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Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #11 - Attack of Ookla the Mok! 

This week we are coming to you “live” from ConGlomeration, where we hang out with Rand and Adam, otherwise known as the band: Ookla the Mok! They are a musical duo with an interesting history in the business as well as mass amounts of geek knowledge that make them fit right in on our show. So we not only discuss pop culture references in music and movies, but along the way… we also build a terrific soundtrack.

And as we all attempt to keep from getting Garfunkel-ized, we also mention… Fillmore!, sci fi and comic book conventions, The Police, Gym Class Heroes, my father imposing his taste on us, Medieval Evil Knievel, James Gunn, Bite Me Fanboy, The Big Bang Theory, two frontmen, an action figure of the guys that wrote the theme song, The Toy Collector, finding your tribe, oh Sting where is thy death, working with Disney, when they cut the song... they cut the whole scene, pretentious progressive bands, Marillion, my fingers don't stretch wide enough to play the gap that he's doing, Captain America: Winter's Soldier, Barenaked Ladies, I definitely don't remember a time when I wasn't a nerd, playing the bar and club scene, The Who, music rights on DVD, WKRP in Cincinnati, ok... we'll hire someone to rip that off, pop music, double-length concept albums, the music is serious even if the concept is funny, the legally distinguishable version, Because You Demanded It!, Full Frontal Nerdity, he doesn’t make movies with villains, The Specials, They say you should write about what you know... and we were college students. What the hell did we know?, playing me Frank Zappa when I was 4 years old, They Might Be Giants, Daria, Scott M. Gimple, who's the next Martin Scorsese?, The Eels, Cupid's Chokehold, not allowed to listen to the radio, fighting over song writing credit, giving up your likeness rights, Lawrence Kasdan, Chinese food and live-action heroes, the filk community and keep your money... just let me punch you in the face every couple of weeks.

"I'm not gonna NOT be the lead singer..."

For more on Ookla the Mok, go to:

For more on ConGlomeration, go to:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 269

This week we welcome filmmaker Michael Fitzer into the group as we sit down to tackle The Grind topic ‘o the week: Hollywood Dynasties. We address the families that continue to work in the entertainment industry. And somewhere along the way, we mention… Gattaca, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Pursuit of Happyness, what the hell happened to Chris Makepeace?, Happy Accidents, Hitler’s painting career, rays of light coming from your head, Martin Mull, Noah, Lost in Translation, Gary Oldman, The Shawshank Redemption, 70’s snap zoom techniques, The Notebook, Her, La Femme Nikita, So I guess the moral of the story is… if you want your kid to be successful in Hollywood – just make Steven Speilberg the Godfather, Darren Aronofsky, Alpha Dog, Dracula, Monster-in-Law, Connor Cruise, Luc Besson is a God, I can’t get over his veins, Rhea Perlman, My Bodyguard, the bearded prophet, Uma Thurman, Jack Huston, Wild at Heart, Most other kids were dating… and I was following Roger Deakins around, attitude is everything, Roger Deakins, Never Been Kissed, Hiding Out, Gwyneth Paltrow, star wipes, nepotism in any industry is bad, because the director is the key, The Culkins, getting a special guest star credit, freshman effort, I was walking down Hollywood Boulevard, picking up a hot pot of oil with my forearms, Seduced and Abandoned, Girl in the Café, adding a chapter to the Bible, bypassing the system, she’s been married like 7 times… and she’s talking about love, Paper Moon, Hook, The Oscars, I don’t like the way Laura Dern cries, Point of No Return, Scott Glenn, you could have had your own wrapping paper room, The Creationist Movement in America, Chris Tucker, working with Osteoporosis, How can a Biblical epic… fall apart in the second act?, is there a point to her?, Johnny Handsome, I saw that movie… in the theater… probably 20 times!, DIY Network, Thora Birch, Danny DeVito, Alec Baldwin, the Olsens, writing on SNL before the zombies, Homes on Homes and a book full of heart-shaped objects.  

“Sofia Coppola has NEVER stood in knee-deep mud, holding a reflector while a copperhead ran through her legs! She has NEVER done that… and I have!”

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 268

This week we are coming to you "Live" from Wizard World: Louisville. Featuring our discussions with Robert Hays and Scott Wilson! Plus our coverage of other convention-related moments. And as we dodge Michael Rooker we also mention... a Pinkie Pie person, the number of Lokis, raising awareness about Parkinson's Disease, bouncing a quarter off that ass, I've never seen a Simon before, the reptilians, free mints, Jason Momoa, super excite, Power of Love 487 times, see a handful of Banes roaming about, Sidney Poitier, They Live, Man of Steel, the insectoids, Divergent, Guillermo del Toro, Jon Bernthal loves My Little Pony, Pam Dawber, The Long Voyage Home, stealing pizza, The Incredible Shrinking Man, Noah, sickly, The LEGO Movie, your imagination gets carried away, the joke is the joke, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Robert Pralgo, Charles Bronson, The Importance of Being Earnest, the bro hand grasp, twisting the mythology, Lew Temple, American Hustle, Darren Aronofsky, Airplane, In Cold Blood, Age of Ultron, the Nordics, PTSD, The Quiet Ones, cleavage, the Sean Astin finger point, Lita Ford, Norman Jewison, the greys, The Strain, a geek festival, in the Marine Corp, Jill Ireland, Sharknado 2: The Second One, I can't tell if they're in costume, she saw a Thor, Jacob's Ladder, shapeshifter illuminati, The Girl the Gold Watch and Everything, In the Heat of the Night, explode-proof, Sacajawea, all the Avengers had assembled, J.J. Abrams, I've been across country 15 times by car, Jerry and David Zucker, Jim Abrahams, hitchhiking from Georgia to California, lightning boobs, old school Adidas, building a Loki helmet, movies from the Lucas/Amblin world, E.T., and developing into a twisted goofball.

"I've seen more fezzes today then I've seen in my entire... life! Ever... ever... ever." 

For more info on Wizard World, go to: 

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 267

This week we head back to one of those conventions we always go to, and we loiter around with two of our favorite people - Andy and Ken! Then we hang out with this week's special guest co-hosts - L.C. Holt  and Lane Hughes! They are two actors who have been in quite a few films including Pop Skull, VHS and VHS 2... but these days they are better known as the lamb mask and the fox mask from You're Next! So we take this opportunity to sit down and not only talk about their introduction to the film world, but also their love of horror and more specifically - the state of horror movies today. 

And as we scatter through the air - like bugs, we also discuss... Godzilla, Oldboy, Matthew McConaughey, tearing your hand off, taking an AZT break, Noel Coward, Jack Nicholson, roofing nails everywhere in Alabama, A Nightmare on Elm Street, killing Randy, Dexter, old wrestling, Trigger Man, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, wolves, glitter, a slow burn, watching trailers, the ghost that terrorized, Easy Rider, Elliott Gould and George Segal, Can't Stop the Music, building up expectaions, Christopher Durang, The Killing, Ti West, John Russo, Frozen, the milkshake, Only God Forgives, movie fanboys, Spider-Man 2, early slasher films, picking up a guitar, Amy Seimetz, Mick Foley, The Sacrament, 'cause you guys geeked out real good right there, MST3K, getting caught up in the hate, Spike Lee, Patrick, Marvel movies, The Burning, Bryan Cranston, tetanus of the sphincter, Brad Dourif, the fifteenth superficial wound, Martin, having three concussions, The Dorm that Dripped Blood, A. J. Bowen, it's fun to play the bad guy... when you play the bad guy, you get to do everything you would never get to do in life... you get to live vicariously... and in a way... you get to vent, a lot of the things you could never vent... it's great anger managenment I think, Friday the 13th, Brandon Carroll, 90 DV tapes, Five Easy Pieces, The Guest, stepping on a nail, Doug Bradley, Rooney Mara, the new Universal Monsters, one of the best seasons of television of any show ever, The Innkeepers, California Split, gushing over movies, Pacific Rim, Halloween, being a masked killer, spaghetti and milkshakes. 

"...we're villians, you know... we're anti-heroes... I'd love to play the boy next door - but that will never happen!" 

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 266

It's the 6th annual "Oscar Meltdown"! And this year, we were caught in an ice storm on Oscar night, and very quickly OSCAR MADNESS sets in! Pure insanity caused by the coverage. Or maybe it was all the pork products? Either way, ridiculousness ensues. So listen... if you dare!

(A note from your host: I've said it before, and I'll say it again this year - This is NOT a good "starter episode". These episodes are for hardcore veterans of "Movie Meltdown", specifically those who are familiar with how "Oscar Meltdown" usually goes. So if you are not prepared for this nonsense, e-mail: and I'll point you toward a much better introduction to the show. You have been warned.)

"...this is just the Karen show at this point."

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Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #10 - Attack of Wes Anderson!

This week Movie Meltdown's Attack of the Killer Soundtrack is coming to you "live" from Wes Fest! Which was a large scale Wes Anderson theme party at The New Vintage. And this is a very special Attack episode, because it's the first time we've ever featured musicians actually performing their favorite songs from a soundtrack - LIVE right here on the show! It was an amazing line-up of bands and we captured our own version of the event and put together a terrific collection of songs featured in Wes Anderson's films. With music performed by Quiet Hollers, The Fervor, Billy Petot, Jolly Hammurabi, Dane Waters, Nick Peay and The Pass aka Hinckley Cold Storage. 

All right... enough with the words, just start listing to the songs!

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 265

This week we head to "The River City Festival of Films" where we hang out with the organizers of the event, have a "Marlena Moment" update and then round things out with our own Peter Weller moment, so to speak, as we talk to the man himself. 

And as we come to the realization that we are just a magnet for strange and hilarious occurences, we also discuss... RoboCop, Owensboro, Adam Ant... Elia Kazan... and Jacques Cousteau, The Spectacular Now, Sherlock, trailers for sale or rent, basically Facebook is just the refrigerators of the internet, Munchie, accurate accects, House: The Second Story, Marlena is Tyler Durden, Paul Verhoeven, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, Hugh Laurie, a Garbage Pail Kid kind of puppet, The Minister, The Grudge, having a cat burglar, Moni Yakim, Naked Lunch, Police, Justified, Gerard Butler does not take his shirt off, a low-rent Ghostbuster, Problem Child, David Cronenberg, a lot of really touchy subjects, nowhere left to go but up, Hausu, Ecto-Coolers, fighting with Meat Loaf in a parking lot, The Child Protection Unit of Paris, Olympus Has Fallen, carrying a laser, Roger Miller, dairy whip, beauty mullet, I'm kind of like the Queen of laughing about things that aren't funny, seeing people getting dismembered, my dog breaks out and buy bottles of Hot Damn, William S. Burroughs and your stories are charming... all of them. 

For more information on "The River City Festival of Films" go to:

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 264

This week we are coming to you "Live" from "The Old Spaghetti Factory" with the return of "The Yeti Spaghetti Show"!! We had pasta, a live Yeti wandering around, as well as our own signature drink. But the real trouble begins when we let the audience vote on how bad a film they would like to see. They bring about their own doom as they pick - the epic bad option. Yes, it's a little movie known as: "To Catch a Yeti", starring the one and only Meat Loaf. Once everyone has suffered through this week’s feature, the cool kids loiter around afterwards and have a full discussion about the movie, it’s star and other frightening concepts. All that and more in the latest installment of…  "The Yeti Spaghetti Show"!!

And as everyone completely forgets about the Pure Prairie League, we also mention… going back up the roller coaster, shut up Wesley, Fight Club, Gremlins, E.T., Short Circuit, Frosty the Snowman, Jack Frost, Problem Child, Home Alone, Veruca Salt, Troll 2, Critters, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Explorers, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, 8 years behind us, black pudding, Star Wars special effects, one of the greatest all-time Meatloaf based movies you could ever see, growing into your feet, Peter Bogdanovich with a mullet, pinecones as money, the black box comparison, the Ford Tempo, there was a lot of problems with the atmosphere, the space scenes were incredible, faux animal fur, accent bingo, Mullets, it was the most awesomely bad movie I have seen in my entire life, the beholder, Bobby Ewing in the shower, Henry Rollins cameo, dumpster diving at Jim Henson’s workshop, gearing up montage, Canada, going really really really dark, being able to afford recognizable songs, it was pre 9/11 you could do whatever you wanted,  a certified little person, indigenous pineapples, none of the parents… all the way around - had any right having children, an expert in 80’s style and the vacuum death machine. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the movie "To Catch a Yeti" as well as the "Six Million Dollar Man" bigfoot episodes. So you better just go watch those before you listen. 

“There was a ‘To Catch a Yeti”-sized whole in my soul that is now filled. I feel final and complete.“

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 263

This week we talk about movies, music and life in general with punk icon and actor... John Doe! John stars in the new independent film "Pleased to Meet Me", so we discuss his chemistry with co-star Aimee Mann, shooting movies in smaller cities, and playing someone in the music business vs. actually being in the music business. Plus of course we discuss his early days, his love of music, his decision to move to L.A., and the musical scene that formed the legendary band X. Then we round things out with Archie Borders, the director of "Pleased to Meet Me", as we find out about how this film came together and the challenges of directing indie films.

Plus as we ponder the significance of the "O" in the Hollywood sign, we also mention… CBGB's, Wayne Wang, Illinois, doing accents, John Entwistle, Baltimore, The Screamers, Patrick Swayze, Katie O’Brien, California is epic, The Talking Heads, the East coast, Harry Dean Stanton, ex-NAVY SEAL, outlawing lead bullets, Max's Kansas City, Blondie, The Go-Gos, Tom Hulce, Jerry Lee Lewis, falling off the balcony, opera, Velvet Underground, The Weiroes, A.P. Carter, Rowdy Harrington???, Minute Men,  Oasis, Elliott Smith, John Waters, The Who, The Ramones, Hollywood Boulevard, digging to find your inner Jerry Lewis, Paul Westerberg, classical piano, Andy Warhol, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Border Radio, I blew my knee out, Rocket Man, sarcastic, Divine, Joan Baez, Gary Snyder, The Germs, Allison Anders, hanging out with LAPD, Road House, Universal Amphitheater in L.A., Sid and Nancy, Roadside Director???, musicians from the classifieds, librarian, pop art vs. fine art, Green Day, Jewel, Georgia, shooting in your hometown, I can starve on my own... I can starve in music no problem , The Big Red One, self-depricating, David Hockney, Robert Quine, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Breathless, finishing a tour, Don Cheadle, the King Ad Rock, is it a musician or an actor, movie reality, Mink Stole,  Allen Ginsberg, visable holes even from the flatlands, Joe Strummer, bring that blue and white plaid shirt, Jennifer Jason Leigh, The Killer, Roadside Prophets, don't get off the boat... it's an f-ing tiger, Everyone Speaks Elton John, Nathanael West, Jim Thompson, Charles Bukowski, Diane Wakoski, a concrete structure somewhere where they can do very little damage,Ulu Grosbard, Winona Ryder, John Cusack, a big fish in a medium pond, Jon Langford and I wasn't afraid... for the first time - to rely on what I've done.

"That was a total 'pinch me' moment... 'cause we're just hanging out, getting drunk at Sun Studios - playing Jerry Lee songs!"

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 262

The trio of terror returns for a tangent-filled hang out session that culminates in watching what is arguably an epic bad movie. Some will say it's terrible. Some will say it's genius. Maybe it's both? Either way we bust out some specialized beverages and settle in to try to make sense of "The FP".  

And while we contemplate just what are the darkest days of Movie Meltdown, we also mention... massages were six dollars, Lost, Snake Plissken, 100 degrees warmer, an island in the South Pacific, Freeway, Pepakura, a Frank Oz backpack, it's like Whiteboys meets Breakin'... producer by Troma, The Hobbit 2, looking like Matt Damon, finding immortality, just say ninja, Jennifer Beals, 187 mode, The Fifth Element, Post apocalyptic 80's, three layers of socks, The Last Samarai, Felicity, Dance Dance Revolution, looking cool at a geek convention, is it 3rd wall or 4th wall??, this whole movie is based on racism, kick boards, forever 80's thug life, ballet-like movie theaters, J.J. Abrams, breasts like Mona Lisa's eyes, the family owns the liquor store, magic glue, 83 minutes of glory, Channing Tatum IS Jet Li, DDR on broken glass, a magical toilet, Pacific Rim, It not only didn't have a budget... but they gave me money to watch it, Titanic, six mangos a day, sixteen movie theaters in fourteen square miles, Yoda-style, the cage match, Super 8, Inglourious Basterds, white trashville, there's more numbers belted out in this movie... then maybe a phone book, two girls - one usher, Vanilla Sky, Star Trek Into Darkness, Glamor Shots, somewhere around here... I have Saiyan Armor, electric duck-a-loo, digging for a rag, Chris Tucker, Dark City, this movie makes me wanna wear boots, Manila the capital of the Philippines, Sean Whalen, an uncircumcised fish, being duped by trailers and the secret to life is ducks. 

Spoiler Alert: We will possibly spoil "The FP'. But truthfully, you have to watch "The FP" to truly believe it actually exists and got made.  

"You know you wanna watch that movie again. You know you're GONNA watch that movie again!"

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