

For more on epyon5, Google "epyon5" or you can follow him on Instagram at:
For Wizard World dates in your area, go to:

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Attack of the Duke Boys!

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack! - Episode 31

This week we talk with John Schneider and Tom Wopat, not about their beloved TV series, but about their interest and careers in music. And along the way, we build a soundtrack that is quite different then what you might expect if you were just a fan of their television show.

And as we get our first mail-order guitar, we also discuss... the double feature on Saturday, Broadway musicals, Romeo and Juliet meet Natural Born Killers, Atlanta, Ronnie Milsap, to have a foot in each of those boats, in '77 I drove to New York, Brigadoon, Wisconsin, Welcome Back, Kotter, reuniting with his family, Drift Away, Gordon MacRae, Louisiana, great scotch and popcorn, Bernadette Peters, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, we're equals on stage, Merv Griffin, an alternate universe pair of Dukes, Smokey and the Bandit, Dinah Shore, car shows, Mackinac Island, Brando's no singer, The Great Santini, I invite my friends in and we make movies, Mike Douglas, bottle of red, Steve Earle, ate a lot of popcorn, having a guitar on my back, Chicago, Kirk Douglas, Russ Titelman, Annie get your Gun and City of Angels.

"Yeah, the TV thing I thought was a complete aberration. And I didn't think... was going to do anything. I had no big plan for it."

For more on John, go to:
For more on Tom, go to:

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Discussing Sarah Marshall

Movie Meltdown - Episode 327

This week we hangout with comedian and movie fan Ian Douglas Terry, as we talk about working as a stand-up comic today versus years ago, translating comedy to film, inappropriate kids movies and then we round things out as we discuss this week's Sofa Theater feature: Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

And as we contemplate teaching chimps to fly planes, we also mention... Mad Max: Fury Road, acting wrestlers, Captain Ron, escaping from your hometown, The Dark Crystal, Jason Segel, Malcolm X and 311, hawkmen, How I Met your Mother, Russell Brand, Fast and Furious, I'm just all about references, Return of the Jedi, cell phones killing people, Judd Apatow, Xanadu, that always never works, The Muppets, Paul Rudd, dragging your microphone cord out into the audience, George Miller, Cash for Cats, Slap Shot, terrifying vulture people, Kristen Bell, Ready to Rumble, the punk bank approach, Dracula, Mila Kunis, The Rock, Denver, Neil Patrick Harris, that's the way I wish every woman would look at me, drumming to Rush, Babe, No Holds Barred, alligators and juggalos, I feel like most of my 20's I would view relationships as like - that person was crazy. I did nothing wrong. Like I was the hero. I tried my hardest, they obviously messed up, paint-by-numbers romantic comedy, Linda Cardellini, DIY, Flash Gordon, Nicholas Stoller, improv vs. Scientology, Labyrinth, hypnotism, LaserDiscs and the career arc to becoming a weird boat captain.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so watch the movie beforehand - you have been warned!

"You have to find what YOUR Dracula musical is... you have to find someone who appreciates what your Dracula musical is."

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Backyard Hallowed Ground

Movie Meltdown - Episode 326

"Live" from the backyard, we light a fire and tell scary ghost stories about this week's Sofa Theater feature: Hollows Grove. So roast some marshmallows and join in on the spooky fun!

And while we glue our mouths shut with peanut butter kisses, we eventually discuss... Crimson Peak, Lance Henriksen, The Babadook, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, the horror of Anchorman 2, Protected by Pinkertons, how Napoleon Dynamite would go up the stairs at school, The Sound and the Fury, pulling a tooth out, the memory or the dead nurses, being a lumberjack, very Tennessee Williams, hey... wanna come to my trunk and see my Slayer shirts, I make the guy from No Country for Old Men look like a pussy, sentient beings, The Host, one of the orphans started getting stabby, evil dead Bob Ross, Guillermo del Toro, The Office, just floating through space in a CVS, evil children, Mannix, defending the honor of Mary Jane, new metal butt rock, I totally would have looked at that dude's Slayer shirt collection, Press X to Not Die, it felt like they knew douchebags, you can't get scratched in this town, Return to The Valley of the Dolls, room 205, skull rings, it's so full of aggressive pretty faces, Henry Higgins, he was terrifying but Majestic at the same time, Jessica Chastain and The Bell Witch.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2014 movie Hollows Grove. So go watch it before you listen. You have been warned!!

"You can barely tell... how douchey they were."

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The Macabre Adventures of Pumpkin MacLeod

Movie Meltdown - Episode 325

We are coming to you "live" from this year's Meltdown Macabre Halloween celebration! There the gang settles in to decorate pumpkins, drink fancy seasonal beverages and discuss creepy movies. Plus we sit down and talk with MacLeod Andrews, the star and co-producer of They Look Like People - an independent film about friendship... and nightmares. So come join the party...

And as we cautiously anthropomorphize some inanimate objects, we also discuss... John Carpenter, Perry Blackshear, like an Ikea catalog times a thousand, peculiar melancholy, cannibal movies, we've gotta have a script at that point, The Serpent and the Rainbow, can we just look at those chairs a little while longer, Danny Trejo, Hollows Grove, mom's story checked out, Alex Karpovsky, how can I make this scene better... how can I make this movie better, subjective reality, Kathryn Bigelow, sleazy ghost hunters, rocks with little bits of personality, by accident it became one of the most personal films he's made to date, random teeth that had been on the ground for like six hundred years, Bill and Ted's Terrible Adventure, Halloween, there's never a bad place for throwing knives, playing cool sax, Goodnight Mommy, Margaret Ying, what if demons are real?, I missed that beat, Doug Henning, Tim Cappello, vegan Peeps, The Exorcist, the genius DNA is passed through the babysitter, you're not fully appreciating your t-shirt, The Hole Story, oops, I accidentally came upon... a gigantic mass grave, auteur vision, creepy magicians, those old carbon copy machines, Evan Dumouchel, you are seven jobs, gore porn, Rubberneck, for years I would just sit in my bed being like... what if something takes over my body, held together by surface tension, hey it's The Fonz, Red Flag, psycho bromance, Near Dark, going over the microfiche, little candy families and I think it'll just turn into a gourd.

"A heart-felt indie drama wrapped in a psychological thriller shell... with horrific elements."

Thanks to Gallery K, go support them:

For more on They Look Like People

For more on the Louisville Film Society:

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The Screaming Skull

Movie Meltdown - Episode 324

This week our inaugural Meltdown Night at the Movies series crosses over with our annual Halloween-themed episodes to create a fun gathering of the Meltdown Gang - as we hang out, eat popcorn and watch The Screaming Skull.  
And as we discuss the bonuses of having a lady skull, we also mention... Transylvania, Tusk, Green Inferno, it's just what happens here, Ghost Adventures, going to the drive-in, The Exocist, over-explaining things, Mama Dracula, Meatballs, Poenari Castle, the priest has got my back, Dementia 13, he screaming is horrible... it will haunt your dreams, a really country bucolic sort of place, your limpy scruffy-looking dorm mate,building a haunted house, slipping on a leaf, gullwing = money, Buckets of Blood, memories of Doug Jones, Oculus, plastic fangs, the P.T. Barnum of the movie screen, The Fall of the House of Usher, hey baby skulls are actually super cute, Witch, I've been touching 700 year-old bones for the last six hours... and now it's time to take a break and eat lunch, a ghost story, Dick Miller, Bigfoot, Philip Michael Thomas, a pig tooth, bad relationship moves, Blood Mania and... it was only the peacocks.

"I literally spent a solid month, digging up human remains, in a Transylvanian graveyard..."

Thanks to Gallery K, go support them:

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Michael Gross: Vibrations of Tremors that Shook Long Ago

Movie Meltdown - Episode 323 

This week we talk with Michael Gross about acting, the dynamic of Family Ties and his years working on the Tremors series of movies.

And as we find the best place to make a mistake, we also discuss... anthropology, sleepovers, eight performances a week, the most complex character of the piece, building a bastion, Shakespeare at that moment... that afternoon... came alive to me, holding onto your moral values, Edmund Gwenn, Tim and Eric, white yak hair, True Detective, a very practical man, Mary Gross, a preteen fan base, Our Father, they seemed to play well with others, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, fighting in World War 2, pretending to be a Doctor, a nice pile of money, Hamlet, always being prepared, Paul Rudd, orange goo, Dustin Hoffman, 11 year-olds declaring love, giant ants, try to follow good material wherever it takes you, Carbon Dating, they bleed through on the screen, St. Elsewhere, asexual appeal, Cool as Ice, making fun of Melvin, regional theater, John Belushi, her most successful marriage, conflict in his life, years of study, Second City, Miracle on 34th Street, Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett all rolled into one and I'm liking it so much here... I may never leave.

"No one was as surprised as I was... after 13 years - that 'Tremors' was coming back."

Tremors 5: Bloodlines was released, October 6... go watch it!!

For more on Louisville’s International Festival of Film, go to:

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The Strange and Amazing Life of Yaphet Kotto

Movie Meltdown - Episode 322

This week we sit down and talk with the one and only...Yaphet Kotto. He has a fascinating place in history and a interesting role in the heyday of the New York acting scene, celebrity culture and the ever-changing Hollywood industry. Not to mention the overwhelming number of projects he's worked on over the years - it's quite a resume. So with all that to draw from, we attempt to get at least a brief synopsis of... The Strange and Amazing Life of Yaphet Kotto.

And as we address the fine art of being "a strange guy", we also discuss... being a horseman, royal family ties, messing with the history, a ghost would appear, Homicide, a series of events... in a church basement, Ossie Davis, I don't have an agent, Kananga, Martin Breast, I read that I'm doing a television show, Panamanian, Harry Dean Stanton, he went to the rabbi, impersonating Marlon Brando, copying these older guys, the belly of the beast, James Earl Jones, having chemistry, Barry Levinson comes driving up, the strength of women, I'm gonna call the cops, Ridley Scott, there are big people who have their eyes on you, NAACP, getting jobs without having to audition, around New York I started getting this name, The Stage Deli, having me removed from the building, James Dean, I didn't know you knew Paul Newman, white royalty, A Raisin in the Sun, Montgomery Clift, I was mysterious for sure, The Liberation of L.B. Jones, Anthony Quinn, beam me up Scotty, even when his back was turned, James Bond, Marilyn Monroe, technological innovations, On the Waterfront, Christopher Plummer, The Actors Studio, being a rebel, the first time a white man is killed on-screen, The Dick Cavett Show, Lee Strasberg, Rebel without a Cause and the artist... is going to say something about it.

"And no one knew... in my neighborhood or anywhere... that during the night, I was with superstars from Hollywood!"

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Ramblin' Roadtrip

Movie Meltdown - Episode 321

This week we hit the road for a couple of different conventions including our coverage of ScareFest. So join us as we discuss how to fully coordinate your cosplay outfit, random quoting of The Young Ones, recapping of our fun purchases and we may just break into our impromptu performance of The Life and Times of Cobra Commander Jr. Plus we check in with Kelley from Night of the Living Podcast to see what he's been up to lately. 

And as we address the evil conviction of sticking your finger in your eyeball, we also talk about... wearing a hoodie, Turbo Kid, Assassin's Creed, Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, jumping fast zombies disco listening, 100% stereotypes, slutty and adorable, Doug Marcaida, Crimson Peak, Mewes Juice, footwear and eye-wear, Burt Reynolds... and a dog, Two Broke Girls, it's easier to stab people then it is to make knives, Scream Queens, Steve Jobs, The Jersey Devil, Big Bang Theory, scrawny white guys, Wormwood, do ants go to discos?, green alien butt, old crusty batteries, Strike Back, Tom Hiddleston, leather short shorts and a tube top, I'm never really sick of talking, how to crash a motorcycle going 120, teen gossip magazines from the 70's and 80's, squished pennies in bulk, artsy Michael Fassbender, not looking like cosplay characters, Doctor Badass, P. T. Barnum, electronic owl, Kat Dennings and Krampus.

Spoiler Alert: Very minor spoilers for the Scream TV series... ehhh, you'll be fine hearing them. 

Producer's Note: In answer to our wondering on this episode... Fire Sale was a 1977 film, and I suspected it was put out by 20th Century Fox - which it was... so I'm assuming the person in the photo got the shirt free from the studio. 

"It's for the best they have a no weapons policy in there."

For more on ScareFest, go to:

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